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Honda Odyssey Engine Fire

smaslin1smaslin1 Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Honda
Our new Honda Odyssey that had only 220 miles on it caught fire and burned up, not even two weeks after we bought it. My wife and 3 children were inside and sitting next to a gas pump when this happened. Fire department had to be called to put out the fire. Thank god for the gas station attendants and fire extinguisher for keeping it from turning into a complete disaster. The Honda dealer said it sounded like an electrical fire. White smoke turning quickly to black. The care was on fire within 30 seconds.
Honda said they are not going to accept responibility for the fire. I thought Honda would want to take this car and have a complete inspection done to find the cause of the fire. All they did was take some pictures. The car is a complete loss. I have also lost a lot of respect for Honda.


  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Typically in cases like this your insurance company handles the issue. Your insurance company in turn will contact Honda about remibursement should they find it was Honda's fault.

    Don't take it personally - any auto maker would do the same thing. Taking responsbility just because you'd like them to would open them up to all sorts of litigation.
  • I know a family trying to resolve a fire issue with Honda too- what year was your Odyssey? Everyone OK?
  • naiyonaiyo Posts: 1
    My 2005 Honda Odyssey caught fire shortly after a 30 minute drive on the highway that we do often. We stopped to pick up our mail and just as we were pulling away, white smoke started pouring from the hood and into the car and quickly turned to black smoke. We quickly got out of the car. Flames poured out shortly after that. We watched it burn up as the fire engines were on their way. I loved this Odyssey. It didn't give us any trouble all the 5 years we had it. I don't think I'll ever know what caused the fire.
  • Did you ever find out the cause?? Our 2005 Odyssey did the exact same thing last week....
  • Wondering about the outcome of the fire issue... Our 2005 Odyssey was destroyed by fire last week.
  • Just had my 1998 go up in flames. It was sitting in my driveway 2 hours after being driven. Neighbor noticed it smoking then flames. He used 2 fire extinguishers, then we used the hose until the fire department came. They doused it for another 15 minutes to totally put it out. It's completely fried. Had 142,000 miles on it and just had it serviced last week. Very sad.
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