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Geo Prizm Restoration

alpineralpiner Posts: 8
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Replaced alternator at 75k snow and ice is hard on this item. Shorts out diode set.
Replaced starter solenoid contacts.
Replaced timing belt when due. Engine mounts lifted to do this, but not too bad.
Installed Bosch Platinum plugs.
2ND set of tires upgraded to premium due to sliders/killers that it came with.
Shield on catalytic converter vibrates. Ignore!
Converted A/C system to R-134A and don't let some boob tell you otherwise.
Has a stainless steel muffler, so don't let some idiot play with it.
The first long trip I took it got 41 MPG...for real.
Change oil often and check often....small engines work harder and can use oil. If yours doesn't, that's great...check and change anyway.
Don't use 10 percent ethanol in this engine. Oh, go ahead, but you will be sorry.
This may be why someone wrote about sputter at upper RPM. A 4 cylinder engine drops a lot more that 25% of its power with the lose of one pistons output.
Plastic parts are starting to break from UV(sun light) degrading
Theft proof radio can be a pain when you change/disconnect battery.
I smile when I go by Exxon station.
250K miles here I come.


  • Sounds like an impressive checklist for automotive endurance! Hope you can make it to 250K, that's quite a goal. Of course, there was a guy last December who logged over 1,000,000 on his Saab. You could have some competition.

    Geo Engine Locator
    Mobile, Alabama
  • I own a 1990 Geo Prizm, and mine is currently at 238,389 miles!
  • agentkagentk Posts: 1
    I had a 1993 Geo Prizm LS that had about 290,000 miles on it. I think the only major problems were a cracked cylinder block (which oddly enough increased the gas mileage) and broken A/C at around 200,000 miles. It was actually great in snow! I miss it! It was a great car, and I doubt many cars get that many miles. Good luck!
  • geobluegeoblue Posts: 71
    Is there any gas station that sells pure gasoline nowadays? :confuse:
  • My wife's car seized, i wanna cut down on cost and increase my automotive knowledge, I asked my dad if I could take apart the engine by myself and he said yes except for the engine block, My question is Can i remove an engine block in a 99 Prizm by hand? :confuse:
  • Remove the hood. Rent a lifter or get two very strong friends. Metric tools. See engine removal in Chiltons or Alldata. Wiring, gas line, battery ground, emission stuff, etc.

    Are you sure some other component hasn't locked up. Timing belt broke ( take the cover off a look at belt).

    I've got a 93 and it purrs.
  • I had a friend who has shop tell me the were going to replace the engine. So I do not know for sure but I will look into it. Where would I rent a lift?
  • Also It is not even attempting to turn over I turn the key and nothing, I know it seized because it did not have oil in it the night it seized. I was about to put some in at the next gas station but the car did not make it that far.
  • Most equipment rental stores have engine lifters. They slide right under the front of your car and have a hydraulic piston that lifts the boom arm. Get it all ready to lift out and get one...5minutes and it's out. This engine should have lifting eyes still attached. Before you start anything, remove the battery. If your friend has a shop, he has a lifter.

    I know it;s too late now, but if any of you Prizm ownners are reading this, you need to check your oil(weekly) and change it promptly as shown in your manual. They use oil! Some more than others.
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