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Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance and Repair

tower23tower23 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2020 in Volkswagen
I am interested in purchasing a New VW Jetta but
people have told me that they are not a quality
made car. That is the question I ask you. Are VW
Jettas, or VW's in general poorly ame cars? The
reviews talk about performance, I want to know
about durability. Or if you know a place to look
for the information, please direct me there.

Thanks for your help,


  • yellowboyyellowboy Member Posts: 1
    First off, Motor Trend magazine just did published a survey in one of their recent issues (last month or two) on the Jetta.

    Now, my experience:
    Everyone I asked loved their Jetta and claimed no problems. I bought a '96 for my wife. The car is a great value, BUT, I did have some problems:
    The car has a great engine for this price class. Fairly peppy and really smooth and I have had no problems with the engine at all.
    I took the car in for three warranty repairs! It had the climate control fan burn out (and shoot smoke!), a window motor fail, and the sunroof motor fail. Each repair resulted in multiple visits (which really sucked) because they never have these parts in stock. This was a common complaint in Motor Trend's survey (lack of parts). Also Motor Trend reported that almost all of the owners had to go back in for one or more warranty repairs (ridiculous). My two Nissans have never been in for a warranty repair except my first had 8 year old seatbelts that were recalled and replaced.
    One niggly complaint I have is that the paint is soft and scratches easily. A plus to this is that minor scratches are more easily polished out.

    My wife loves her car and would buy another but I wouldn't because I'm the one who has to take care of all of the repairs while she ust takes my Nissan!
  • cp4cp4 Member Posts: 1
    Yellowboy sounds like he may be a Nissan Salesman!
  • justinjustin Member Posts: 1,918
    Let me say that I owned a 98 Nissan Altima - it was a joke! Although, a not very funny one. It was always in the shop. Drivetrain/tranny probs, window seal probs, sunroof drainage channel probs, brake issues, etc, etc. Kept it for one year, and traded, at much expense, for a 99 Jetta VR6. Had this car for 6 months - no probs at all except for one cosmetic flaw - the headliner was "growing" some sort of fungus! Replaced and no more probs. Love the VW - doors slam and the windows don't rattle like the Nissan. The sunroof only lets sun in - no rain, unlike the Nissan. The motor runs well at all speeds, and uses no more gas than the 4 cyl Nissan. NEVER AGAIN NISSAN! And people wonder why they are almost bankrupt. Rosenthal Nissan in Vienna VA was AWFUL and Nissan corp
    would not take the car back......even to replace with another one. I hope they do go bankrupt. Shotty products do not belong on the road - nobody should have to pay almost 20 grand and get that kind of hassle.
  • melissa12melissa12 Member Posts: 1
    I have a Nissian Altima and am contemplating buying a VW. I have had my Nissian for about a year and I have to date spent $900 on repairs. I finally got fedup while 2 weeks ago I took it to the shop to have the spark plugs replaced, only to find out that it wasn't the sparks that needed replace, but the Intake Manifold Valve/gasket was the problem. Cost $1000. They have to break the header to get to it. I went to 3 mechanics, and each of the shook their heads and gently told me to get rid of it.

    Please tell me that VW's are better!
  • jwolffjwolff Member Posts: 19
    Had a 92 Corrado with the VR6 engine. Best car VW made. Had it since new. Would be driving it today except a Toyota 4 runner made an illegal left turn and I hit him at 45 mph. The car was totalled with 90k mi. No problems with the car and as for crash protection-- exceptional(no cabin intrusion).

    Would have bought another VW, but they don't make anything that compares to a Corrado. So I bought an Audi A4 2.8 quattro. Excellent car!!

    My advise is go for the Jetta with the VR6 engine(GLS) , then replace the springs/struts with Neuspeed & Bilstein for greatly improved handling.
    I thought the Jetta was grossly undertired and had too much body roll. I wish VW would make their cars handle like their other division--Audi.
  • tonewheeltonewheel Member Posts: 47
    ..are the big issue here. I bought my first Beetle off of the showroom floor back in 1972. I've owned 2 VW's since then. Great cars, but delaers NEVER have parts in stock. That was in Chicago...now I live in KC, and hate to think about parts availability here in Jerkwater, USA! The new Jetta's are excellent cars, but be sure to get the V6.
  • ellenkushellenkush Member Posts: 1
    I came into this discussion looking for repair information on the Jetta (4 or 6 cylinder), and am still seeking more data, if it is out there. My experience with VW's (an '80 Rabbit, a '90 Fox and an '85 Jetta) has been that they are in the shop much more frequently than my '94 Nissan Altima, which now boasts 132,000 miles and has had NO problems other than normal wear & tear. The handling has been a great disappointment, however--it does not come close to any VW.

    Also, tonewheel & jwolff, please tell me why you think that the VR6 is a better bet than the GLS with manual transmission. I have felt that previous VW's were under-powered: is this the basic reason, or are there other considerations?
  • jwolffjwolff Member Posts: 19
    The VR6 is just a better engine. I think its worth the extra money to get a GLS with the 6 as opposed to the 4. I don't know why VW hasn't put the VR6 in their Cabrio-- grossly underpowered given the added wt over a Golf.

    I think there is more aftermarket stuff for the VR6 and they are better all around engines. If you live in the SW I would recommend putting an (New Dimensons ?sp)additional oil cooler on the VR6 b/c they tend to run hot and after the first oil change ie at 7500 mi change to a synthetic like Mobil one 15w50 or Castrol Synthetic 5w50.
  • miavellimiavelli Member Posts: 2
    looking for an aftermarket computer chip for the 1999 jetta 2.8 v6. wish the new jettas came with the 1.8 turbo like the passat. change the chip and you get an extra 50hp, but i donl like the passat as much as the jetta!!!!! anybody have any ideas???
  • deb_vacekdeb_vacek Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought a Jetta 2000 VR6 automatic. When I start it up in the morning it shakes so hard my muffler sounds like it is going to fall off. The services department told me that all VR6's do this and many people have complained, but until VW, Inc. finds a solution there's nothing they can do. Also, I hear this annoying whining sound when I accelerate through 35 to 55 miles an hour. It's especially annoying when I maintain a speed of around 40 mph. If I take my foot off the accelerate the sound immediately stops.

    I drove a Honda for years and have never had such problems. Is this a German car problem?
  • mau1mau1 Member Posts: 1

    I read somewhere (I don't remember where) that sometime early in 2000, the Jetta would be available with the 1.8T engine just like the new beetle. Has anyone heard of this and If so would you have an idea of when?

    How would you compare this engine to the V6?
  • keenanjaykeenanjay Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Passat with the same VR6 - a great engine. Have never had a problem. The only noise I get is that sweet whine at the heart of the torque curve.
    I also have a 97 Cabrio. The engine is standard 2.0 but we have an automatic transmission - it hasn't impressed me at all. The car doesn't need more engine, it's not all that agile anyway.
    One more thing on the VR6. It's got less horsepower than the new Audi 6 going into the Passat but it had more torque at the right speed ranges.
  • croyboycroyboy Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I read the 2000 GTI GLS will replace the 2.0 with the 1.8T sometime during 1Q00. One would hope the Jetta would offer the same. Previous experience with VR6 was great. Love the new GTI GLX but could do without pricey equipment in the package.
  • 19741974 Member Posts: 2
    My 1974 VW super beetle is about to bite the dust. Otherwise, I would never think of giving up the ghost. But to have to rent a car for a long-distance weekend is the end, or the beginning of the end, I can see.
    I love the looks of the Golf; My mechanic says don't buy Golf, not good car, made in Mexico, fall apart one year (he is from Korea). So, I want a car to last another 25 years. Yes, I am almost the original owner, minus 10,000 miles. It has 126,000.
    I like the looks of the Jetta next and am disappointed to see it too is made in Mexcio...meaning shoddy workmanship?
    I don't have tons of money. After I paid $3300 in 1975, how can I adjust to $15,000 plus? (well, yes, my salary is no longer $5100 a year.
    So, I have read Conumer Report which suggests Corolla (I have seen them but I really do not like the jelly bean-generic shapes. Everything else about it sounds great. I have yet to look at the Civic, Mazda Protege, and maybe the Subaru Impreza (all CR recommended). I have even considered the RAV4 but really am anti-SUV's.
    So, what do you say, gentlemen? I have read your comments w/ interest and truly am interested in beauty, longevity, style, and cost. Sounds like a good way to look for other things in my life, too.
    Please help this damsel not yet in distress in DC.
  • jwolffjwolff Member Posts: 19
    Don't think you'll get too much out of chipping a VR6. The best and least expensive is NEUSPEED which may be purchased through Greedspeed( on the web). It will set you back around $140.

    About the Peublo plant in Mexico. I doubt VW would spend millions $$$ to have quality control problems. The new Jettas are probably the tightest cars in their class. Let your butt decide. Drive as many cars in your price range as possible.
  • danfigdanfig Member Posts: 3
    I am in the market for a new car and am considering the Jetta but have reservations about its reliability and longevity which is basically unproven in the new model. I had an Accord for 13 years and 220K miles with very few problems and little expense. I am confident it would have gone for 300K if I didn't have my accident.

    Does anyone have any opinions?
  • sacwoosacwoo Member Posts: 1
    I have had my 97 Jetta for 2 1/2 years and it's been the most reliable car I've ever had. It has 55,000 miles and besides the regular maintenance, I've only had to take it in for a repair once and that was due to road debris. I'm currently looking to purchase a 99 or 2000 Jetta since I can't see myself in anything else.
  • miavellimiavelli Member Posts: 2
    hi, i wished the new jetta came with this engine, like the audi A4 and passat. its rated at 150 hp, but with a aftermarket chip, it pushes it up to 200hp and will blow the doors off the 2.8 V6 and without wearing out the engine. from the factory, the 1.8 turbo is only pushing around 7 psi of pressure, realy downgraded for a turbo, but with a new chip, its pushed up to 11-12 psi, where it should be. the 2.0 4 banger in the new jetts ok for grandma, and the 2.8V6 is nice, but too exspensive. as for if they are going to put it into the 2000 jetta, the salesmen at the dealerships say no, but i wouldnt believe them, they just want to sell whats on the lot, but i havent heard anything about it either, but if they do, ill be the first one in line to buy it!!!!!
    so if someone has heard anything else about it, i would like to know!!!!!!
  • mfrankelmfrankel Member Posts: 1
    I had a '82 Corolla and the engine blew at 4,000 miles due to shoddy installation of a Chapman lock by the dealer. They literally told me to get the car off their lot and did nothing for me. I even wrote to Mr. Toyota in Japan twice and he blew me off by saying he had no control over dealers' actions. I would recommend staying far away from Toyota. Anyway, the car is very tinny compared to the Jetta. I'm on my second one and am pleased so far.
  • mrdillonmrdillon Member Posts: 1
    Now I think I will not. I have a new 99 Mustang that has turned out to be a lemon. Nothing but Computer problems from a constant air/fuel mix ratio bungle to the keyless entry going dead. Sad for such an American icon of a car. Guess I'll look at the Honda Accord or Toyota Avalon.

    Thanks for the brief read of everyone elses' problems with the Jetta.
  • asfasf Member Posts: 4
    I owned a 1985 Jetta GL (purchased new). I just retired it last year with 225,000 miles. The transmission failed (lost 5th gear and reverse was going). The only significant repair problems encountered during it's 13 years of service were:
    1. Fuel pumps (both of them!)replaced at around 100k
    2. "Black box" choke (fifth injector) controller at around 120k
    3. Leaking windshield seal at around 180k

    Later in it's life it developed a hot start problem that was identical to what I encountered in my '77 Rabbit. The car started great when cold, but would have a problem when it was hot. There was a period of about 5 minutes after I would shut it off that it would start fine, or after about a half hour. But in between, it would start and immediately kill when put under load. If you could get the car to move, it would recover and operate normally. I learned to live with it and did not try to have it serviced for this problem.

    Fuel mileage was extremely predictable over the life of the vehicle, with 35 mpg in the peak of summer and 27 mpg in the dead of winter (in Minnesota). The car had the 1.8 liter gasoline engine.

    Overall, I was very happy with that Jetta.

    I am thinking about getting a new Jetta GLS. I have not been able to get much of a price here in the Minneapolis area. VW dealers are riding high right now and are not discounting very far from list price. I may have to wait a while until the frenzy dies down.

    Any comments on pricing and discounting?
  • melechmelech Member Posts: 27
    You were concerned about the Jetta coming from Mexico. So was I; but I bought a '99 GLX (passion overcame caution) and it's a wonderful car. Came with ZERO defects, and after 1 year and 12,000 miles, I've had absolutely no problems.
    Consumer reports indicates that reliability of VW's have improved substantially.

    If you're from DC, suggest you check Autohaus Tischer on Rt. 198 in Laurel. It was an excellent dealer, and always stood behind the cars, even when vw was having lots of reliability problems. My repair guy (also Korean)in DC gave me the same warning. Maybe its a cultural thing.

    Anyway,VW has changed. Don't be scared off by a reputation it no longer deserves. The cars are terrific to drive. Just too expensive.
  • schradesschrades Member Posts: 2
    I put 195K miles on my '88 Ford Festiva. Loved that little car. #3 cylinder finally fried and didn't want to spend the $$ to fix it. Anyway, my husband and I bought our 2000 Jetta GLS VR6, 5-speed manual with leather in early August and it is just HOT. Of course, it is uncomparable to my Ford. But the Jetta...whatta car! Lots of spunk, really smooth quite drive, comfortable even on long rides, great space in the trunk. And I can say that the workmanship is absolutely outstanding!!! I've read the comments about Mexico, and I didn't know this until a few weeks after I made the purchase. I had a conversation with my salesman who told me that they have a 3-strikes you're out policy. There's so many people waiting in line to fill the jobs that they are very particular about their job performance. And I totally believe it. What really impressed me was the air vents (the way they close flush) and how all the lines are in perfect matching order and just heads over any piece of American-made junk I've seen. Quite impressive.

    Previous comment regarding shaking and whining noises......never happened here.

    PROBLEMS: 1) The liner under the power sunroof: the clips installed in the factory were defective and broke. Had to have them replaced a few weeks after buying the car. Service said they've had this complaint numerous times and that an updated part that they installed should fix the problem.
    2) Factory-installed sunroof air deflector (automatic mechanism) "sticks" and then lets go after going over a bump. Having that fixed in a couple weeks. Didn't start happening until after I had a air deflector put on.

    Other than that, our experience has been outstanding. For the price, this car has many, MANY features that undoubtedly would cost several thousand more dollars if placed inside a Honda or Audi. Great machine. Very happy.
  • qbit3qbit3 Member Posts: 1
    I owned a 78 Rabbit and it was super reliable. Moved to '82 Quantum and it was troublesome.
    Three Toyota's later I've had NO problems - only std maint. I traded cars as family changed, not due to problems. Granted VWs handle & look better, but that's little consolation when you are stranded or spending many frustrating hours arguing with service depts.
    I WANT a 99 or 2K Passat, but after reading that post and the Jetta post, think I'll buy a Mazda!
  • dexterldexterl Member Posts: 1
    Bought our 94 Jetta GLS new, now has 125,000 miles, gets 23-24 MPG (city) with automatic. Have had little trouble (compared to previous 79 Ford Fairmont Wgn 110K miles which always needed a starter, went through 5 and exhaust sys replaced 3 tail pipes, 4 mufflers and countless header/pipe donuts and '79 Ford E-150 van which needed engine rebuilt @89K due to head gasket leak allowing coolent into oil sys and LR axle/bearing replaced @75K. Both needed major overhauls way B4 100K) Back to the Jetta, repaired under warrentee: anti-squeak shims @14K, timing belt @55K, coolent connection into block (flange?) cracked @85K. As GLS had so much power windows, sun roof and central locking sys, we bought a GE extended warrentee through dealer which covered: central lock sys vacuum pump died @70K, driver side window regulator and cracked washer tank @87K, two little plastic guides thingees in sunroff at 90K, dash panel as back light holder died @98K. Out of MY pocket have replaced: battery $75 @90K, plugs (Platnum+4s) $24 @110k, transmission indicator lamp in dash $4 @105K, driverside lock cylender to central lock sys connector $23 @102K, timing and accs belts, strut tower bearings/alignment $675 @112K (dealers wash crew broke radio ant off $0), radio just now died @120K (will get another from junk yard for under $50), central lock sys vac pump sounds like its on last legs so have another item to look for at the junk yard!
    Will start looking for a new Jetta or Passet next year for wife/long trip car and keep the 94 for ME/around town car. NO car is perfect but this VW is _darned_ close! Glad I bought the GE extended warrentee to cover all the power features NOT covered by VW after 24K miles.
  • harris11harris11 Member Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone has, or knows someone with a 2k Jetta with the TDI. Am considering purchasing within the next month...
  • wwevanswwevans Member Posts: 7
    I just drove the Nissan 2000 SE and the 2000 VW Jetta GLX. Hands down to both cars. Both are extremely fast and have great engines. But my vote goes to the VW. It handles better, better matching of transmission w/engine, total German appeal and experience, and superior quality. I am now placing my 99 Accord EX for sale!
  • gilveygilvey Member Posts: 1
    Just bought Jetta TDI GL
    I haven't had this much enjoyment
    in twenty years of driving.
    Great car, resposive and handles great!
    Looking forward to the next 200K miles.
  • bailey19bailey19 Member Posts: 1
    I have a '91 Jetta GL and have loved it. But it's very basic and at 100K I'm ready for a new one. I drove both the Jetta V6 and the Passat (4 & 6 cyl) and am in a quandary. I loved the Jetta--what handling and a little rocket to boot. But the interior seems to have lost room compared with my '91. We're contemplating a family, so that's a factor in my choice. The Passat is much roomier, and the tiptronic auto/manual quite fun, but a lot less pizazz. Any comments on one or the other?
  • beets666beets666 Member Posts: 1
    I like the whining, whistling sound between 25 and 40 MPH that it makes....I love the feel on my tookus...not a car built for heavy folks...bolsters pinch you people!!! :)
    The charcoal velour seats pick up TONS of lint though!!!
    Shopped around for a year, GLS VR6 automatic...whoo hoooo!!! Had a 95 Cavalier...BLEH...I hated it, it hated me!
  • rechargerecharge Member Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me the difference between the handling of the GLS V6 and that of the TDI? I have only test driven the V6. I love the pep of the V6 and wonder how much of that I might compromise by considering the fuel economy of the TDI. I would also very much appreciate any other pro/con info anyone might be able to offer regarding the V6 and/or TDI. Thank you!
  • ravi116ravi116 Member Posts: 1
    i am planning to get a Jetta but i cannot make my mind up about buying a V6 or a V4 ?? Is there a lot of benefits in a v6, also for a GLS V6 , can i get it like for 20,000$
  • rechargerecharge Member Posts: 3
    Should I worry because there are still no crash test results for the 1999 Jetta? I am nearly ready to put my money down on this car, but want to be sure that the Jetta's safety features are not just cosmetic! Is it usual for crash tests to take a year (or more) to become known? I will greatly appreciate any information or advice anyone can offer me on this very important topic!
  • dnordwaydnordway Member Posts: 1
    I test drove the TDI. Great car for a diesel. Things to remember: There is a lag in acceleration before the waste gates open on the turbo. You will not feel the acceleration before around 3k. Diesel mechanics can be hard to find. So can diesel. But: great gas mileage 45-50 mpg and fun to drive for a diesel! I can't decide. Finally, the TDI is in limited production and is difficult to find. You may wait months for delivery, and the dealer will therefore not be willing to discount the MSRP much. Good luck!
  • wwevanswwevans Member Posts: 7
    I am still weary on the reliability of the VR6 or VW in general? I am a bored owner of a Honda 99 EX and I am in the market for something more fun. I have driven the Nissan Maxima and the VW Jetta GLX--but which one can offer me long term durability with out going broke on maintanence costs? My next is going to have to be a long termer. So if anyone can give me any advice or opinions I would greatly appreciate it. Is the GLS VR6 a better deal since it has less gismos (how nuch $$ is that climate control and trip comp if they both die? is the extra $$ worth it?)
    I am not in a rush to buy, but when $24K is the figure, the brain does a lot of thinking. Is there GLX driver out there that can change my mind?
  • chowmeinchowmein Member Posts: 1
    I'm a unlearned young teen, but my parents own an Infiniti (nissan) Q45, and the quality of it is fantastic, I've driven the Maxima based I30 many times, and let me tell you, the quality is fantastic. Not only is it extremely nice to ride in it's extremely nice to drive. There's plenty of gadget and gizmos and that bose sound system is almost as nice as the 10 speaker 10cd system we have in the Q. (Both are standard instruments btw) If I were you, I would get the Maxima.
  • rechargerecharge Member Posts: 3
    dnordway, Thanks very, very much for your thorough input. It is extremely helpful. I'd heard that the VW TDI/diesel was "different" than the average diesel and I wondered how, though the test drive you described is as I guessed. Indeed it is a tough decision. Perhaps my need for wheels will override my desire for diesel, if what you say about limited production is true. Good luck to you as well, and thanks again!!!
  • mcbride3mcbride3 Member Posts: 2
    I have driven Volks Jetta GL for eight years. My 96 jetta gl was on the side of the road at 26,000. It was just over two years old. My dealer told me that there was no room on their lot for my repair. The main office had to straighten them out.Fuel pump went and I had top pay for repair.
  • mcbride3mcbride3 Member Posts: 2
    I have driven Volks Jetta GL for eight years. My 96 jetta gl was on the side of the road at 26,000. It was just over two years old. My dealer told me that there was no room on their lot for my repair. The main office had to straighten them out.Fuel pump went and I had to pay for repair.
  • cejcejcejcej Member Posts: 1
    I test-drove the Jetta GLS in 4 cyl. and the V6 - no comparison. The 4 cyl. is just noisy compared to the V6. I now own one and it drives like a rocket. Most of my neighbors own hondas and toyotas and they all LOOK THE SAME. Just sold my corolla for the Jetta - No Regrets!!
  • smartypantssmartypants Member Posts: 1
  • martin28martin28 Member Posts: 1
    The Jetta VR6 GLX or the Passat GLS 4 cylinder, I can't seem to decide. One is really sporty and fun to drive, the other is bigger and yet sporty. I drove the Jetta and loved it, but I still have not driven the Passat. Is the 1.8 turbo engine peppy enough to drive and what the heck is an aftermarket chip, can someone please fill me in it really sounds interesting.
  • mrbrett1mrbrett1 Member Posts: 1
    1. I owned an 1987 Golf(Same as Jetta with a hatch) when sold was nearing 150,000 miles. No problems except I broke the sun visor off the divers side(my fault)!!

    2. Mid 2000 the Jetta gets the 1.8T that has been confirmed go to www.vwvortex.com... as does the GTI. (EVERYONE JUMP FOR JOY). They have been spotted in Utah for testing.

    There is also rumors of The Jetta with a VR8 (eight cylinder)!!!

    3. The Jetta and Bettle are made in Mexico, THE GOLF AND PASSAT ARE MADE IN GERMANY.

    4. The new JETTA has been tested in crash tests and is one of the best small cars for safety go here to read yourself -- www.hwysafety.org/vehicle_ratings/ce/small_cars/jetta.htm

    5. As far as reliability goes VWs last a long time, this is why it is the biggest car maker in Europe and the best selling European car maker in America. They may not be as reliable as Toyotas, but are not far from Toyota, that is why Toyota and VW are trading engine technologies... VW TDI, and Toyotas Direct Inject Gas engines I think...

    6. Let me say something about reliability of cars in general. I work in the Autoparts Aftermarket and own an Auto Parts Store, and sell to many mechanics. I can tell you what Cars are reliable and which are not as far as problems go. Because the bigger the problem the more parts WE sell. All cars have their individual problems more some than others.

    Hondas in general are always having their axles replaced(way to often), and starters and Alts, are popular failures. Other than that their engines are solid, and last forever.

    Toyotas are the most reliable, except their truck engines leak oil. EX. (all our delivery vehicles) and the Toyota Tercel, and PASEO were junk, that is why they were discontinued and and are being replaced by the new ECHO in 2000.

    The old HUNDAIS are super sh*tty, as are the KIAS

    Chryslers and subsidaries(sp?) I.E Dodge, Plymouth are always in the shops, they are probably the worst. I wish people new the problems with the NEONS (WHAT A PILE). At about 30,000 miles or so those neons blow head gaskets. The only thing that Chrysler builds well are their trucks I.E.

    VWs all are pretty reliable except for the early 1990s models which are in the shop every once in a while.

    Fords cars are pretty reliable (If you can get past their ugly exteriors... GOD what were they thinking (Taurus, Contour, Escort)). Their trucks are not only very good looking, pretty reliable too.
  • daviejoedaviejoe Member Posts: 2
  • hommesjmhommesjm Member Posts: 1
    I thinking of purchasing a vw 2000 jetta gl tdi, but I'm concerned about the "diesel engine" in our cold winters. Will it start? What should I do to keep it warm, plugged in? What other maintenance will it require? JOe Hommes
  • maestro2maestro2 Member Posts: 1
    Me and my Chica went out to look for cars yesterday, and the first place we stopped was the VW dealer. It seemed to be the only stop !!! I heard about the Jetta but never driven one. That's all it took. Drives like a big car .. a real feel for the road. The basic GL model had everything we needed. beautiful dash, roomy, nice trunk .. just basically nice ! Thanks VW !
  • joejuanjoejuan Member Posts: 1
    VW/Audi has a road test center here in my town and on Monday night I got my first peak at the Jetta 1.8t. Generally, this place has the new VW/Audis 6 months to a year before their US release. Spring of '98 I was seeing the "new" Jetta's driving around. Based on this I would guess we will see the 1.8t sometime around December/January.
    As and aside, my wifes '99 Jetta is nice little car. A bit underpowered coming out of the turns. No real quality problems other than the clips that hold the floor mats down coming undone. The dealer fixed this and we have been going strong since February. In fact I am ready to buy a 1.8t for myself when my Nissan finally buys it.
  • andrey2andrey2 Member Posts: 5
    I think your mechanic is misinformed about Golfs. While all Jettas/Beetles get assembled in Mexico(Jetta makes 60% of all VW sales in US) all Golfs are made in Germany. Plus consider 10 year/100,000 miles warranty which applies to any VW wherever it is built. Is your mechanic "selling" you a Hyunday? You will not get a better car in this class/price range; - next down is Civic Ex. Good luck.
  • sazsaz Member Posts: 1
    I owned a 1991 Jetta GLI and it was problematic. However I like the car so I purchased a new 1995 Volkswagon Jetta. It turned out to be the worst purchase I ever made. During the first year of ownership the window motors went out. Then I had to have it repainted because the paint was coming off (I was told that there was a defective paint batch in my color). Minor things (such as the windshield wipers failing to work during a rain storm) continued to break. The last straw was at 63,000 miles when the engine began burning oil. I had a rebuilt engine put in the car and sold the thing. Perhaps I had a lemon but BE WARNED. I gave Volkswagon a second chance and they failed me miserably!
  • bruno13bruno13 Member Posts: 2
    I sincerely hope VW has gotten its reliability act together...the cars look great when new. My two late 60 and early 70 Beetles were fun, and reliable - and I could repair just about any engine problem in a few minutes, on the road, in the rain. My '76 Rabbit was even more fun, but after two years it started burning oil and rusting (it was garage kept and twice yearly waxed), and turned rapidly into an eyesore and piece of junk before it hit 70K miles. My '87 Volvo, which is just a German car made in Sweden with a large price tag is built like a tank, handles in the best European tradition, but breaks and breaks and breaks after 5 years. I hope all this has changed in 13 years, but you won't know for 4-5 years after buying your spanking new German car. I will tell any new car buyer to check out a 5 year old version of his dream car to get a reality check on the brand's reliability. If you only keep the car for 4 years - enjoy!
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