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Infiniti G35 vs Lexus IS 350



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Good choice!

    Enjoy the G!!! :D
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - welcome. Hope we can help. The post here jescoto, "Infiniti G35 Electrical Problems" #3, 25 Nov 2007 9:19 am is the best place to look for help on this problem so let's continue there.

    Let me suggest that you not post in all caps. That makes your posts difficult to read and it looks like you are shouting at us. :)
  • krbtvkrbtv Posts: 3
    0 - 60 of Lexus and G35 are about the same. That's probably why they are compared to one another. The IS250 would be more in line with the Camry and Accord.
  • gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
    Haven't had any issues concerning the "joke" power of my IS250. In fact, I don't have trouble keeping up with 99% of the vehicles on the road. I'll take the vast improvement on gas mileage on my 250 over the increased power of the 350 or other less-efficient, but otherwise comparable, cars any day.

    To boot, while I don't have a child, I often transport my 4-year-old niece, who uses a rather large Eddie Bauer car seat. Once again, no issue there in terms of tightness.

    I also play a ton of sports and I'm frequently traveling with four adults. So far, there haven't been any complaints about the comfort of the back seat--and they're certainly not referring to it as ridiculous.

    Don't get me wrong, the G35 is a great ride, but there really aren't very many significant drawbacks to the gorgeous IS, let alone those in the manner in which you describe.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    IS350 & G35 is a tough comparison for me, as a former driver of the IS250, I know the 350 has a lot of luxury, perfomance, reliability & bells and whistles to offer. It has the common criticisms of the IS series to deal with as well.

    On the other hand, the G does offer more room and comes at a discount to the IS350.

    I think only the buyer can determine the winner here. I chose the G, but the IS350 could have been my chosen car as well. Cos I have a child and I wanted to spend less as well as need an AWD, I chose the G.

    To those with the IS350, congrats, thats a great car and comes at a discount to the 335i with almost similar perfomace:)
  • gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
    It's hard to go wrong with either of these vehicles, in all honesty. I really love the fit and finish of my IS, but if the extra utilitarian features are of concern, the G is a great choice.

    I really think what it boils down to for many buyers is aesthetics.

    Congrats on your G!!!
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    The Lexus looks like a great car. However, I went with the G because of the great lease deals currently available. Also discounts available is you are buying. My take is the Lexus is nice but if you can't or won't spend the extra you can get roughly as nice of a car with the G. The G is great, but then again I'm moving up from a Saturn Aura XR so just about any car in this class would probably have impressed me.
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    price is the deciding factor -- winner chicken dinner goes to the G
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    But, the IS comes with some more refinement than the G, in fact I believe it outclasses all of the ELLPS in terms of interior fit & finish, generally quality of materials used. Then they is the ML system. I guess what I am saying is I think the cost difference for an IS350 over a G is justified. Someone shopping for more refinement and not caring about interior room is justified to get the IS350. Thats why I think these two are close competitors and offer value for money for 300+ horses.

    The way I look at it, you have



    3- Dont really care

    I have my problems with the 335i, but you cant argue with its perfomance, thats why its 1st.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    It depends on what you are looking for though.

    The 335 with the same options is just WAY too overpriced for what you are geting. It's only a viable option for those who can lease and I do way too many miles for that.

    The IS doesn't offer a 6-speed in the 350 for those who demand a manual transmission and it also doesn't offer AWD for those who live in changing climate conditions.
    For that reason, the G is on the top of the list and not a close second.

    It depends on the individual buyer's needs and priorities.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I guess you are right, for value, nothing beats the G but as you said, it depends with what you are looking for. I am happy with my selection but you cant go wrong with all 3:)
  • tom17tom17 Posts: 134
    I have my problems with the 335i, but you cant argue with its perfomance, thats why its 1st.

    What are your problems with the 335? I was looking at one a few days ago and find the price quite high (more than a loaded Lexus GS after discounts), but the performance is awesome !!!
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    My issues have to do with my disposable income, size of family, desire for as many bells and whistles as I can get my hands on, desire for a great interior. As I said, those are my issues. I cant discount the 335i for that, the important thing is that car has an almost if not perfect engine that does what needs to be done. I might sit and claim the G is better but we all know who is the boss when we are out there on the road, its either I give way or I get smoked trying to be stubborn. Granted its lacking a bit in the issues above but it is at a minimum ar par with everything else in ELLPS and add the perfomance, you get yourself a solid car. Its no secret its overpriced, but if you can afford it, its a much nicer car. I myself would never buy the sedan though, the hard top coupe, man thats a sexy car and would buy the 300 hp coupe if I was shopping for a coupe..
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    I'll tell you what my problems with the 335i are:

    Exterior (sedan only) - really not the best looking car in the segment, IMO it is probably the worst looking among the IS, G35, CTS, A4 and C-class.

    Interior - awful looking. Although it has high quality materials but the design just plain sucks.

    Engine - with roughly the same performance I would always go with NA before FI. I just simply don't like the idea of having unnecessarily extra moving parts inside the engine bay. Yeah sure, BMW has almost eliminated the turbo lag but if one really pays attention, it is still there.

    Price - Yeah sure it has the best performance but an IS350 with the OEM F-sport springs and sway bars would handle better than a stock sport 335i (granted the Bimmer still has better road feel) and still undercut the price.

    I know that I am nit picking here but since all cars in this segment are all pretty good choices the difference is really down to nit picking.
  • drwilscdrwilsc Posts: 140
    I agree with your post about the 335i. To me the biggest issue was price. It's just too darned expensive compared to these other cars, costing thousands more with little advantage in peformance (0-60 in 5.0 vs. 5.3-5.5). Heck, even the 328i was more expensive than my G35, and the G35 will run circles around it.
  • blnewtoblnewto Posts: 146
    Exterior (sedan only) - really not the best looking car in the segment, IMO it is probably the worst looking among the IS, G35, CTS, A4 and C-class.
    Agree w/ most of your post, but PLEASE, don't dis the Bimmer by saying it looks worse than a CTS, no entry level lux sport looks worse than a CTS :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    to stick to the topic. There are other places we can continue these other threads. If a suitable one is not found, feel free to create a new one.
  • lexntexlexntex Posts: 1
    The comparo is a good one except that the one thing you are missing is something that price cannot give,
    1. Quietness of the ride. The Infiniti is VERY noisy. The IS is a very quiet ride, you can tell the difference right as you get into the car
    2. Service after the sale. This is Lexus' hallmark and why they have had the meteoric rise in the sales area over established brands like Mercedes and BMW. The service Lexus gives is second to none!
    3. Quality of materials. Feel the leather used in the Lexus' seats totally different. As far as price goes you are going to see that Lexus is not trying to compete with anyone. The craftsmanship in the IS 350 is unparralleled in this segment at this price. The Infiniti is a good car and is a much less expensive car, but Infiniti like Nissan sells ALOT of cars to rental agencies, thus the auctions are always loaded with G35's for dealers to buy cheaply thus killing the trade value
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I am still waiting for someone to convince me why the IS350 is better, or the G is better. I am on the fence on this one. I have some issues with your post:

    1-Lexus is a quite ride, of all the ELLPS I do believe they make the quitest cars. I had an IS250 and I can testify to this. However saying the G is VERY noisy is untrue. Yes its not as quiet but in no way is it VERY noisy. Look at the C/D comparisions involving a G, I believe they measure db at various speeds. The sound levels were not that different from a 328i. If you want to argue with this, get evidence of your db measurement confirming otherwise. This is a very objective measure of sound levels, better than me telling you its not a noisy ride. C/D articles are available for all to see on their website. Coming from an IS250, I did notice the deeper sound of the G, but its in now way inhibitive or unpleasant. In fact, others love the deeper sound the G makes.
    3. quality of materials. Agreed, anyone who disagrees with this not being objective.
    4.Craftsmanship, am on the fence on this one.
    5.Resale value, disagreed. Infiniti holds value very well. This is a 300hp car with lots of bells and whistles. Very good attributes in the second hand market. Also, consider that the IS350 sells a fraction of what the G sales. Naturally resale value for the IS is going to be higher due to fewer units, not necessarily due to a better product.

    again, I am still torn on which is the better car here.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243

    While the TL is def loud on road noise (I can attest to that having leased one), the G's noise is all engine...and only when you are accelerating hard. This is the S model...and the test shows tied, then handily beating the IS at high speed cruising. TL-S has active noise canceling and still gets beat here.
    IS is very small....just like the 3 series. To me the G is the best car for the $...without even a close second place. Size / space wise, the G is closer to a 5 series and the GS than the 3 series and the IS. The prices of the 3 and the IS are too high for a car of that size. These are sedans, after all. G gas mileage is HORRIBLE, hopefully 7 speed trans will fix that.
  • Guys, was considering the IS250 because I live in Chicago, but is the AWD all that necessary? Does the stablility control help in any regard with traction in winter driving? I'd prefer to go with the IS350 and its RWD, as long as traction in the winter is reasonable.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    The car you need is an IS350 AWD. Why lexus decided not to have this car is beyond me.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Don't they have the awd with the 3.5 liter in the GS model? That is pretty odd since they have the 250 awd.
  • This kicker for me is that the amount of performance between the 350 and 250 is huge, yet the gas mileage hit by going with the 350 appears - albeit on paper - to be minimal at worst. I consider myself fairly prudent and prefer gas mileage over performance, unless it's ridiculously close, like these two appear to be.

    I've currently got an Audi A4 Quattro. The cool thing about Audi is that you don't have to get Quattro because the standard model is FWD.

    I'll be test driving the 2009 A4 and IS250/350 this weekend. There's always been something about Audi's that I've been attracted to, but the upkeep is a bit much, and the resale on them isn't the greatest.
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    I can't imagine real world MPG is're talking about a car with 50% more horsepower ! ! I always liked the way the A4 / passat drove.....nice and stuck on the road. I have a thing for gadgets though : )
  • Yeah, I enjoy the Audi, but I guess they're more for people that lease because of the reliability factor and resale. I purchased mine pre-owned and if I go with something new, it is going to be something that I keep for at least 6 or 7 years, so I need reliability. So, I don't like Acura's, and I don't feel any better about Nissan/Infiniti quality-wise compared with Audi. So, it's probably gotta be a Lexus.

    However, first I'll have to drive both and then take it from there - but reliability goes a long way in my book.
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    I find a a lot of people are still stuck in the late ages in respect of reliability and quality:

    Per the latest JD Powers, "Aug 2008"

    Top Industry Nameplates in Initial Quality:
    10- Audi

    JD Powers Initial Quality Ranking-Entry Premium (August 2008)

    6 A4

    For long term relaibility, consumer report has Infiniti G in the top tier and Audi in a lower tier.

    Be careful about using information that is outdated, stay in tune with the times :)
  • So, are you a Nissan/Infinit guy I assume? I know some people that have good luck and bad luck with them. I personally don't care for Inifniti, mainly because of the styling.

    I can only comment on my A4 which runs great, but seems to have a unrepairable issue that is engine noise - it kinda sounds like a diesel engine and I've had them replace the camshaft and other things, but the issue remains. I also had a faulty brake light switch replaced (which caused dead batteris for days) and some seals on the radiator. All of this was under warranty, but since it has only 36k miles on it, I kinda worry about what else will go once the warranty expires. This Audi of mine has already been in the ship longer than any Ford I've ever owned, and a few of those I put on over 100k miiles.

    But, I should report that I test drove the IS250 AWD and was completely taken aback at how pedestrian of a ride it is. I hope I do not offend anybody, but this vehicle should not be classified as luxury/sport. Why would anybody in their right mind spend 36k for a vehicle that drives and acts like a Toyota sedan??? My A4 copmletely blows the IS250 outta the water in every category I consider important except for seating position, which I prefer to the A4.

    After having driven that, I wonder how any reasonable person can conclude that the IS250 is even close to the A4? I was going to test drive the Infinit G35x, but that's too bulky looking and seems like something and old fart should be driving - and if it drives anything like the IS250, it isn't worth the time.

    I read all these reveiws about how great these Japanese luxury cars are, especially the IS250, but are these authors on drugs???

    So, I guess that leaves me in a situation of having to put up with the quality concerns of a German car. Ya know, with as long as the Germans have been making fine automobiles, it's disappointing that they seem to disregard quality. Maybe they feel that if you can afford a German car that you probably don't care about spending additional money on repairs after the warranty expires. Also, it must cost these manufacturers a lot of money for this "warranty" repair work - I guess I just don't understand it.

    Anyhow, that's why test driving is so important!
  • johninnjjohninnj Posts: 243
    Dive the is350 with the sport package they offer. I doubt pedestrian will be the word you think of lol. Factoring price...I still stand by the G as the best thing in the category.
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