Toyota Tundra Heavy Duty

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It looks like Toyota may indeed be considering a heavy duty version of the Tundra, as a concept of a Tundra dually will be shown at SEMA 2007 this coming November.



  • hannuhannu Member Posts: 1
    There certainly is some kind of market for heavy-duty diesel Tundra. But I bet that there is a bigger market for a 1/2-ton fuel-saving diesel Tundra that is not particularly heavy-duty.

    I hope Toyota understands this.

    Can we have a vote on this, on this forum?
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    There's a market for both. I'm convinced we will see a 1/2-ton diesel from Toyota, if only because every other 1/2-ton maker will be offering one shortly.

    Toyota introduced an all-new 4.5L V8 diesel in Australia earlier this year on the Land Cruiser 78. You can bet this will be the basis for the 1/2-ton diesel Tundra. It is probably too small for a HD Tundra, but for a 1/2-ton model it would be perfect.

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