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Tahoe Exterior - Expy Interior

dsg1962dsg1962 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I'm researching my next SUV which I hope to purchase in the next 2 weeks. I love the look of the Tahoe LTZ with the 20" polished alum. wheels and mean looking front end, however, when looking at the interior the Expy blows the Tahoe away. I really like the Expy Limited with the solid body paint but I don't like the body color on the front grille. Does anyone know if you can get a chrome front grille on the Limited? Also can you special order a Summit White in a Limited? I think Ford has over-done the tan lower body on the Expy at this point an needs some better paint options. Any suggestions or support for my dilemma........ thanks!


  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    Check out a 2008 Nissan Armada LE. The LE model has a stock chrome grille, stock 20" aluminum wheels, and is available in Blizzard (white). I too was considering either the Tahoe or Expy to replace my 4Runner in the near future, then I discovered the Armada. Armada revised the interior for 2008. Most dealers will have 2007 models on the lot for comparison. The only glaring negative I've found on the Armada is the lack of a trailer hitch. You must get the optional tow package to get a hitch, but the package does include other items.

    Differing from your opinion I prefer the Tahoe interior, especially the dashboard. The Tahoe however has the worst foldflat 3rd row design of the bunch. I also like the body color grille as opposed to a chrome grille, but to each their own. Anyway, happy shopping, but give the Armada a look before you make a final decision.
  • I researched the Expedition, Tahoe, Seq., and the rest. I own an Armada LE (with a trailer hitch). The Armada had the most roomin the middle row of seats, great towing ability, and reliability. Not to point fingers, but look at the trouble listings under the expedition, and you will see tranny, tranny, tranny, etc, and this is on an 07 Expy EL. There are brake issues under Armada from 04-05, that were addressed and fixed, other issues were few and far between. Besides, buy American! the 5.6 V8 was designed in CA, built in Tenn, and assembled in Georgia(I think!), Ford and Dodge are Canadian, Chevy, sadly, is Mexico.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    They are all built at Detriot Truck in Mich.
    Only curent Ford models built in Canada are Edges/MKXs and the Panther line (Crown Vic, GMQ, and now TC.)

    Only FMC products sold in US that are built in Mexico are Fusion/Milan/MKZ. They build F-150s there for the local market.

    Also Ford will be hard presed to bring Brazilian built vehicles here as the Ford plants in Brazil are running full out just to keep up with local demand.

  • I'm Large SUV shopping myself right now, and I have driven both the Expy and the Tahoe, and frankly, in my mind (and that of my wife) there is no comparison whatsoever. In particular, I found the Expy interior to be cheap and plasticky-looking, which is troublesome on a $40K vehicle. You can tell it hasn't been updated in several years. Chevy definitely got it right with the 07s. Minus the no-fold-flat 3rd row seat, of course. But that's *all* that the Expy has on the Tahoe.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Tumble the 3rd Row forward in the Tahoe so that the seats are against the 2nd row. Then go look at how much space there is in the Ford Explorer when the 3rd row is folded flat.

    If you really need a truck this big, then you are buying for the cargo space. Hence, unless you are going to haul those 90lb each third row seats in and out of the truck on a regular basis, why would you buy a big truck with as much space as the smaller Ford Explorer?

    The Expedition interior was all new for 2007 and unless you were looking at an XLT or a preowned, I'm not sure where you saw an inordinate amount of hard plastic. Eddie Bauers and Limiteds have lots of wood.

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