Infiniti M35 Dead Battery

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My M35 sport would not start today: I drove into the office in the morning and after 3 hours went to start the car and the battery was depleted. After getting a jump start, driving to the dealership, I'm under the impression that I must have double-pushed the start button (when turning the engine off) which turned the car's computer on without me realizing, and subsequently drained the battery. Anybody else done this?


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    Is your battery healthy and merely drained, or is did it die and need to be replaced. What could have been "on" with that suggested double push that would have drained a healthy battery so quickly? The computer's need for power is negligible. How long have you had the car, and where do you live? I've had my M35 Sport for 27 months and even here in the AZ dessert my battery's still healthy. Bart :shades:
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    I posted a message about this problem in May 2006. My battery didn't drain as quickly (the car was in an attended garage, so I don't know when the ignition was left on), but it's essentially the same problem. Obviously, it's more likely to occur with a push button stop/start than with an ignition key. One would hope that car makers who are rushing to adopt this so-called improvement would also adopt a timer to cut the power drain. Have any other car makers done so?
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    Ok, I have some observations and suspicions now: When the tow truck person put his jumpers on my battery the radio and all electrics powered on immediately (before we pushed the start button) – he thought that was odd. The car started easily after that with the help of his jump. But after letting it idle for just two minutes, it was able to start itself with no sign of a low battery. So now I’m not sure the battery was ever depleted. This will need to happen again for me to better understand it. BTW, I live in Southern California and the car has 2K miles on it, it’s brand new so I don’t see this as a battery issue. I think my suspicions are also coming from a friend who has a new Lexus that experiences problems similar to this – but that’s another story.
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    The car has timers for some things...last weekend, I left a door open overnight. The light was off when I went into the garage and I feared the worst. The interior lights came on and off normally, and the car started fine. If the light had been on all night, it would have been very dead!

    Is it also possible that the computer thought it was in a different mode and it just needed to be cycled? You can get in trouble if you aren't pressing on the brake when you press the start button, then leave the car.

    As you are probably aware, normal auto batteries do not like to be deep discharged - they're never the same, so it should be avoided.
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    Just happened this evening reading your message at least it explaind what might have caused it. I parked my 2007 M35X during the day and when I got out I heard a continuous tone sounding. I got back in the car and hit the start button without my foot on the brake trying to figure what the tone was. Finalluy realizing I had shut the car off but forgot to place it in park, I had left it in drive. A few hours later I went out and the car was completly dead. Had to call service for a Jump... I don't know what I actually did to drain the battery
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    I have a 1999 Q45. It sat for a year and I have recently tried to replace the battery and drive it. The existing battery is completely dead. My problem is that the button on the arm rest that unlocks the hood latch is dead. Does anyone know how I can open the hood to replace the battery?
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    Have you tried a crow bar or explosives ! Sorry, I could not help myself.
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