Mazda3 Dashboard and Instrumentation Questions

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I just bought an 07' 3 "S touring" and noticed that the digital clock jumped ahead 30 minutes. I didn't touch anything.

Has anyone had this problem and what did you have to do to fix it?


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    Thanks to Andreas of Mazda3Forums I was able to unlock my trip computer on my 07 Mazda 3. It works for 06 too! Sorry, but this hack does not work for earlier models.

    1. Press and hold down CD and AM/FM buttons
    2. Start your car while still pressing down on those buttons
    3. The display will read, "DIS ON" which means Driver Information System On.
    4. Release the CD and AM/FM buttons
    5. Turn off and restart the car
    6. Now press the Set button and cycle through your avg. mpg, miles until empty, current mpg, and avg mph!

    Now you can truly know your Real MPG numbers! Which is a mixed blessing!

    Please pass this info to others!

  • jc22jc22 Member Posts: 17
    Thanks to Andreas of Mazda3Forums I was able to unlock my trip computer on my 07 Mazda 3. It works for 06 too! Sorry, but this hack does not work for earlier models.

    0. Make sure your radio is on and then turn-off the car (Thanks godaddy1)
    1. Press and hold down CD and AM/FM buttons
    2. Start your car while still pressing down on those buttons
    3. The LCD display will read, "DIS ON" which means Driver Information System On.
    4. Release the CD and AM/FM buttons
    5. Turn off and restart the car
    6. Now press the Set button and cycle through your avg. mpg, miles until empty, current mpg, and avg mph!

    Now you can truly know your Real MPG numbers! Which is a mixed blessing!

    Please pass this info to others!

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    So this will work on all trims of the 3 (s sport...)? *dumb ques, its not bad for the engine to keep turning on & off the car?
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    You don't need to start the engine you just need to turn the key enough to supply power to the radio. This should work on all Trims since they all come with basically the same stereo.
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    You only need to do this once anyway.
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    Hi I have a 05 Mazda Axela limited which has the Bose Radio but i am unaware if my Radio has DIS? are you able to tell me if it does and if i replace my radio with one that supports DIS will my car work with the unit?


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    I bought a 2006 Mazda3 Touring 5-door back in 12/05 and had issues with the clock. Mine would intermittently lose 15-20 minutes overnight. It would often go months without a problem and a few times it 'lost time' twice in the same week. There was no pattern or reason to it.

    A few months after I noticed the problem, Mazda issued a service bulletin and provided a revised part to correct the problem. My dealer fixed it within 15 minutes. That particular issue only affected 2006 models built prior to November 2005. It sounds as though your '07 has a similar bug.

    It was a little frustrating to me at the time, especially since this was my first non-Honda purchase. After 35k miles and almost two years, there have only been two warranty issues. One was the clock issue and the other was a problem with the adhesive used to secure shift knob on manual tranmsission cars. In hot weather, the knob would twist around and they gladly fixed that in no time as well. The service manager didn't even check the car in to speed me through the process.

    Give your dealer a call and let them know what's happening. You may not be the first one to have this issue and they may know exactly how to fix it.
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    This is my first "non-Honda" purchase as well. And yeah, I looked at my clock when I got in my car as I always do leaving for work...7:34am. Happen to look down at in a few minutes later and it was 30 minutes fast! For a second I thought I was going to be late for work! :P Also, I have a manual and the little thing in the center of the shifter knob has come off too! Weird! Although I love the car those little things annoy the heck out of me!

    I'll see if it happens again. If it does I'll the dealer a call and have them fix it.

    Thanks for replying. Glad to know I'm not aging before my time!
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    Going to rename this discussion to make it a more useful one for dash and instrumentation issues.
  • missyc1missyc1 Member Posts: 17
    YEP! it just happened again when I went to lunch. Jumped ahead 20 minutes! Calling dealership now! :mad:
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    how do you feel about haveing this trip computer unlocked?? Do you think it is good for the car??
  • psypsy Member Posts: 122
    Why would it be bad? Its the same one as in the GT.
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    Its great having it! I'm so glad the poster of this thread shared the info! Its handy on road trip.
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    Forgive my ignorance here but I can't seem to locate the "set" button. I just bought an 08 Mazda3 S Touring with the optional 6 CD stereo system. The only "set" button I can see in the whole car is the set button for the cruise control. Am I missing something or did they get smart and delete the set button on the stereo.

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    Mine is off by a fare margin. My scangage is almost right on.

  • psypsy Member Posts: 122
    See what the button next to the clock button does.

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    Is there a way to change the red lighting around the stereo and dash to another color? Does someone offer an aftermarket kit that someone could be paid to install in order to change it?
  • jc22jc22 Member Posts: 17

    From everything I have read on other Mazda forum sites, the unlock does not work for 2008 models.

    ~ JC
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    For those of you with the 08, it is possible to unlock the DIS. I have an 08 3i touring and was able to unlock to DIS. Follow the steps for the 07, but instead of just pressing the 'Set' button (:00 on the 08), you must HOLD the button down for approx. 5 seconds and release after getting the 'DIS ON' message from the unit. I also noticed that even though it is unlocked, I still have to press and hold the :00 button for ~5 seconds each time I switch from the clock to the DIS.
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    I just got a 08 I touring MT

    I have attempted to follow the following instructions and not getting the DIS ON.

    1. Turn on radio, then turn off car
    2. Press and hold CD and AM/FM buttons (also have tried holding down the “:00” button)
    3. Start car while holding down buttons (have used car “on” and also started ignition)
    4. Have not received the "DIS ON" prompt, after holding for up to 30 sec
    5. Release CD and AM/FM button
    6. Press “:00” for 5 sec and cycle thru computer (have not gotten here yet)
    7. Turn off and restart car
    8. Press and hold for 5 sec “:00” to cycle thru computer


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    I have an '08 Mazda3 S Tourinig and I can hold the fm/am and cd buttons to get DIS ON.. but then nothing else works to get any info. The clock stays the clock.

    Tried to hold down the :00 button but nothing happens.
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    I just bought an 05, has anybody come up with a crack for the 05? Or is just undoable. That would be great to see my mpg. Thanks
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    Hi JC
    My Mazda 3 07 has no stereo weel control. am i able to unlock my trip computer? i tried the famous steps of holding the cd & AM/FM buttons. but didn't work. No DIS shown.
    i would like to confirm something, is AM/FM is 1 or 2 diffrent buttons. in my case they are 2 seperate buttons so in my case i hold the 3 Keys CD, AM, & FM buttons.
    waiting for your suggestions.
    Many thanx
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    Hello guys....please help me....fuel tank had a hit from a big stone and the the last plastic part of fuel pump have broken...I changed it..and I fixed the tank because it is plastic and I checked it from inside and outside many times.but the fuel gauge is not working correctly...I changed it too from used parts....and the same problem stills. Fuel gauge sometimes be on the middle and by surprise starts to go higher degrees..then it comes back to the right degree.this is its problem..soooo what's the problem??? is there something in the car's computer should be solved ?
    (Is it related way that the car sense the declined roads)
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    I'm not aware of any way to change the instrument lighting color. It looks cool, but is nearly impossible to read with sunglasses on, even with the lights as bright as they go.

    And I find I'm messing with the contrast, even without sunglasses. At dusk when I turn my lights on, it's still too light out to see the dash, so I turn up the brightness. Then I turn it down again when it's completely dark outside.

    One last thing, and I'm done complaining (I really do like my car) - sure wish I could turn the fog lights on without the headlights. I'd like to use them as daytime running lights.
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    I also have 08' Mazda3 itouring sedan, but I can't even get to the DIS. It would have been such a cool mod to do, but no luck for me. :cry:
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    I don't know if anyone answered you or not put if you push the dim switch for the dash lights in, it will switch from blue to all bright red.
  • missyc1missyc1 Member Posts: 17
    I have an 07' Mazda3 S Touring. A motorcycle ripped the front bumper off of my car. :sick: (thank GOD thats the only damage it did!) Ever since I have noticed that when my daughter who is 82 lbs.sits in the front seat, the AIR BAG IS OFF light comes on. I never noticed that ever coming on before the accident. Also, the back right passenger airbag cover was coming off. My question is this...Is there a sensor that gauges weight or height for a front seat passenger? Could it have something to do with that cover not being secured? The dealership said that yes, it has a sensor, but the light should not come on.

    Can someone answer my concerns and explain to me about how the airbag system works in a Mazda3 sedan?

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
    I don't think the bumper is related to the airbag light at all. I don't own a 3, but I sometimes see the airbag off light come on in my Versa with my daughter who weighs about 140 if she fidgets around on the seat and sits kind of slouched down.
    A gallon of milk placed on the seat will also trigger the light, since I assume the seats thinks there's a very light person there and so it turns off the airbag.

    Even my wife has made the airbag off light come on by shifting in the seat on a long trip or reclining the seat fully to take a rest while I drive. The sensor in the seat seems fairly sensitive to changes in weight.

    Keep an eye on it and I bet you'll find that you're seeing something similar.
  • missyc1missyc1 Member Posts: 17
    Well, we played around a bit to see what this thing is doing. She sits in it, the light comes on, she gets out the light goes off. I had nothing in the seat at all and the buckeled the seat belt and the light came on. Someone said its a safety feature and it just may be too sensitive. So I am assuming that it sensing her weight not being heavy enough to sit in the front seat with an airbag that could hurt her even more if we were to be involved in a collision?
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    We had a similar problem with my wife's BMW X3. In that case the problem was a defective occupant sensor mat, which is located in the bottom seat cushion. Your Mazda dealer should have an SRS diagnostic tool which will be able to pinpoint the problem.

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    sorry, I'm new to this, but why would I want to unlock the DIS?
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    Please forgive the cross posting of this message. This subject has been mentioned on all 6 of the forums on which I lurk.

    I purchased a 2008 MS3 Sport with a single CD player. I was unable to do the 2 button trick to get DIS ON as others have reported. I got on eBay and purchased what was advertised as a '04-'06 single CD Mazda 3 radio from Discount OEM Radios. I knew from the forums that '04-'05 was not going to work. The picture looked like my radio except black faced instead of the metallic color. I risked the purchase because it was only $19.99 plus $16.00 shipping. I received the radio and noted it had a December '05 build date, making it from an '06 model. It was also a 6 CD changer instead of a single CD as advertised and marked on the paperwork. The faceplate was badly scratched as was the display. I removed the damaged faceplate and display, literally a 4 minute job. I removed the original radio from my 2008 MS3 and swapped in the eBay 2006 radio, re-using the 2008 display and faceplate. I powered it up, did the 2 button trick, DIS ON, power down, power up, push :00 (no "SET" button) and now I have a 6 CD changer with the trip computer in my 2008 non-GT MS3 for a $36 investment. This radio seems to have more power than the single CD and the changer works well. So, from this comes another datapoint, the computer that provides the trip computer function resides in the radio and 2006-2008 faceplates and displays are interchangeable. I hope this helps someone else.
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    It worked! Thank you very much. I just bought a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3 and my fiance has a 2007 Mazda 3 s touring. I had no idea that this could be done. :)
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    Yes i had this problem a couple of times, except it didnt go ahead, but behind 30 minuutes. To fix it: well i just switched it back to the correct time. it only happened once or twice and i thought there was no need to try and fix it cause i read many people got the same issue.
  • m3fan3m3fan3 Member Posts: 27
    the passenger airbag's light should turn on if and only if it senses that there is 30 pounds or less on the seat. for instance if i put one of my knees on the seat itll turn on. i read this in the manual. mine is an '06. so i would have that checked by the dealer, since it is a safety issue and is very important.
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    My Car is Living Proof that you Can Absolutely unlock the Trip Computer for the 2008 Mazda 3 s Sport.

    I just unlocked my 2008 Mazda 3 s Sport Model Trip Computer. It displays in place of the clock.

    Follow the directions for the 2007.

    When you get Dis On displayed, hold the :00 for 2-5 seconds and check to see if the display changes. If not (mine didn't) Follow the next directions.

    Disconnect the negative to the battery.

    Wait a minute or 2.

    Reconnect the battery.

    Turn the car to acc and turn on the radio.

    You should have lost your presets and your clock is now wrong.

    You will need to do 2 things here.

    First of all, so you don't forget, roll your driver side window down all the way and then roll it back up and hold the switch in the up position for at least 2 seconds after. (This turns on the one touch all the way down feature)

    Second, hold your :00 button for 2-5seconds and release. When you release, your trip computer should display. To toggle through each option just hit the :00 button. This should stay on for good.

    Good Luck, I have been working on getting this working for weeks and only just got it figured out while I was installing my iPod Integration Kit. Enjoy!
  • m3fan3m3fan3 Member Posts: 27
    I just looked in the manual and its actually 66lbs/30kg or less for the "airbag is off" light to come since your child was 88 lbs it is still not working properly. the light should not be on if the person is over 66lbs.
  • missyc1missyc1 Member Posts: 17
    The dealer says its less than 70ish pounds is what they calibrate it at. They told me its safe and the airbags work. WHO KNOWS! They also buffed my brand new car and I have swirl marks in too. Who the heck does that crap to BRAND NEW PAINT????? Can ya tell I'm peeved??????? They think I don't know any better becuz I'm a girl. Little do they know I am a stickler when it comes to my cars and I notice EVERYTHING!...sorry for the venting...carry
  • ahightowerahightower TXMember Posts: 539
    I never get the "Dis On" message. 2008 3i Touring. Maybe I'll try again.
  • dizzle65dizzle65 Member Posts: 20
    Anybody know if this would work on a 2008 Mazda3 S Touring with the 6 disc changer (non Bose)?

    I am debating hard whether to get the S Touring with leather/moon or the Grand Touring w/ bose/moon (it's a $1,300 difference and I want to save every penny I can).
  • bfcernybfcerny Member Posts: 5
    I have an 08 3i Touring with a six disc changer. I got this hack to work in about 2 minutes. Very easy simply follow the steps and the DIS ON will show...then unhook the negative on your battery and hold the :00 button down for 3 seconds and let off and it will work...dont forget to reset your one touch window.....but I can say that it for sure without a doubt works on the 08 Mazda3 i Touring with a six disc
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    I have a 2006 Mazda 3 and had new tires put on today and got some gas and when I got home the security light won't go out. I have checked the doors and the trunk and the gas cap all appear to be ok.

    Any ideas?
  • javeejavee Member Posts: 2
    I also have a 08 i touring, do you have a 6 cd in dash, I have the single, and cant seem to get it to work. If you have a single it means I am doing something wrong, and therefore might be able to get it done.

    Please drop me a line if you get the chance and let me know how you go this to work.

  • javeejavee Member Posts: 2
    I also have a 3i touring, but for whatever reason cannot get the trip hack to work.
    Do you have a 6 cd in-dash? Im starting to think the hack only works for 6 cd in dash units, I have a single.

    Let me know if you figured something out,


  • njchrisnjchris Member Posts: 2
    I got mine to work, but I do have the 6 cd in dash.

    It didnt work the first time, because I didn't leave the negative disconnected long enough. I gave it a minute instead of a few seconds on the 2nd try and it worked. :)
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    I have a 2004 and about 18 months ago, my security light turned on and kept blinking. It just blinks when the engine is turned off. I have no idea why, but it doens't seem to be causing a problem.
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    I have been having some recent problems with my Mazda 3. About one month ago I took it to be serviced and also the emmission light was on. When I went to pick it up, the light was turned off and according to the mechanics, the gas lid wasn't on securly....Not even a week later the light came back on, it wasn't the gas lid then, however, it won't shut-off...Any suggestions? It is a 2005 with 52k miles on it and all through the summer it didn't do this, until winter hit. :cry:
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    I bought a Mazda3 High Option in Feb 2008. There is no trip computer display. Can I add this option now? what do they mean by unlocking trip computer and displaying on central display
  • acdacd Member Posts: 11
    All the information you need should be in the discussion group titled "How to Unlock Your Mazda 3's Trip Computer"

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