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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Fuel Pump and Fuel System

I have a 02 Sonoma crew cab. I am wondering what signs I should be on the watch for if my fuel pump is going? would not start for a whole day, next day started fine.


  • lbelangerlbelanger Posts: 1
    My s-10 has started acting up and when I get to a 1/4 tank of gas it shuts down but restarts immediatly and will go another 10-15 miles and does it again. The only thing I have noticed different is my fuel gauge will go from 1/4 to empty then to full then back to 1/4. I have changed the fuel filter about 2 months ago and it was real bad then.
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    I had a similar problem with a Tempo once before that was driving me nuts. I went through all the headaches you talked about and got the same results. Finally after several months I stumbled upon the problem. In the bottom of the gas tank are patricians that serve as a swash bulkhead. The spot welds that held them in place came loose and allowed it to slide around in the bottom of the tank. A previous involvement with a finder-bender may have brought this on. I don’t know. Any way, the Rx was another gas tank from the junkyard and problem solved. The sad part for S-10s’ is dropping the gas tank or pulling the bed off for access and inspection are a bear. :)
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Easier just to lift drivers side.
  • ken38ken38 Posts: 8
    Problem #1

    Sometimes when I turn the key on and start driving,although my tank has gas--either a small amount or full tank--the Fuel guage goes to empty and the fuel gauge light comes on. Then, quickly the light will go off again and on again as long as I am driving. This is happening over a month ago. Now, it is getting a little weird. the guage goes to zero, then climbs back up slowly and then to zero again and so on...


    My ABS brake light and Seat belt light comes on while driving and goes off again off and on but nothing appears to be wrong mechanically.

    ANY one had this problem who could direct me how to fix this myself or whatever?

    Thanks for your help!

    ken 38
  • ken38ken38 Posts: 8
    Problem #1
    Turn signals lights work most of the time and sometimes do not. I understand it is a manufacturer problem. Does nayone had this problem and know how to fix this?

    Problem # 2

    "Trac On" light and several other instrument panel lights come on and stay on for a while and then goes off. All mechanical systems seem to be working fine otherwise.

    Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

    Thanks for your help!
  • ken38ken38 Posts: 8
    Gear specialists;

    I bought my 2001 S-10 , 4.3 liters on October 2001.
    Over the years I found that I had to accelerate for a long time before the transmission shifted the gears.

    Quite recently, August 5, 2007 I found that the gear shifting is smoother after I changed the oil.

    Boy, it is more fun to drive my s-10 now. It was a nuisance drivinig before when it was taking a longer time to shift, which i though was normal for the S10 since i bought it.

    What might have caused this shifting problem?

    Thanks fo yor help!

    Ken 38
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Ken, you want the S10/S15/Sonoma: Transmission Problems discussion. Remember to use the make and model search in the left margin to find the proper discussion for your vehicle and problem area.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • To anyone who can help me,

    I had problems with the original pump about 3 months ago so i bought a new assembly unit on ebay (i know bad mistake but I'm broke) and replaced it with the new one. Well i seem to have another problem. When i get on the gas and punch it to the floor, The truck will just either bog down and backfire or just stay at the speed i gas heavy at. But when i slowly get on the accelerator it will get up to speed fine. I've changed the fuel filter to see if it could have been the problem but it still happens. Could i be looking at another bad fuel pump or is it something else?

    Can someone help?
    My S10 is a 2000 v6 2wd vin# "W" for what its worth.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Have your fuel pressure checked, that will rule out the ebay pump.
  • came out of the store the engine turned over ,not start.check for fire with plug wire and screw driver. and had spark. had similar scenario w/ 3/4 ton 94 chevy. ended up changing the fuel pump and relay. can't locate relay on sonoma to check or any other imput would most welcome
  • hoodlatchhoodlatch Mid-westPosts: 255
    What year is your Sonoma? The pump relay on my 92 S10 is on the firewall.
  • i've been told there 4or5and all are labeled. i found 2 to the right of the brake booster at least they look like they may be relays i haven't figuire out how to remove they without damage
  • i happened upon a good mechanic. who accuatlly gave me good advice. to check the relay. 2 relays located onthe fire wall to the right of brake booster. turn key on,bang on the gas tank. turn key off and repeat. no start switch the relays and repeat the previous step. mine started right up ,so i switched back relays. repeated previous steps. it started again. safe for me assume pump was bad. got new fuel pump and install turn the key nothing but the sound pump and relay dropping after releasing ingnition. pulled the pump set it in coffee can of gas and hooked a tube to the biggest line onthe tank flange ran two wires some six feet long. telephone wire works well. conennect one lead going to the pump one to black. connect other end to battery charger set on 2 amps. exstreme caution must be excersised not two create any sparks. just thought i should throw that in. turned battery charger on pump started and ran but did not pump. back to the parts store. to exchange the pump. its a new day to use up my vaction time but got to have the truck for work. will follow up on the outcome.
  • samj3samj3 Posts: 1
    i took the filter of the inline fuel line and turn the key on but didn't get any fuel to pump out does this mine my pump is bad
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    It is if you are getting power to the fuel pump and the ground is good. Lots of checking needs to be done before you pop for a $400 fuel pump.
  • I just recently had my fuel pump changed. I got it back it idles real high and when I go to drive it, it jerks into 2 and 3rd gear. my check ingein light is on and it wont go off... Is there any body that can help me with this problem, also i talked to some people they siad its probably not my transmission but it probably something to do with a air hose or something need help thanks.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Best advice I can give is take it back and have them fix what they messed up.
  • I just bought an 93 S-10 V6 that does the same thing. It would only crank when you poured some gas into the injector intake area that looks like where a carbureator should go. It would then idle at a high speed. When I changed the mass airflow sensor it no longer needed to be primed with gas to crank, but it still idles high. The friend I bought it from said it idled fine until his hired help steam cleaned the engine. That is when the high idle problem started. Any suggestions?
  • truc77truc77 Posts: 5
    I have a 98 S10 , It wouldn't start today, the fuel pump only has 5.1 volts going to it.
    I hooked 12 volts directly to it, and it pumped fuel but still wouldn't crank.The relay has 12 volts, I switched the relay with another one and still have 5.1 volts. I read that they have a oil pressure fuel cutoff switch. my oil pressure is good but it could be malfunctioning. My Haynes manual doesnt show the location of the oil pressure fuel cutoff switch. so I have no idea where to look. any help would be great thanks, Curt
  • ridetrueridetrue Posts: 3
    i have a '96 chevy s-10 4.3 V6 and recently got into a fender bender. after the accident the truck seemed to run a little sluggish and took along time to accelerate. we replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, the rotor, and the distributor cap and the truck run a little better but just by a small margin. we noticed that it will run fine before it warms up but after it does the acceleration goes down the drain. we checked the fuel pump pressure while the truck was cold which shows that its fine but i've heard that there's another test to check and see if its functioning properly. any suggestions for me?
  • i dropped the clutch of my manual 2002 s10. the engine immediately started steaming (white steam). this was while stopped in a parking spot. i waited, truck restarted and drove about 10 miles...then, truck turned itself off and wouldnt restart. steamed again, i noticed a tube was loose where the steam came from (i assume from the radiator) so i fixed/tightened it. filled radiator back up with fluid(it was empty at that point). truck now tries to turn over and start but it wont. (is there a fuel cut off switch?) can someone help me with this problem? thank you very much! :sick:
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Over heated, but how bad. Check compression.
  • thank you for the reply gonogo. i appreciate it. i know nothing about cars/ anything helps!
  • I am haveing the same issue with my 01 s10. I am getting the 5.1 volts to pump and the relay is good and has 12.3 volts. Can you help me with this. Thanks Brad
  • I am having intermittant fuel delivery. replaced fuel pump but same problem. Injectors fire when there is fuel, swapped relays but pump still does not come on. Any suggestions?
  • What is the easiest way to replace a fuel pump on 94 S10? By dropping fuel tank or lifting bed off the truck to get at it? This will be the third fuel pump put on thi truck. I can't afford another $450 Repair bill.Would like to attempt this repair on my own. Truck is a 4.3 V6 supercab with 212000 miles.
  • Hopefully you have found the problem by now. If not, check the catylaic converter. My 1998 2.2 L had very disappointing acceleration and the exhaust would clang at idle (like something was loose). They used to sell test pipes, but people would leave the test pipe on and forget about replacing the converter. Since I live in a state that does not require annual emissions testing, I gutted the converter, effectively making a test pipe out of it. I figured even if I wasn't avoiding buying a new one, I was postponing it. This improved the acceleration dramatically.
  • My '03 S-10 started fine, I drove about five minutes, turned it off, turned it back on drove another five minutes,shut it off, it started for about 10 seconds and died. It turns over but its not getting lit. I put some more gas in it without effect. it wouldn't even start when I tried to pushstart it. It seems like a fuel issue but I'm not sure where along the line. Any suggestions would really help. :confuse:
  • 1998 S-10 w.2.2 MFSI I'm retired and the fuel pump has died. can a remote electric fuel pump be installed. I can't afford the $300.00 + instalation.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Yes, do a google search and you will find the how to.
  • johnjohn Posts: 1
    same thing on my 02 ,truck seems to run out of gas at half tank, double checked to make sure just sending was wrong but i still had aout 9.5 gallons in tank. gas gauge always seems funny because i did run out of gas and the fuel low light never come on. now it seems that at half tank the truck feels like its out of gas. so i just put more gas it till i figure out what to rplace.
  • We have a 2000 S-10. Gas gauge hasn't been working properly for years but was told it's $600 to have a new sending unit installed so we just use the trip meter to know when we need more gas.
  • Does anyone know where i can find info on how to install a fuel pressure regulator in a 99 s10.4.3 v6.
  • 2001 S-10 4.3L two seperate occasions would not start this winter.Both times when put in the building to warm up,eventually started.Faithfully have used Heet in every load of gas,and has occured at varying fuel levels.Had it towed the second time and the repair shop wanted $1100 to repair,claiming the pump itself was $600.By the time I figured out where to get the cash for the repair,they called and said it starts everytime now,so I didn't get it replaced.They also siad they couldn't guarantee the fuel pump is the issue.I have never had a problem in the past,including last winter.This winter has been especially cold,but started on days at -5,and then when it was 12,it didn't.Frustrating as it nows sits,will not start,it is 33 out and should go.Will crank but is getting no fuel.Any ideas?
  • bbrianbbbrianb Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 gmc sonoma with 4.3 liter motor. I have been having problems with the fuel pump not kicking on. I used to be able to hit the hitch with a hammer causing it to start. I thought it was a bad motor in the pump. I replaced the pump assembly and fuel filter. Now it still doesn't come on. I have checked all of the fuses and the relay. All are good. I wonder where to look next.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    You need a wiring schematic and a 12 volt test light. You need to find out where you are not getting 12 volts. The pump wire is grey, when you turn the key on run you get pump power for 2 seconds.
  • I have a 2001 S10 with the 4.3. Having some problems starting. Checked fuel pressure at the shrader valve under the hood and turned the key on and got 55lbs of pressure momentarily then the pressure dropped to nothing without even trying to start the engine. It says in the manual that there should beat least 55lbs of pressure then drop 3 to 10 lbs below that point when the engine is running. If I hit the starter a couple of quick times while the pressure is up it will start and run flawlessly. Any ideas on why the pressure drops to zero?
  • i have a 2003 gmc sonoma crew cab ZR5 4x4. i was noticing problems with my fuel guage so i changed the fuel pump and sending unit out. well to my surprise it didn't fix the problem. whether the tank is full or empty, the guage reads empty and the fuel light is on 100% of the time. does anyone know a fix for this?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Don’t know if this will help but best I have. Full is 250 ohm and empty is 40 ohm. 2 wires come from the sender to pcm. 1 is ppl and other is orn/blk, orn/blk is ground. It goes to SP422 on LH frame rail behind cross member at transmission. Seeing you have empty tank I would trace the orn/blk first for loss of ground. Good luck
  • oldironoldiron Posts: 1
    Exact same problem on my 4 cylinder manual trans. I found a broken orange wire at a connector right along side the transmission. I think a stick or branch on the road may have cut it since the wire is very tiny. I repaired the wire and the fuel gauge works fine now.
  • Well at this point we have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, spark plugs, distributor cap, the spark plug wires, and a handful of sensors. Yet the problem remains for it. I have heard the cat might be the problem.
  • yo man those sending units are not that expensive and they are very easy to replace. The whole unit including the fuel pump cost about 300 but if you look around online you can find one for about thirty dollars by itself, and I mean the floater of course for thirty dollars.
  • Is anyone out there familiar with Chevy's plastic fuel line connection. I had to be towed home the other day due to a huge fuel leak under the cab. I slid under there today and found the hose to the filter loose. I pushed it back on and it seems really secure. Should I get the connector replaced? Do they wear out? I had parked in some loose gravel earlier, and had a little traction trouble when backing out. Is it possible that a piece of gravel hit the connector just right to unplug it? I hope someone can offer some guidance, as it is my wifes truck, and now she is afraid to drive it.
    Thanks, Dan
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Buy a new filter, install the new filter using the plastic lock clip that comes in the filter kit for the plastic line end.
  • Thanks. I didn't realize that the filters came with a new clip. I have only had the truck about 3mo. It seems tight now and doesn't leak, so maybe whoever changed the filter last time didn't get it plugged in all the way.
  • valsvals Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 chevy s10, 4 cyl. When I went to change the fuel filter, it came off from the plastic line with a slight resistance. The filter is old, and it appears to have a tiny piece of the plastic line still stuck on the filter end. I was very careful when I slid the filter off the plastic line. Did anyone ever hear of the plastic line bonding itself to a rusty filter end? How fragile are these plastic lines?
  • so how did u fix problem same is wrong wit mine
  • I have a 1992 S-10 Blazer with the 4.3 liter V6. It's been sitting unused in my driveway here in Florida for about 4 mo. I tried to start it today and battery dead. Charged the battery, and the engine cranked, but would not start. Poured gas into the throttle body and it will run for a few seconds till the gas is used up and will quit. Ran the battery dead, recharged for about 5 hrs. and tried again with same result. Gas guage went from 1/4 to full. The truck was running fine when I last drove it. Obviously there is no fuel getting to the motor. Could it be filter, pump, or just a bum batter not getting enough juice to the pump. HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
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