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Mitsubishi Outlander Cargo Cover and Power Outlet

ruindpzzleruindpzzle Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
I just purchased an 07 -Aqua XLS w/Lux, SS, and Nav, in san diego, and I thought I'd ask you guys, since I've been reading for about 6 months now.

-Was my xls supposed to come with a cargo cover?

-I asked the dealer if he could look into a price to have the electrical outlet installed in the console (I think it comes with the rear-entertainment pkg) but he said they couldn't and it's a factory thing. Any confirmation on this? I'd love to have it.

Overall I love it, I'm going to try lowering the psi to 32 in the tires tonight to have an even better ride like I've read here. But I'd also like to tell you guys how much I appreciate your discussions that I've been reading for so long to come to buying. Thanks!


  • solowalkersolowalker Posts: 118
    Good choice on the XLS and color....I have the 4WD option with my Aqua XLS because I'm in Colorado alot...
    The USA version of the Outtie does not have a cargo cover as an option...The privacy glass is a better substitute as far as I'm concerned...
    Can't help on the other issue...

    Happy motoring....
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    On the issue of the 120V power outlet, I think you're better off with 3rd party inverters,as having the factory parts installed will cost an arm and a leg, if you can source the parts in the first place. Although I was thinking of the same thing before, but I figured I didn't really had the pressing need for a 120V outlet so I am thinking of going with a 500W inverter if ever the need arises later. I have the XLS with Nav too, no cargo cover either, which is actually a good thing for me since I don't really need it, so it's good I didn't have to pay for it as part of a package. And it's a pain to attach/detach when using the 3rd row. Or even just folding the 2nd row seats and gaining access to the max cargo area. There's this site mentioning about a storage space for the cargo cover but I've looked around and I couldn't find it, no mention in the manual either. And if you have beige interior, you're a little out of luck as most items listed on eBay are only the black cargo cover, no beige yet, though it will be weired if a beige didn't exist because the photos shows it in beige.
  • Do you think the storage place for it is where the third row tucks in the floor for the xls'? In other words, it only has a storage place if it doesn't have a third row seat?

    I still kinda want one. I found another site too:
    http://www.mitsuaccessories.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code- =OUT07

    There has to be someone out there who has one and has an idea where the storage for it is.
  • norybcanorybca Posts: 6
    the storage for the cargo cover is on the floor at the very back - the molded cups in the sides are what the cargo cover locks into (same as the cups just above the cargo rails)

    i have a black cargo cover i will happily sell (i like having my wire rack instead)
  • Do you have an XLS? I'd be interested in buying, are you asking more than $100?

    I am concerned that it's not there in the XLS, but I'd have to look for myself and I didn't drive it to work today. Thanks though for the info, I can't wait to take a look/buy one.
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