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2008 Fiat 500

hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
edited December 2013 in General
Edmunds' road test of the new Fiat Cinquecento is quite complimentary. What makes this new model relevant to U.S. drivers looking for a fun and stylish alternative to the MINI and Smart car, is that it may come Stateside. The subcompact offerings are expanding.


  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,751
    Was a resounding POS. It is hard to believe that the company that is bleeding red ink like a stuck pig is going to produce the salvation of the company with the rebirth of the 500. Did it have charm? Yes. It was cute and I happen to like Italian designs but their is a reason people have a code name for Fiat. I agree the fuel prices may get people interested in micro cars but some how that interest seems over rated at best. Can you imagine running around town in LA with the bevy of Escalades surrounding you on Wilshire Blvd? I wish them all the luck in the world but I am skeptical.
  • abqhudsonabqhudson Posts: 14
    I want one!

    I may not be the biggest
    I may not be the strongest
    I may not be the fastest
    I am not afraid.

  • saab95jdsaab95jd Posts: 1
    USA needs more small cars, look at what the Mini has done! SMART is almost here, now the 500 would fit right in the middle!

  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    ...ugly ones don't.
  • banchobancho Posts: 1
    We *need* more cool small cars like this in the US. I seriously hope Fiat sends some over. This looks like it would be a blast to drive around. I'd like one with the diesel for my commute please.
  • Bring the 500 to the States. Please. Small, tight, fun, economical, nice looker, quality craftsmanship. Look how many Minis are here and they're heavier and more expensive presumably. I'd want the diesel but any engine would work.
  • I just read this article, and wanted to write a comment, so I had to sign up. I did that, but when I tried to return to the review, I couldn't! Edmunds does not include Fiat in their drop down search menus! And they don't provide an open field to enter independent search terms (not in most places, anyway). Just because they are not available in the US (yet) is no reason not to include them in the search lists, as we are certainly interested in them. This is especially true, given that Edmunds has in fact done a review on this beautiful tiny car! I FINALLY re-found this article, but had to use Google to search for it.

    What I wanted to say is: My only problem with the NEW 500 is that it appears to be much more complex than the original, and therefore must be much more difficult and expensive to maintain. Otherwise, I have to admit it is beautiful!

    One of the TRUE virtues of the best small cars has, historically, to be their simplicity and economy. It is even more of a delight to drive a mini(mum) car that not only works extremely well, but that also is easy on the wallet. I'd much prefer a tiny car with SIMPLE parts, that are inexpensive to make and buy, and easy to install. I really don't want to pay for and use special, unique parts the only "advantage" of which must be that they are different.

    When I compare the new and old 500s, Minis, and VWs, for example, that quality seems to have been lost. The originals were not only reliable, durable, beautiful and highly functional, but they were also cheap to buy and keep, The new versions of these automobiles have, in particular, lost that final quality.

    Give me simple metal dashboards, instruments, steering wheels, body and interior parts, engine and manual transmissions! To me, the earlier versions were far better "People's" cars than their successors, were even more beautiful, in my eyes, just as much if not more fun to drive, and doubtlessly much cheaper to build, buy, use and keep. Please, build us more of those!

    In the mean time, I'LL be looking for copies of the earlier cars to satisfy my need for a tiny, high-mileage car.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221


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  • I don't know guys, I live in London and you see the 500 going down the road and all you notice is how ruff and bumpy they drive. I have a friend who owns one and he said he can't take his mother in the car because she gets muscle spasms in her back.
  • I live in Germany, where the Fiat 500 is a common sight. It is cute, gets excellent fuel economy, and girls love it. But when these little things smack head-on with a big Mercedes, Audi, or BMW, they lose pretty bad. I can't even imagine what a big 18-wheeler would do to it.
  • See... Retro styling CAN be done right!
  • dino6dino6 Posts: 7
    Obviously, there are enough Americans out there driving Minis and now Smarts, or even Fits and Yarises, that the fear factor of being smacked by a bigger vehicle is not enough to deter people who like the fuel economy, handling, looks, etc. of smaller cars.
    Besides if you carry the logic of bigger is better, everyone would be driving Suburbans once again just to protect themselves. Or not even get out of bed in the morning because the world is just too dangerous.
    This would be a welcome addition to the American market. How big will its market be will depend more on the reliability and quality of the car more than any factor since most Americans have a justifiably poor impression of Italian build quality from past experience. Followed by how clever the marketing is because Mini certainly wins the "clever" marketing award. Distribution and service will be less of a problem if Chrysler dealers start selling Fiat group cars.
  • dyziodyzio Posts: 9
    I love big guzzlers like mustang and challenger but..but this is sweet little car,
    is prove that small can be beautifull,
    it has great interior
    and Abarth version is a killer !
    all the cars should have so much character as this, out MOTO-world would be more interesting..
    some producers do it, look at VW - passat CC and scirocco great cars !
  • dragon3dragon3 Posts: 8
    Hey, I'm surprise no one posted anymore comments about this car. With the ever hopeful realization that Chrysler will be saved by Fiat, can't you imagine going down to your local Dodge/Chrysler dealer and looking at the "all new" Dodge small car? I would get one right away! Sure would get better gas mileage then my Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab 4X4 hemi. Can use this for my daily driver.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    ever going to be a section for comments about the 2011 500? Like maybe in Hatchbacks or something? Seems like that is where it should go, and there should be one now that they have already delivered the initial group of 500 to customers.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    edited April 2011
    Thanks -- let me look into this and send you an email.

    ClaireS, Host
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  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Nippononly -- not specific to the 2011, but the Fiat 500 discussion's been reopened, so you can discuss it here.


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  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    A reporter is interested in talking with recent buyers of the Fiat 500. If you care to share your comments, please email your daytime contact info to no later than Wednesday, July 27, 2011.

  • Maybe the roads suck in London? haha. I've driven it quite a bit and the ride is very nice and comfortable on the roads here. You don't really notice bumps or the speed on the freeway seem to be going slower than you actually are and can't barely even hear the wind or road noise at all. I love the ride and technology this car brings and I will definitely be buying one soon very fun and smart indeed.
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