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Security Cover for 7 Seater Rondo

crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
edited March 2014 in Kia
I was told I couldn't have a security cover for the rear compartment of the 7 seater Rondo. Only the 5 seater has the hardware. I found a Rondo site in England that sells the parts needed and I just finished installing the rear cover after acquiring all the parts. The cover can be removed in about 2 minutes if I ever need the 3rd row of seats. I made a slide show of all the steps I took for installation if you care to click on the link.



  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    If you haven't already this would make for a great guide on Carspace. Click the "Guides" link above to submit it!
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    Thanks. I've added it to the guides section. :)
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Thank you!
  • asbruceasbruce Posts: 2
    Wow, this is great thanks. Could you post the site in England where you got the parts?
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    In England the Rondo is called the CARENS. Here's the site:

    Click on "Design my Carens". When the page changes, click on the picture of the Carens/Rondo as the cars move across the screen. When you do that it will show you all the options and accessories that are available.
  • First and foremost... THANK YOU for sharing your experience regarding the cover installation. We have a 7 seater that we just got last week and i really really would like the cargo cover in Grey. A few questions... i've called Kia USA and they say that don't sell these at all. Is there a possibility that your friend in Europe could get the parts for me if I pay for everything. Also... would cutting and installing this as you did above effect any warrenty?? Hmmm another question... you said 'two mins' to remove it... it is a matter of just pulling the bar out correct? Thanks... Kary
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76

    To answer your questions. I'm sorry but I really can't ask my friend in England to get involved in ordering parts for anyone but me. With the bracket number KME1DP8155WK hopefully you can either go to the British site mentioned and contact them to send the parts or really bug your parts dealer to get hold of them for you.

    British Site:

    The gray cover is available from the same place I got my Beige. They are all the same price ($204) plus shipping and the link to the site is: - ear=07&productdesc=Cargo+Cover

    As far as warranty. There's no worry about affecting your warranty on anything except what you work on. The inside panels do have to be cut (there's nothing behind where you cut) and only if you cut and somehow managed to drill right through to the outside body panel would that outside panel not be covered anymore under the rustproofing warranty. In other words, warranty is only affected by what you do to a particular part. If you lower your car with lowering springs, if the engine blows up, they can't say your springs had anything to do with it, BUT, after lowering it, the front suspension broke, THEN they could say the springs help put unnecessary load on the front end.
  • Thanks for the link to the parts people i couldn't get that far on their web site. With the hope that i'll get the brackets i did order the grey one and will post how I am able to get the brackets from UK and here to the states... unless i find something else that will work... we'll see. I am excited that you've been able to help me this far. Thanks again. Kary
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76
    Your welcome. Yes, it's hard to get to the right page on The Kia Parts People site. I was given the exact page link by MedicineMan which is the only way I could find it. Good luck on the brackets. I've looked up things before on British sites and was able to have them shipped to me without a problem using my credid card.

    Carey aka CREWZIN
  • Hey there... I received my cargo cover today by UPS from the KiaPartsPeople. It is a perfect match to my interior grey color of my vehicle. I have yet to figure out how to get the brackets, however I am still working on it. For now I've got the cargo cover in the window wells, connected to my back seats (as they are supposed to) and attached to my 'net bag' which no one can see now when the hatch is closed. I am sooo excited that although it's 'jimmy rigged' this second it fits, matches and will work as soon as i get the brackets. I've had a no from the US Kia Company, a couple of Kia Dealers and the KiaPartsPeople. I am working on a couple Europe and Canadian dealers right now, i'll keep you informed. Kary
  • crewzincrewzin Posts: 76

    Keep trying and in the meantime I sent an email to my friend in England to ask if the dealer he went to can take an overseas credit card order for the brackets. If they can, I'll pass the number on to you and you can deal with the UK dealer parts department direct.

  • Just thought I'd update my 'quest' for my brackets. I ran an ad on Craigslist in the UK and got a response that stated "how much are you willing to pay for your alleged brackets (wink, wink)" sheesh men and their minds... get out of the gutter.

    BUT i think i might have a lead with a distant "god-cousin" lol that lives in Belgium. I emailed and am anxious to hear his response.

    I LOVE my Rondo btw... and i think my friend is going to buy one also. AND I impressed my Cadillac driving step-father... what more can a girl ask for!

  • Kary,

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I was up in Virginia visiting my son. I heard back from my friend in England and he called two dealers including the one who originally got the brackets for me but neither dealer seems interested in dealing with an overseas buyer for parts. :mad:

  • I called Kia in the US and it turns out that they do sell the security cover. I was told that the cover is listed as a part rather than an accessory. Kia gave me the part number and I called my local Kia dealer who had never heard of the part but ordered it for me. It is gray, and retractable rather than a solid one piece cover, and I like this. It cost $347 and the part number is 85910-1D000S8. I haven't had the time to install mine yet but it looks like it will install without any additional parts, and no alterations need to be made to the car. Hope this helps.
  • asbruce,

    I'm sorry to have to break the bad news to you, but if you've followed the threads on the security cover, sells the retractable rear cover in 3 different colors to match any RONDO interior for $204 plus shipping. If yours installs without any additional parts then you have the 5 seater Rondo. The same cover fits the 7 seater but additional brackets are needed.

    Here's the link to the covers: - - ear=07&productdesc=Cargo+Cover
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    asbruce based on your security cover cost of $347, sounds like you are from Canada as the KIA Canada website lists it at $341.84 as an accessory. It would help if you could fill out your location in your profile.

    Crewzin, is right it will only fit without modification if you have a five seater model as the slots for the cover are already built into the side wall. Otherwise it won't work without the special brackets, that at the moment only seem to be available from the UK.
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