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Color preference taupe or ebony inside

pmd1117pmd1117 Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in Acura
Which is preferable taupe or ebony (or most popular)? I'm worried the black may show dirt and get hot easily in the summer but may be a classier more popular color. I'm trying to decide between a Silver/Ebony or Nimbus Gray/Ebony MDX they have in stock. Please give me your opinion


  • My wife and I just went through the same dilemna... we were going back and forth and finally decided that black is definitely has a 'cooler, more luxurious' look.

    We actually felt that the taupe was too light and would get dirty faster. Either Silver or Nimbus Gray would be great w/ an Ebony interior.

    Also, the only thing we didn't like about the Nimbus Gray was that it was a bit too light for our preference; there was also a green tint to it. Perhaps Acura will replace the Aberdeen Green with a darker 'charcoal-like' gray color.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    I bought Nimbus Grey with Ebony. Very nice. I agree that the Grey has a green tint in it. I too would like it a bit darker, but oh well. I have had a string of black cars and as much as I like the black, I wanted a change. Black with Ebony is also very nice. The problem I have had with black exteriors is that they are always dirty. My grey actually looks reasonably clean, even when it isn't. It also has different colors in different light. Kinda neat. The ebony is not too hot, especially in the sport with the perferated seats (which is what I have and highly recommend because of the improvements to the suspension). They are replacing the Aberdeen Green, I don't think is sold well. I don't know what color is coming out. I wish they made a very dark blue, that would look nice.
  • cyruscyrus Posts: 25
    My Wife and I also went through the same process - picking an interior color and matching it to outside. We bought a Nimbus grey with the Taupe interior. We had the salesman line up four Cars side by side. Grey/Ebony, Grey/Taupe, Cherry/Ebony and etc. We came to the opposite conclusion (than other postings) that is the Taupe interior was MORE UP-SCALE looking than ebony. There is much more contrast with Taupe as compared to ebony in the interior of mdx, allowing also a more roomy/ calming affect. Regardless, if worried about Dirt then get the ebony (I have Black interior vs. Diamond Graphite exterior in my Infiniti).
  • pmd1117pmd1117 Posts: 8
    Thanks, I ended up choosing Taupe because unlike cloth leather wipes clean so Taupe actually looks cleaner then black. (We have dark gray in our other car and like other research I've done dark colors doesn't wear as well and spilled drinks (milk, juice) and crumbs show up much more on the black due to the contrast. Also the black seemed oppressive and the tan did look classier and more lighthearted so I'm happy with my decision.
  • dms9dms9 Posts: 137
    They all look pretty sharp. My 2 year old and 5 year old were the main reason I went for a dark interior. The reality is, that once we drive them for a while, it doesn't matter as long as the car works well. Enjoy your new MDX!
  • dwg13dwg13 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any more input on this? I just purchased a silver MDX yesterday and have to call the dealer back today to let him know if I want ebony or taupe interior. I have 2 kids and 2 dogs and am leaning towards the ebony just because I think it will be easier to keep clean.
  • I just bought a loaded black MDX with the Taupe interior, could have bought the black, but both the wife and I prefer the lighter colors.
    Reasons include, sun on black interior makes for a very hot seat, and a hot cabin.
    Black shows dirt too, don't be fooled. All of my other cars have had dark leather interior, and have shown such things as french fry salt, formula, any kind of light food. And if you don't wipe them down on occasion they will also start to show a "film" which is the best that I can describe it.
    Things you won't see in black are pen marks, grease, tar.
    As far as day to day grime goes, my parents have always had light interior cars, and have not had any problems.
    The key is, how dirty of a person are you? If you never wipe the seats down in your vehicle you will see some grime, otherwise go with what is best visually for you.
    Just my two cents, but I also think that the lighter color offers a nicer contrast.
  • by the way, that pet hair might not show up as much on a light interior as a dark.
  • vaughn4vaughn4 Posts: 106
    I had an 05 TL with the ebony interior. Ebony will show scratches way too easily. They're pretty noticeable as the material under the leather is a light color. I chose the taupe interior with nimbus outside on the 07 MDX. Great vehicle!
  • lisam35lisam35 Posts: 9
    We're buying a silver mdx with sports pkg and are deciding between ebony and taupe interior. We currently have a silver/black Lexus 300RX and like the contrast of silver/black, but also think taupe might be a nice change. Has anyone bought either of these combinations, and gone through similar decision process?

    We don't want to over-think this decision, but welcome any thoughts?

    Thank you!!!
  • pmd1117pmd1117 Posts: 8
    Taupe interior seems to be more popular and is great. We just decided on the seme thing (our car is nimbus) but black seats get hot show spills and crumbs more and doesn't wear as well as the taupe. Also the taupe is much more inviting and looks more luxurious with the interior console, etc.
  • lisam35lisam35 Posts: 9
    I agree that taupe interior looks great with Nimbus exterior. Great choice! My hesitation is whether taupe works well with Billet Silver (light interior with light exterior).
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