Toyota Tacoma Brake Questions

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Sorry guys...
I'm going to get a pick up truck, just to move things around and go off-rd sometimes.
I notice the Toyota tacoma has drum brakes?
my 2000 Nissan Altima has drum brakes. When I was looking new cars... pretty much all toyota vechicle has rear disck... so why are they still using it? Is their a huge disadvantage having drum in the rear on a pick up? the new tundra has rear disc. The frontier has disc. Tacoma doesn't... weird... or just cheap?


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    hi, i have a 2000 tacoma 4x4 w/abs.. the rear brakes have almost no wear @80,000 miles..they are and have always been adjusted right...the pedal feels a little spongy sometimes. any help???
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    It is just a cost-cutting move. I don't think it matters since so much of the braking is done at the front. I put 200K miles on my '92 Toyota pickup, replacing the front disc pads four times while the rear shoes never wore down.
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  • airembolismairembolism Member Posts: 11
    hi, recently i put ebc slotted rotors w/ matching pads on my truck, it seems now that a excessive amount of pedal effort is needed (almost like no power brakes) but i know the booster is ok????
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  • dmkameradmkamera Member Posts: 2
    For my '02 TRD Tacoma Limited 4x4 V6 3.4L,
    I was quoted over $500.00 for front brake pads and rotors at the dealer. I assume the cost of toyota original parts is high.
    NTB quoted me less than half that. Any thoughts on the quality of your average replacement brake parts vs the TRD parts? Will I pay in the long run for the cheaper parts?
    Why so expensive at toyota?
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    What activates the rear automatic brake adjustment mechanism? Using the parking brake OR as on some vehicles, backing up and then using regular brakes to stop etc.?
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    I have an 03 Tacoma with rotor warp problems so I bought a set of the EBC slotted rotors and green stuff pads. It didn't help my vibration problem so I sent them back. Not really impressed with EBC rotors. Your excessive pedal effort could be caused by rear brake adjustment.
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    I have a 2000 Tacoma 4x4 SR-5 with a brake problem. It started several years ago when the brakes are applied hard like in a panic stop the truck would pull to the left. I had it worked on and the mechanic said that the right front caliper wasn't working properly. After that repair it was better but not great with the left pull. Fast forward several years... The ABS light came on while on a long trip. While at highway speeds it felt like the brakes were only partialy working, the pedal felt hard and stopping distance felt like twice the usual distance, also it pulled to the left. I took it to a mechanic who read the computer code and replaced the ABS module ($700+). After that the ABS light was gone but the pull, hard pedal and stopping distance problem remained. I returned to the mechanic and he suggested that the left caliper be replaced but wasn't sure if that was the problem. So, he would replace the caliper for $280 and then find out it the master cylinder.? I took the truck and I am looking for answers before I take it to a different mechanic. Has anyone had this type of problem and what was the solution? Thanks for any help ya'll can give.
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    Hey All.

    Around 20,000 miles or so, my 2009 Tacoma's brakes started squeaking when applied. Its often squeaks right before it completes the stop. Its also quite loud and embarrassing on a new model. Additionally, right as I apply the brake, I hear a metal 'clink' sound coming from the wheels. (It almost sounds as if the brake pads are loose until the pedal is pressed)

    Anyone else experience or know anything about this?

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    I have a '00 Prerunner, 101K miles with 33-12.5-R15 tires with 3" body & suspension lift. My brake pedal is stiff and can barely be pushed in. The brakes still engage without a problem though. Going on 2 months now off & on but has gotten worse lately. I did get rear ended 3 months ago but only had damage to my exhaust pipes. Could this be causing the issue? Is this type of repair costly?
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    "All-wheel", front and rear, ABS implementation is made difficult, more difficult, with drum or mixed disc/drum arrangement, and Stability control a virtual impossibility.

    Other than that drum brakes are more than adequate for the lighter duty required of REAR braking.
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    "..matching pads.." ???

    Replace the pads.
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    I pay less than $80 for a full set of front brake pads and DIY. I NEVER replace or turn the rotors unless I judge the need.

    If NTB price includes new rotors then price is VERY good. But they more likely will simply turn the rotors or not bother at all.
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    I was wondering if you resolved your Tacoma's brake issues. I bought a brand-new 2010 tacoma and at 7,000 miles the brakes began to squeak when applied. Had the rear rotors changed out twice for being warped. Helped the problem for a while then the squeaking returned. Thinking this truck was defective, I traded in to the dealer for a 2011. I have 1900 miles and the same problem is happening with this Tacoma. Did you find out anything about your truck???
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    My 2005 Tacoma Pre-runner has 90,000 mi. When I stop pretty hard from say 30 mph or more, like a panic stop for a changing traffic light with a camera, then slowly release the brake pedal, there is a bang sound like I've been hit from behind and the truck lunges forward a bit - kind of a catepillar movement feel. My theories relate to brake front/rear proportioning valve, two piece drive shaft u-joints or mount, master cylinder, rear differentail. Any insights?
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    I am going to be getting my 4th set of front brakes put on my Tacoma with 74K on it. I have had both front calipers replaced (mechanic said that they were bad and that was the problem time before last). That didn't help. In addition, I have had master cylinder issues and have also replaced it. When my brakes started to grind again last week, I thought I would have to shell out more money for the same repair again. I drive easy on the pedal and I don't have a lot of stop and go miles. Any one else with the same problem or any suggestions on getting the repair done correctly this time?
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