Other Engines for 93 Trooper?

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What other engines, maybe from other vehicles will swap with an existing SOHC v6? I heard that some other GM engines work.


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    Hey, Spence, I have comptemplated this. The book says my '92 has a 4L30E, that's a GM tranny acro. I am not sure if the same bell housing is used as for the 4.3 & V8's. They one I have has a 4 cam, 24 valve 3.2, it needs a tune-up, but it hauls [non-permissible content removed]. I think that with a hypo rebuild accompanied w/ headers and ignition that the thing would ba amply fast to keep you happy. Plus there is a four cam 3.5 in later models...get one of those and massage it. That way the swap will be easy and you get a cool 4 cam 24 valve motor...food for thought
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    Thanks for that info. My Trooper is sitting right now, until I get the money to pour into it. I'd like to find a good mech. here in Houston that one take it on as a 'no hurry' project. Any ideas? Anyone?
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    The same automatic transmission was used in the Cadillac Caterra and several BMWs. If you do a lot of research you could find a lot of engines will bolt up to the same transmission.
    However, the automatic transmission is rated for 250 ft.lbs. torque, at least I think I read that once. So it could be possible to find too much engine for this transmission in the high torque Trooper application. Even if a higher hp motor is available designed to push a lighter car, that extra hp might translate into too much torque in the Trooper application.
    Also, you need an engine that has power in the right RPM ranges to match up with the gear ratios this transmission has for the Trooper specific version.
    Somewhere there is available a supercharger for the Trooper 3.5L engine, less than $3000 I think.
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    Well here's where I stand on the situation.
    1. I have a 1993 Trooper with a body in excellent condition, a nice interior, and recently rebuilt tranny.
    2. I don't have to rely on it for every day use.
    3. I can afford to spend some money to make it a real performer. Not too much, but unique.
    4. I really miss driving it, especially fishing at the beach.
    So I'd be open to any suggestions for replacing that bad motor, and someone help me figure out how to recoup my losses from the mechanic who charged me $2500 to put in a motor that would last only 8000 miles.
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    My 1995 Trooper was totaled by rear end collision. The motor had 140K miles, but ran perfectly. That was a few years ago. The most cost effective thing you can do is buy another Trooper that has a good motor but is rough otherwise so the price is low. Then go look for the supercharger add-on if you want a wild update. Type "Isuzu Trooper Supercharger" in a search engine.
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    I got information from Jerry Lemond that the GM 3.4 V6 which was produced from 1993 to about 1995 and used in Camaros and Firebirds is the only engine that mates with the 4L30E trans and will work in Trooper. GM makes a 3.4 that is a transverse mount motor but it does not work for this swap. Only V6 is the 3.4 from the best I could learn. You still have to totally replace the engine harness and ECM with the new engine, so I chose not to do it and rebuilt my 3.2 DOHC.
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    Hey, Spencer,
    Thanks for the reply. So, who is Jerry Lemond? Another "easy" swap I was considering is to use the Isuzu 3.5 and do a hiperformance rebuild on it.
    When you rebuilt your engine, did you do a stock rebuild or opt for any hipo options? And if you did what did you do and who were the manufacturers of the items you changed or n modified?
    Thanks, George :D
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