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We drove a non-adventure Alpha today. Better_Half had a smile on her face.


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    Well I'd say you are now obligated to tell us ALL about it! :)

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    Better_Half, who's daily driver is Blue Beauty, immediately felt the difference. My first impression was no big deal until I looked down at the speedometer. The ride was very smooth and effortless. Was it the result of the passenger rated Goodyears, the new torsion bars(as talked about on another forum), shock dampening changes? We treated the vehicle with respect and didn't floor it, just a short demo trip.
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    I test drove H3 Alpha , nice solid ride, good suspension,

    good power, V8 is what it needs. list price of $40 K with most all options
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    To those that have driven the Alpha, did you previously own the I-5? I love these vehicles and the only thing that has kept me away from the H3 is the power. A friend has the H2 but I don't have his bank account. I was wondering if the Alpha felt nose heavy or if steering input changed any. I haven't been able to see one live in my area yet or drive one. Has anyone done a back to back driving comparison?
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    I own a 2007 H3, LUX PKG, Custom Wheels, Light Bar etc. I have driven the H3 Alpha and it really makes the H3 perfect. The only thing I really hate about the 2008 H3s are their silver painted underbody between the tow hooks... what was they thinking? I really would be torn to buy the Alpha (GMS Employee pricing) for about $37k vs a similar equipped H3 for $33k.

    BTW, the 2008 H2s are a huge improvement over the previous model years...I wish I had bank for one those, too!
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    Finally got an Alpha in my neck of the woods. Yes, the V8 is worth the wait. I was wondering with every competitor (yes, I said competitor) using a 5 or 6 gear tranny, why does GM leave that tired old 4-spd in there?? Oh, man I would love to hear that 5.3 drop another octave going into 5th at highway speeds. C'mon General, get off the dime. You went through all the trouble to shift the frame rails, firewall, components, etc. to fit this great V8 into a truly neat SUV and you tripped at the finish line!
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    just bought one yesterday with 6000 miles on it for 28,000 i'm happy. 300hp and 320 ft.lbs of torque. :)
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    have any of you added a trailer wire plug on a h3 with out tow package.
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    New here. Just bought my 2008 H3 Alpha and am thinking about putting a locking gas door on it. All I have seen either require drilling holes or using 2 sided tape to install it. I know GM does not offer one but I was wanting a door that just uses the existing screws and just take off the stock one and replace it with a locking one.
    Glad to be part of the Hummer family.

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