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    Grrrr. I called Nissan USA consumer affairs today to ask a few questions about my vehicle, and five minutes later they phoned me back, to notify me that they had run my vin # and that there was a recall on my car. Mind you, I bought this car 2 days ago!

    I called the dealership I purchased the car from, and they said they don't get the info for recalls on their new cars as their computer system doesn't run that way, which I actually believe--although if it is a safety issue, they absolutely should. Plus this recall happened the day before I bought the car. Bummer I have to take it in already, but apparently it is a quick fix. I hope so.

    Nissan USA said I would have also been notified by mail, but I give them kudos for actually phoning me.
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    but apparently it is a quick fix. I hope so.

    about 15 min from what I've been hearing. just replace the filter and some kind of screen or somthing to block stuff from getting sucked in
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