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Lincoln Town Car Audio Questions

Looking for a solid state MP3 player with the following:

4 GB capacity
Line in recording
FM tuner
FM recording
AA or AAA replaceable batteries
Drag and drop file management
Don't care about video capability

Seems like newer players are moving away from these basic required features.


  • I suggest you have a look at this model it’s using now by my brother in his own car. It has the most comprehensive function but reasonable price with good features….

    I especially like the surrounding sound effect, hope this fulfill your requirement.

    Good luck.
  • pablo9990pablo9990 Posts: 2
    I got lost trying to compare all the MP3 models so....can someone tell me which model(s) have these features.

    I looking for an MP3 player with the following features.

    Aprox. 500 songs capacity
    FM radio
    FM recorder
    Bookmark function so I could stop podcasts and return to where I left off.
    Screen so I could see albums and songs, podcasts from same site...

    Maybe I'd better stop there.
  • My sister used an MP3 player in her car. It is very useful and cheapest from others.
    I think you can get your all features in this player. it’s sound output is very good as well as amazing battery life. You may check out the site :
    I forgot to tell you... Remote is very handy. I no longer need to locate the forward button on FM transmitter while driving.
    Good luck!
  • buddymbuddym Posts: 2
    Sorry if this is a double post but I didn't see my earlier post. I've been internet shopping the 05-08 Town Car this weekend, but don't see any info on whether the base (''Premium'') Town Car single CD player or the Dual Media upgrade are capable of MP3 CD playback or any amp specs. Thanks for any help!
  • I own a prestine well maintained and in original condition 1988 Lincoln Town
    Signature Series my stereo screen controls come on , but there is no sound
    I am hoping this is a fuse problem or something simple so that I will not have

    to replace the original jbl radio/cassette player with an aftermarket one, because I am trying to keep the original everything on this car inside out due to the extreme
    preserved condition, this march the car will be 20 yrs old any suggestions
    email me at [email protected] , I am in NC :) I am in need of suggestions on
    hopefully correcting the problem
  • mike285mike285 Posts: 1
    The radio comes on, but no sound comes out of the speakers, please help
    You can email me @ [email protected]
  • The factory radio/cassette w/ JBL premium stereo on my 92 TC, Cartier comes on but no sound, only an occasional "click". All fuses are good. Are there any fuses on the amps in the trunk? :confuse:
  • jrokjrok Posts: 9
    My 1990 tc has an amp in the trunk, but i dunno about you're model, wouldn't hurt to check
  • I don't believe the TC through model year 2008 has the capability of playing MP3 discs through the standard or optional sound systems. Hopefully, the 2009 TC will be updated with Sync, a USB port to support portable music devices and keep them charged, and an dash 6 CD player that supports MP3. I really like the TC, but the audio system is antiquated (others may argue the whole car is antiquated, but it remains the only full-size rwd traditional American luxury car).
  • I just inherited a 97 Town Car Executive with the low end audio system (not JBL). I want to substitute a system that includes CD, hopefully without running new wires or making modifications. Does anyone have experience with this, either with manufacturer's equip or aftermarket equip?
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Re:Manufacturer's equip: The speakers used in the JBL system can be pulled from a Town Car in a Salvage Yard. If the amplifier can be pulled, take it as well. Very few people have the hearing sensitivity to discern the difference between what you presently have and the JBL system playing against engine and road noise.

    As for a CD player, the discriminating ear may notice a drop in higher cycles when the amplifier in the trunk broadcasts to the antenna for reproducing the sound. If you are forced to use that system, the present tape player provides much better fidelity.

    Thus, if you insist on a CD system, make sure it is wired direct, NOT relying on the antenna to receive a signal & then transported to the radio unit.
  • Try replacing your 20 Amp fuse on the amplifier in the trunk. It may be blown. If so you need to find out why it blew or it may blow again.
  • I havae 1998 TC with jbl audio system has anyone replaced their subwoofer with a aftermarket sub in the stock encloser with a aftermarket amp? If so how did it work out???
  • My TC premium sound system plays great 95% of the time. However, recently my FM radio has been going out intermitently. It will be playing fine one minute, and then I lose all channels. When this happens, I can switch to CD mode and the sound is fine, so I don't thik there is anything wrong with the amplifier. My thought is that I either have a problem with the FM receiver, or possibly a loose antenna contact. I checked the rear windwhield, and the soldered contacts seem OK. It will be out for a few days, and then a couple days later, I can push FM and it works fine. Any ideas ? How do I get at the antenna cnx to check?
  • My 1995 lincoln town car with jbl system and trunk mounted cd changer is producing only a very, very loud popping and crackling noise. This noise increases in volume when the volume control is increased. If the volume control is turned down to zero, a very faint but clear audio sound can be heard without the popping or crackling. The noise is the same both on radio and cassette. Haven't tried with the cd. Any ideas.
  • I have a 1995 TC w/the Premium JBL audio sytem. I also have a trunk mounted 6 disk CD changer and a mobile phone that was installed in the middle armrest w/the hands free button by the rear view mirror. The problem is that i get sound, but only highs in the doors and no subwoofer or lows from the 6x9's or any speaker. Just the high range sound. Wich amp controlls the lows or the sub? the fuse under the hood seems fine. What could the problem be? Thank u.
  • where is the cable located in the trunk of a lincoln towncar to hook up a factor cd changer
  • o a 2000 lincoln
  • On the passenger side truck there is an amp mounted upside down to the plastic sub enclosure. From that amp runs two wires which go to the factory sub. I cut those two wires about halfway up, I put a 10"bazooka in the trunk and ran the two wires red/black from the bazooka to the factory one wires I cut halfway up, spliced one to the red and splice the other to the black. Turned the car on and done, it took longer to figure out than to do. The install took under 5 minutes.
  • I have same year car and audio system as you do. All my speakers play the same as yours and when I turn up the bass only the subwoofer receives that signal and no other speakers it seems. So the amp which controls the factory sub is located in the trunk on the passsenger side usually mounted upside down and screwed into the plastic subwoofer factory enclosure, just left of where the spare tires sits, it should be silver and have two plugs, the one on the left is the audio input plug and the right plug has two speaker wires going into the subwoofer, if you follow the wires coming out of the amp you should be able to decipher which one is which.,If the lows arent playing it could be this amp which went bad unfortunately but I cant say with a 100% certaintity thats the issue
  • I have 2000 TC with the Alpine Premium Sound. Does anyone know if a newer unit with the indash 6 CD changer can be swapped with out major modifications?
  • What is the model number of the Bazooka tube you are using? I running old school a/d/s amp 6 channel and have used and abused Bazooka tubes before and think they are awesome. I have a 99 Town car I would like to put one in to go with my 6 X 8 Boston Acoustics. Can you send me any pics of your set up?? My email adress is rchapa1992 at yahoo Thanks for any help you can give me.. My factory stuff sounds ok right now, but only up to a certain volume. Thanks again! Stonehenge2k7
  • I have the same problem with the Town Car I just inherited from my father. Have you found the solution?
  • the person next door she has a problem with here radio she put it on the other day it says bad on the display does this mean the radio is no good or is ther away to reprogram it thank you if any one can help you can contact me at [email protected]
  • not yet
  • I have the same problem with my 93 towncar. Have you had any luck in fixing this issue?
  • lad5lad5 Posts: 1
    cd, casset, everything plays fine but the radio,nothing but static, checker antenna ok sub woffer and amp ok, what els can I do?
  • blgmferblgmfer Posts: 1
    hey, i just bought a cd player for my 89' lincoln town car. It turns on and everything but there's no sound coming form the speakers, i know they work cause i was listening to the stock radio earlier that day.
  • kingjraykingjray Posts: 3
    The car pulls hard to the right at normal speeds and slightly at highway speeds. Ive had it checked out and had an alignment done. Everything is fine. They reccomended in having the Speed Sensitive Steering checked.
  • jrwijrwi Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    AM/fm works when it wants to. Cassette player works all the time. 2003 towncar,alpine radio
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