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Will You Consider A Chery-Built Chrysler/Dodge?

harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405
edited March 2014 in Dodge

I might, depending on style, size of vehicle, price,MPG, handling, maybe check out some road tests done by sites such as Edmunds... normal stuff one would consider when buying a vehicle.
Warranty would be another thing.
An extended warranty might help assuage fears about quality, for the long term.
The current warranty would most likely not be enough, for many potential purchasers.

Here is one vehicle that will(99% chance) get built: the Hornet.
Only thing, Dodge has enough vehicles-that-look-like-trucks(front ends/grille, etc).... hopefully, keep almost all of this, but maybe make the front end less (Grille) "Ram-like"?

I know, it's a crossover... but if they could style it like the SX4 SUV/CUV... that would be good( car-like front end, rest sort of sporty/suv looking).
Not known(?) what other car or vehicle will be built.
Anyhow, how about it, folks?

take care/not offense.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Why not? I already have a few appliances from China around the house now.
  • joe97joe97 Member Posts: 2,248
    I might entertain and look into for my children, if it is at least safe - the latest crash tests from the Chinese automakers have not been impressive at all.
  • fezofezo Member Posts: 10,384
    My goodness that it one ugly car!

    I've got an open mind on it but it certainly wouldn't top my list. The price/value would have the competition out of the water.
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  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405
    any vehicle, in order to be sold in the USA, must meet certain criteria/standards(and same for emissions), correct?

    I do not know the exact level...but it must be better than some of those crash videos on the internet from China.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405
    Yes, I concur about the looks, but the front end only. I could live with the rest( have seen many other photos on the net).
    Like I mentioned before, maybe give it a more user-friendly face, like my in-laws 2007 SX4 CUV(more car like,with an SUV looking side- and rear- profile).
    That would help this Hornet design alot, I believe( Here's Hoping someone from Cerberus/Chrysler sees this, you know, before it's too late to rework it ;) ).

    take care/not offense.
  • fezofezo Member Posts: 10,384
    Absolutely. Any car sold as new in the US must now meet some pretty amazing safety standards and those are only being raised as time goes by. It's darn near impossible to buy something I wouldn't consider acceptably safe anymore.

    Actually it is harder and harder to buy a truly bad new car anymore. Unlike safety this is much more a product of the marketplace as opposed to any government regulation. Fifteen years ago you could walk into almost any dealership and find at least one real dud. It's pretty tough now.
    2015 Mazda 6 Grand Touring, 2014 Mazda 3 Sport Hatchback, 1999 Mazda Miata 2004 Toyota Camry LE, 1999.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    standard. It rocks!

    Kia and Hyundai have been embattled in the past but look at them now. Funny thing is, I saw this acceptance coming years ago. While driving my '99 Kia Sephia I got a re-kindling of the fun of driving my '65 Ford Mustang. I did have to put 70,000 mile Yokohama radials and Konig Diva wheels on the little 4-door sedan until this feeling struck me, though. Once I had it in my mind that these South Koreans had it spot-on I knew that I could shop for my next new Kia. I intended on buying a 2002 Kia Spectra that I had researched on the net for months but on buy-day my wife saw the new Kia 4-door and said this: "I don't want another little car."

    "Are you sure?", I asked. My months of research were being tossed out the window like a McDonald's cheeseburger wrapper.

    "Yes!", she replied.

    "Umm...oh..ok. Let's keep looking," I mused.

    It was over to the Sportage's and a brief sit in the 2002 Kia Rio Cinco wagon.

    "What'd'ya think about the Rio Cinco? It's been refreshed for the 2002 model year?"

    "It's too small" came her reply.

    She ran over to the Sportage's. It was September of 2001 and Jerry Smith Kia of Anacortes, WA, wanted to move the "old" new Sportsman's off their lot. The rest is history.

    "I've always loved Kia Sportage's!" my wife exclaimed.

    "OK, let's take it for a spin!"

    The deal was excellent and the trade-in was generous from Jerry Smith Kia. That's where I had bought my '99 Kia Sephia in May of 1999. The violet mist 5-speed Sephia ran me a rough and tumble $7,995 after a $2,000 Kia rebate. When Hyundai and Kia announced their 10 year, 100,000 mile Long-Haul Warranty round about that time, I knew that the two would rebound from some early American misgivings from the Hyundai Excel days and shine brightly.

    I would definitely ponder another Kia purchase or Hyundai purchase in the future. But the point I'm taking my time heading to is that now one can buy a new car and that new car is by and large going to be a fine car.

    Would I consider an American car purchase? Possible a new Chery-built Dodge Hornet. This car will be watched by me like Gary Payton guarding Kobe Bryant when Gary was in his prime. Michael Jordan and Gary Payton are your two finest guards ever in NBA history. Kobe was fresh meat for Gary to pick-pocket when he(Kobe) entered the NBA.

    Chery will have to provide proof in their pudding, though, before I would part with any Yankee greenbacks for one. I like the early Hornet design and my growing love for my '08 Lancer GTS definitely gets in the way of trading it in for a smaller, unproven, Chinese-built Hornet for Dodge. But I will read up on it's early drive-tests.

    Immense pressure is sitting on Chery's head right now. Cerberus' board of directors will demand perfection and on-time perfection. I think Chery will rise to the challenge but I would not want to be a Chery factory worker or even graphics-engineer right now.

    We worked so much overtime on Boeing's 767-400 that we were basically living at Boeing's Everett plant. We really got to know our co-workers, let me tell you. Chery workers will be pushed, prodded and picked at in the coming months and stress will reign as king.

    I think they'll get the cars out but they won't offer the good gas mileage that the Prius or Smart For offer. The Hornet is small but weight will play in to its normal gas mileage figures. Suicide doors making it to production? Something tells me no on that one. :P

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  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    The only way it would make it to my list of runabout possibilities, by having a small diesel engine. I'm thinking 60 MPG minimum. I think the Mini diesel will be first to the USA. And first on my list.
  • oldfarmer50oldfarmer50 Member Posts: 22,226
    I'm not sure I could buy a car made in China, especially since they tried to nuke Fort Knox in "Goldfinger".

    2019 Kia Soul+, 2015 Mustang GT, 2004 Chevy Van, 2000 Chrysler Sebring convertible

  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405
    saw a thing on autonews(but can't access the story, due to must be registered?..did a net search and got a headline, and that's it). Probably be more sites /blogs with the news soon.


    As it says.....this car is supposedly coming here, and the Hornet?
    Guess we'll find out in about a year or so?

    This sort of reminds me of Isuzu/GM... Isuzu entered the U.S. market, iirc, by building the Chevy "Luv" truck(correct?), then later on, entered the market selling Isuzu's(and had cars built for Chevy, such as the Spectrum and the Storm).
    Wonder how long until it will take Chery, etc, come here, after Chrysler, etc... get their Chiense built cars sold in USA?
    take care/not offense.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Member Posts: 405

    Sounds like a slightly larger(?) Passat... if they can make it good, overall, and lower prices to say Jetta wagon(I don't know if they would do such a thing?)...
    It's all hearsay for now.

    I can see the 10-15K+ MSRP vehicles for Dodge/Chrylser... since they have none.
    That's an easy decision(vs VW... should they sell a Passat for not much more, fully loaded, than, say, a 25-28K Azera?).
    All guesses for now.

    Wonder how much longer before other automakers jump on the bandwagon?

    take care/not offense.
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    These days, if the quality and price are right, Why not? Global production of cars is the norm now.

    All that said, I wouldn't buy the first Chery/Dodge until there was a track record.

    The first Hyundai were not good, but look where they are now. Time and competition improves things. :shades:
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