Sequential Shifting

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How do you use this feature on the new 08 xB--I have never drove a stick or used a feature like this before and figured someone here may have a better explanation than the book. Also when do you think it is beneficial to use this feature?


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    I had that kind of shifting on a last-gen Kia Optima 6 cyl. rental car out of LAX 2-3 years ago. On that one, you pulled the lever to the Left, and an indicator by the speedometer showed you what gear you were in. It was a 4 speed Auto, like the xB, so a good comparison, maybe.
    If you did it when stopped, the car was in First gear when you took off, and it STAYED in first gear, unless you 'bumped' it gently 'upward'. Then it went into second, bump it up again, into third, etc.
    I think if you pulled it to the left when going 40 mph, for example, it would stay in fourth, or maybe go into third. Either way, you bump it downward to go Down one gear, and Upward to go up one gear. If you were in fourth gear and came to a stop, I can't remember if it went to third, or maybe second, on it's own. But again, when you took off, it would stick in whatever gear it was in. You had to move it to the next higher gear.
    One thing - it was the only car I've driven that had this feature, and I can't remember 100% if you moved the shift lever to the left or right to kick it into Seq shift. I know what it is for, but can't explain it without rambling. This was going to be a few sentences total.....I worked a 12 last night and should have been in bed hours ago... Seq Shift comes in handy, others will do a fine job with the details. :D
    I am not trying to confuse you (or anyone), but with the car I rented, it was not needed!! I do remember reading, probably at Edmunds after I got home from the trip, that car had a great tranny. I'm not going out and buying a Kia, but the tranny in that car was outstanding. I paid close attention, and the thing shifted EXACTLY where I would have done it myself. And I mean like 99% of the Time. I swear I'm not making this up. In fact, it is the reason why I'm posting. Thanks for bringing it up. :surprise:
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    I have this on my Caliber. It's called AutoStick in these cars. I find it beneficial when I need to pass. I can put it in a lower gear manually and increase speed faster. Also it improves gas mileage as you can shift the gears at a lower RPM if you'd like.

    Plus sometimes you may just want to have the fun of controlling the engine and shifting when you want!
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    Ok--I mean I get what it's for I guess I just don't know what speeds you would need to bump it up at. So if I was at a red light I would put it in first--start driving, then shift to 2nd at 25mph, 30mph--then 3rd at 45mph and 4th at 60mph? I really have no clue!
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    Feel and Tachometer. How does it feel to your Right Foot, seat of your pants, and through the steering wheel.
    On a level road, try 1-10 2-25 3-35to 40, then into 4.
    You may not need it much, and it does impact gas mileage. Also, if you're nit-picky like I sometimes am, it wears your car out quicker. Again, watch the board. Someone is probably on vacation that could describe this better. I saw an xB last Sunday at a lot. Teal with upgraded Wheels - the $750 wheel and tire package. Great looking car!
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    You can watch the RPM's and shift between 2 and 3 grand, you'll hear the engine wind will sound louder. It's the same as shifting with a traditional stick shift just no clutch.

    My Caliber actually has 6 gears when in Auto Stick. I typically shift pretty early, I don't "wind it out" too far. I'm in 4th gear at apx 45mp.
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