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When will the '08 models hit the dealer showrooms? This is important as far as '07 model sell-offs etc.

In watching Honda, I've noticed there's not great a difference in price from a fading model year and the incoming model... unless there is a major new model enhancement.

So, is it worth waiting for 08 model? Do you see a significant price drop to justify buying '07 at end of model year? It may be a new Civic but it's a year old car in the biz!

Or am I wrong? Thanks.


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    Wrong forum.
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    If you read Blane's previous posts, you'll discover that he's more into being snarky, than informative. So Blane, when are the 08's coming out and what forum are you under the impression this topic should be posted.

    Any poster can be a poser, but can you answer the questions correctly!
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    Where do you want this posted? Am I missing something? It seems to be in the right place to me. :confuse:
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    Talking about 2008's - Does anybody know about the colors of the LX coupe - I would buy a red Civic but they are only available in the EX model now and I'm not paying for an EX just to get the red color. Will there be a red LX coupe or sedan for 2008?
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    I was wondering the same thing. I was offered 1000 below msrp on a new 07 si sedan which would be a pretty good deal if the car wasnt almost a year old. The only way I would buy now is if they compensated for the depreciation with an additional 2-3000 dollars below this offer, but Im not sure if any dealers would do this. So is waiting for an 08 the best idea. When are they due out? sept or october.
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    just go for the 07. there will not even be any minor model changes made to the civic, and its a civic, so depreciation shouldn't be that big of a deal, since they hold thier value very well to begin with.

    Can't fathom honda putting the ralley red on an lx. the only civic to ever get ralley red other than an ex coupe or si sedan/coupe, was the previous generations dx sedan. ( i guess cool color to compensate for plastic door handles?) :P
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