2007 Denali Wiper Blade Clicks

murf10murf10 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in GMC
Drivers side wiper blade clicks at top of movement. Not hitting post, etc. Looks like blade twists when coming back down allowing plastic end cap to contact the windshield thus the click. Dealership has replaced the blade twice now but has not solved the problem. Anyone else experience the same issue?


  • lerenislerenis Member Posts: 3
    Hey Murf,

    My '07 Denali Shorty does the same thing. Clicks on the backtroke of the blade on drivers side. What I did to fix this is take the wiper blade off the arm and shave down the little plastic piece at the lowest part of the blade. It is this plastic piece that clicks when it changes direction by hitting the windshield. I used a flat mill file and shaved it down to about half it's size on the lowest end and looks like nothing has even been done to it. Worked great and not a problem for the last few months since I did this. Good luck!
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