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I have an 04 CRV and it is perfect as a "truck" for our dogs and dog realted stuff. The back seats are always down. But it is getting up in miles and I'm thinking ahead to its replacement. I have no doubt the new CRV is a nice "car" but it is smaller and I really dislike a hatch type door. So where does that leave me? Since I like Honda and Toyota it pretty much means rav4 or Element and my wife finds Element "dinky." My real question is - is this going to be a trend in smaller SUVs - more and more S and less U? Isn't there a market out there for a vehicle with the size and quality of the old crv that can still be bought for a little over 20k? I really fear that by the time I am ready to buy again the rav4 will also have reverted to a smaller chick car like the crv (ironically, what the rav4 began as).


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    I'm assuming that, having dogs, you're expecting scuff marks on the plastic surfaces of the vehicle. The fact that the RAV4 has dark plastic that shows scuffs on the surfaces around the belt line is the biggest detriment that I can think of to hauling dogs in the back. Yes, it got bigger with the '06 redesign, but it's still incredibly easy to park. Yeah, the foreign market version is a little shorter, but I'd rather have the extra four inches inside.

    Give a base 4-cyl RAV4 a shot before you write it off as too big and sporty.
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    As a "chick" who likes the smaller SUV, I'll try not to be offended. But what I will say is you might look to the Highander if you want something bigger. Toyota makes at least 5 SUVs, you need not take the smallest one and try to make it bigger to suit you. You could get the next biggest up in size.
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    Actually, I haven't written off a base rav4 at all. I'm just afraid it will no longer have the features I like after another year or so and that, in fact, most small suvs will continue down the path of the crv and away from utility into "style." I hope I'm wrong, or that they make the element a little bigger.
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    Irismv, Please don't be offended at all. I mean no disparagement by chick car, in fact were I to indulge my own feminine side I would love a new crv. I like the car a lot. But that's the point, it is a stylish car to me and not much truck at all. I would gladly consider a Highlander if it didn't have the rear hatch. I need a rear door that can be opened while restraining a dog inside. A door that opens to the side like old crv and current rav4 works well. So does the 2 part half down half up rear of the element. The other choice in the Toyota lkineup is the FJ. It has the functionality but again seems to be costing several k more for style. What I'd really like is the current rav 4 outfitted as a utility model with no rear seat, rubber floor mat and maybe a few other changes, and at a commensurate price. But I'm guessing there aren't enough people wanting what I want for it to be offered.
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    Have you looked at the Scion Xb? There is lots of room inside of those for dogs. I dont think they have much power, but if your looking for room, that may be something to consider.
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    I second the suggestion toward the xB. The 2008 model uses the same 4 cylinder as the RAV4, so that should address any concerns over adequate power.
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    I own a 2008 X/b and it has plenty of power with the 2.4L/158hp engine w/ 5-spd manual. Does have the hatch, though, not split doors. I say go with the Element, it seems to be more utilitarian and "dog friendly". You know,sometimes I just long for the old Ford and Chevy stationwagons we grew up with in the sixties. One of those would be just about perfect for a couple of hounds. They were good enough for 5 or 6 of us young roustabouts.
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