Dodge Dakota Trim levels

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I own an '06 Dakota st model, and my brother has an SLT model of the same year. Each time I get in his truck or drive it, I can sense a difference in the general atmosphere, as if his truck is better insulated than mine is. My truck is a basic, base level model. I love it, yet it kind of bugs me that his truck just might be built at a higher level and is mine. I remember asking my sales rep. when I purchased the truck if there was a difference between the two models, and he assured me there was no difference in the general engineering of the vehicles. Storage capacity, auto. windows and locks, etc. were the only differences. Not being one to trust salesmen (no offense to those of you out there!), I just can't believe this statement completely.

Any thoughts on this topic? Can anyone steer me towards a website where I can get some accurate info? Help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Can't speak to '06s, but older SLTs had an underhood silencer to reduce engine noise and a rubber seal between the rear of the cab and the front of the box to reduce exhaust noise from getting in to the passenger compartment. Some one once told me that models with the heavy tinted windows used thicker glass.

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