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I have a 06 RDV. I love this vehicle. The only problem is that it makes a lot of road noise. Or I think that's what it is. I've also thought it could be wind noise. My sister owns a Trailblazer and says hers does the same thing so I'm thinking that maybe it's the open interior. I took it in and they said it was incorrect tire pressure. After fixing that it still made the noise. It is a low, base sound that comes from the back of the vehicle. The sound is louder if there is weight in the back. Going over bridges is the loudest. It just seems to echo inside it. The dealer said the RDV shouldn't make noise. They say they are going to spray insulation in it to try to reduce the noise. I am taking it to another dealer and getting their take on it. I think I've stumped them and they are blowing me off. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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    If it were road noise then the intensity should vary considerably from one road to the next. Do you notice any variation?

    Also, does the pitch vary with speed? You seemed to rule out tires so it could be a universal joint or differential.

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    Road noise can be from:
    - Wheel bearings starting to let go. If a "humming" type sound, then it could be wheel bearings. Yes, even new vehicles can have "fluke" wheel bearing problems.
    - Too Knobby Tires. If you have aggressive tread tires, they will make a humming noise as well. That's why snow tires design treads hum much more then seasonal tread design tires.
    - AC clutch is worn or fan belt idler tensioner bearings are going. These things can make a humming noise but most of the time, they also have a high squeek noise (between the humming up/downs).
    - Leaky exhaust pipe. Especially if the sound is from under the RDV, then echos back at you, from the side of bridge walls. Man, talk about sourround sound. LOL!!!
    - Front Wheel drive transmissions make higher humming noise when compared to RWD / mid mounted transmissions. The reason is, their natural humming sound is being pushed from the front, into the cabin area. Compared to a mid-mount tranny and it sound is being pushed to the back of the vehicle (behind the driver). Especially when traveling high speeds. This is why rear passengers hear your vehicle differently compared to someone sitting in the front seat.
    - Front wheel drive CV Joints have higher humming sounds as well. FWD CV Joints tend to hum more - compared to RWD CV Joints in their single drive shaft. Again, sound is behind the driver compared to front CV Joint sound that is pushed into the firewall, then echos onto the driver.

    As a suggestion, do focus on the wheel bearings (especially the front wheel bearings), front CV Joints and wheel rubber tread aggesiveness. This items usually create 95% too much noise. Especially one's tire rubber design at high ground speed.

    If wondering, I have a '03 RDV (my wife's run-about vehicle) and at high ground speed, its front wheels, CV Joints or something in the front hums much louder compared to other FWD mini-SUVs of simular design. Took a different '03 RDV for a test spin and it made the same level of sound. Thus, I figure these RDVs have more front end noise - when compared to others. Perhaps your '05 RDV has "too much" natural noise as well? You might want to take other '05 RDVs for a test spin - to compare its sound against your '05 RDV sounds. Who knows, perhaps your '05 is normal. (sort of speaking)

    Hope this helps...

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    Thanks for being more thorough than me! :)

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    This is just a quick comment. RDV are notorious for making allot of noise from the rear end (low rumble sound and echo caused by road noise and exhaust). There is a service bulletin on this and a repair kit provided by GM to correct this problem (appears the rear floor vibrates at certain speed and residence frequency). However, by O6 model year I thought they would have corrected this issue with the rear end noise. I guess they choice to fix this based on customer complaints and cost out of customer`s pocket.

    JP :(
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    I know this is an old thread, but I was just wondering if you have any other info on this. We have a Rendezvous (2007) and the noise from the rear end is terrible. Over every expansion joint its almost as if someone is clapping their hands over your ears. The car wasn't near this bad when we first got it. I don't understand what happened.
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    Please help me find the service bulletin and/or repair kit or any other advise on how to eliminate the road noise and kettle drums sounds made when the vehicle rolls over any type of small road bumps or cracks...its loud.
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    I think if your hearing a loud clunk it may be the rear knuckle bushings are shot.
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    Is the kit referred to in an earlier post to rectify the noise I am hearing around 2000RPM up to around 2500RPM? It is an annoying rumble that resonates through the whole vehicle. I was going to have my muffler replaced, but if a kit exists, how much is the typical cost for parts and labour?
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    Here's an answer to my own question. There is a kit, described as a "dampener" GM part number 88964153 specifically for the Rendezvous and it's listed at some online GM parts suppliers for around $460. No idea what it is comprised of, or what is involved in the installation. So here's my next question...has anyone had any experience with this "product" and if so tell me about it! Thanks!!
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    I just bought the dampener and didn't realize they are for AWD vehicles only!
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    Good thing we got rid of the thing almost a year ago now. We found a nice dealer that was willing to absorb the trade in cost. We got a Ford Explorer and we couldn't be happier.
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    I've chased this noise on a few different model year AWD Rendezvous and tracked the source of the problem down to the rear driveshaft, usually the front half of the rear driveshaft. The hollow aluminum shaft appears to have a foam-like coating inside that breaks loose and vibrates, causing the annoying resonating hum, howl or whatever you want to call it. Looking at around a $1600 replacement cost, it was worth experimenting and the following has proven to be a cheap fix....

    I drilled 2 holes, one on each side and at opposite ends of the problem driveshaft tube. With the holes drilled to match the size of the straw on a can of expanding spray foam, I emptied the contents of 2 large cans into the tube. When the foam had mostly stopped oozing out of the holes and began to set-up, I covered the holes with ductape and drove the vehicles at highway speeds for 20 to 30 miles, to let the foam evenly distribute and self-balance itself inside the tube. So far, it's worked every time.
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    I just replaced my pinion bearings and diff. fluid in my 2002 RDV AWD and still have a constant whining noise coming from my drive train. The whining noise is constant regardless of RPM's and the wheel bearings are fine. Is this consistent with the problem you diagnosed in the rear driveshaft?
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    On the ones I diagnosed, the noise was most prevalent at around the 2100-2300 RPM range but I'd suspect the same cause on yours. I put the vehicle on a lift and while I was underneath, I had an assistant start the engine and put it in gear. I had him powerbrake the vehicle (accelerate while holding the brake on) and vary the RPMs between 2000 and 2500 repeatedly. This caused the driveshaft lining to rattle and when I grabbed ahold of the affected driveshaft and or pushed upward on it, the noise would abate or stop completely.
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    My mechanic had it up on the lift and in gear. We did not try the powerbrake approach you mentioned. However he did apply pressure to the drivetrain and the noise actually got worse.
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    Although your problem may have another source, I assume the shaft noise will vary in intensity, frequency and RPM range, according to how much of the lining has come loose and whether only one or both parts of the driveshaft are affected. A simple bang of your fist on the side of the shaft should be a good indicator. If it rattles at all, it's likely the shaft is bad. Any resistance to the drivetrain at any point, could likely cause the loose liner to vibrate. You may have another problem but I'd absolutely eliminate the driveshaft noise possibility, before going any further. I've had several of these and it's always been the same thing...though they were '03 and later.
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