Subaru Legacy/Outback Safety Concerns

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Any opinions on which Subaru wagon (Forester, Legacy, Outback) gets top marks for safety?

I could especially use input re: accident avoidance, as I think I've got the crash test/safety features info down (see below).

Crash test data:
They are all 5-star rated in government crash tests. Forester and Legacy receive a "good" rating from the IIHS. But there is NO IIHS rating for the Outback.

Forester doesn't have a rear curtain air bag.

Stability control:
Available as an option on all three.

High speed handling? Accident avoidance?


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    I read that in the Subaru Outback, the Vehicle Dynamics Control system is "slow to react". Does anyone know whether, if true, this negates the safety aspect supposedly provided by VDC? How important is VDC anyway in this type of car? Any help understanding this is appreciated.
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    VDC is supposed to be the most effective safety feature you can get on any car.

    don't know about how quick it reacts but a few years ago when the Subaru Outback VDC first appeared C & D did a test of AWD cars with stability control. The Subaru was the only one they could not put in the snowbank, unlike the BMW, VW and Audi.
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    I have VDC on my Armada and I'm not sure how quick it is to react, however it is not as intrusive in spirited driving as other stability control systems I've driven. It works behind the scenes and you barely know it's there.

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    Yeah, I remember that article. Indeed, the Subaru was the only car they didn't wreck in that article. :D

    So apparently it's effective enough to keep those clowns off the walls.
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    Does anyone know why there is no Insurance Institute for Highway Safety front/side crash test data available for the Outback?

    Has the IIHS ever tested the Outback, perhaps in prior years?

    (Note, the IIHS has done rear crash tests on the Outback and it receives a "Good" rating.)
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    All of them do quite well, so any differences are minor.

    The Forester lacks curtain air bags but the front side air bags protec the front passengers' heads, so only the rear seat passengers are not protected. It managed a Good score from IIHS without them.

    The lower-to-the-ground Legacy GT probably handles the best but it's no longer offered as a wagon for 2008. Find a 2007 model, or pick from the other two.
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    If memeory serves me the OB has received high ratings in the past; one of the reasons I upgraded.

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    I was going to start a new thread on this but decided that this thread addressed the basic issues and there are more than enough threads.

    2010 Subaru Outback. There is a potential safety problem with the molding on the lower left side at the base of the driver's seat that can catch the heel of the driver as he/she exits the vehicle. I'm not a clumsy person or one that ever falls but it almost got me as I exited our Outback today. It could have been a bad fall. Subaru needs to redesign it so it sheds instead of catches, for both sides of the vehicle.

    Hopefully Subaru reads this stuff.
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    Starting in April of 2009, I have had noises that became erratic jerking from the front end (left side primarily), I have replace bearings on both sides, drive shaft (after being stranded) cv joints, and I can't recall what else. The drive shaft was the last repair, 2 weeks ago. Tonight, the car popped underneath and started jerking in what felt like the righ tire and it was jerking to the right. It may not be drivable too much longer. This is what happened to me and it was undrivable, but the pop and noise was on the left front side. Looking underneath shows no signs of any damage, both 2 weeks ago and again tonight. After spending over $5K on this 2000 Outback , I am totally exhausted.
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    The problem sounds likely to be the front differential, which entails a major repair/expense. Throwing parts at it is probably not the best course of action; bearing and CV joint failures are usually diagnosable with fair certainty and require a lot of work to repair/replace.
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