2007 Lincoln Navigator Fire

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A friend of mine has a 2007 Navigator. On Friday night they parked it at approx 12:30am and about 6am Saturday morning it was in flames and exploded. It took out the whole vehicle, power lines, a garage, and anything close by. It exploded and sent parts everywhere! So far the cause is undetermined but it sure sounds like what I have read about the older ones (problem seems to have been solved in 2002)

Any ideas? thoughts?



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    Yeah - have your friend get a good lawyer.

    Oh, BTW, does your friend smoke?
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    Yes...but...they were out of the vehicle for 5.5 hours before this happened....that's a long time to sit and smolder I think. I have dropped a cigarette and within 30 min it's either out....or you sure know you have a problem lol.....who knows. I was just wondering if the issue with the brakes/cruise was still happening.... or another problem was going on. I did some extensive searching and didn't see much for 2007s doing this.

    As far as a lawyer... in the circle of friends is an employee of one of the biggest law firms in the state.... we'll persue that on Monday.
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    For info: my '04 had a fire in'05. One evening in the rain, I looked out & saw the lights on, went out and radio was playing, smelled electrical smoke, & key wouldn't turn on engine. Had to disconnect battery to cut it off. Bottom line; the right front roof drain at the door post had clogged and water leaked down the firewall and shorted out the fuse box. All had to be replaced,desmoked, no elec. problems since.
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