Volvo S80 Starting Issues

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I recently changed the transmission in my 1999 S-80 and since, the car is hard to start when it is hot. The only thing that was removed during the work was the electrical conector to the top of the transmission and the starter. Does anyone have an idea what would make the car do this?


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    There are some non-model specific discussions on our Maintenance and Repair board that you may want to cross-post in. Specifically, I'd check out the discussion on start problems and/or the transmission one. If neither of those look right to you, there is the Quick, Technical questions topic.

    Meanwhile, we'll wait to see if anyone here can help.
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    Hi khz, welcome - I moved your post to a better place to get some help. Here's the link: khz, "Chrysler Minivan Transmission Problems" #1382, 24 Jul 2007 4:23 pm.
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    So I just got this car 1 month ago (800 total miles now). This morning I go out into my garage to start it, and nothing. The key will not even eject. No power, no nothing. I call Volvo roadside, and in the meanwhile decide to pop open the hood, and possibly jump the car. I simply remove the battery cover, and wa la, the lights come on inside the car. I push the start button, and it turns right over.

    For lack of a better question, what the heck just happened?
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    I have an S80 2.9 L . After the car sits for a while, or over night, I need to crank the engine a few seconds, turn it off, and crank again to get it started. Had it to a Volvo dealer, no codes, they did a compression check on the cylinders, and cylinder #6 is a little low (125 psi).instead of 175 psi, like the other cylinders. They said I need a new engine for $9000.00. WTF. Well anyway, the car has 101,000 miles. Is there a check valve in the fuel pump to keep the fuel from bleeding back into the tank? I know most cars have them.
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    My S80 is having the same problem and the dealership told me that the fuel injectors all need to be replaced because they bleed off after sitting for a prolonged period. The repair comes to a grand total of about 1000 dollars. I have not found anyplace that I can get the in injectors cheaper than this and keep quality parts.
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    I have absolutely no confidence in any Volvo dealership I have encountered. (Only 2 in my area). One dealer charged me $1000.00 because my dash lights went out. They just kept replacing modules in the steering column, first the Steering wheel module, then the turn signal switch, then headlight switch, which was the problem. In the process, they broke the steering wheel housing, pinched the wiring harness to the buttons on the steering wheel, ie, cruise control, radio, etc, and when I picked up the car, there was grease all over the interior, steering wheel, headliner, etc. Volvo dealerships are butchers!, however, the can change oil. LOL
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    88 bucks 7 yr warrenty
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    Hey are you still having this issue? Exact same thing with me - 2007 S80 3.2V6. 2 of out 10 times, the car locks up "immobilizer failure" and won't do *@&!. When I use a jumper pack - it starts right up. One dealer said it was a "starter module" pointing to the space where the electronic key goes - but I don't trust them. It is currently at a higher quality dealership and they are trying to troubleshoot.

    Let me know, don't know if this helps or not.
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    ">link titleHi everyone, quick questions to anyone who may have some insite to this issue. I have a 07 S80 3.2L V6 Sedan, it has 16,000 miles on it and just a week ago it started making a bizzare noise after starting, for the first 3 mins or so when it's running, it makes a wrrr sound stops for 3 to 5 seconds then does it again. This is only on a cold start so first thing in the morning or after it's sits for about 7 or 8 hours. The car runs fine otherwise but the noise is strange seems to come from the back of the engine on the drivers side somewhere near the AC compressor.

    any input would be appriciated, I'm going to take it to the dealer however I dont want to underplay the issue and wait on something that may be more serious then I think. I do have a soundbit of the noise however can't seem to add it to my posting.
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    I have the same noise with my 2006 S80. I mentioned it to the Volvo Service people and they really didn't think much of it. As it has just started, I am not comfortable with ignoring it, especially since my warranty is nearly up. Any ideas?
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    In the past year or so, my S80 has had this starting issue. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hot/cold day rain/dry etc. I’ll get in the car and it doesn’t start, everything else works, lights dash, radio etc. everything but the car.
    The past 4 times I’ve gotten out, locked the doors and walked away, then I get in around 10-15 minutes later it starts up as if nothing has happened
    The dealer had the car for 6 days and because it was starting with him, he couldn’t figure out the problem, I was told to bring it in when it doesn’t start (no kidding Sherlock)
    Am I nuts or has anyone else had this issue?
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    I've had that problem over 2 years, Volvo had the car for a month and could not figure it out.Probably Immobilizer issue. If you lock and unlock the car 5 times with the remote, it re-sets the immobilizer, see if that helps.
  • shahe1shahe1 Member Posts: 2
    thanks tombear
    i'm also thinking it's something to do with the key cylinder, tumbler might be wearing down
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    Had this car from by brother and the car previously got issues. The car would just stop when running but this was fixed when he replaced the air filter tube because it was broken off and was losing air compression. then it used to have engine light on but after replacing the battery it's now just had the orange triangle light on. The battery is brand new but still sometimes won't start, especially in the morning but after 10-15 min then it starts again and once the engine warms up then there's no problem starting. My brother mention that the previous battery was fairly new but some how got drain after it was stuck for 5 days? Any suggestions what needed to done without spending alot of money, I'm afraid that dealer would charge me arm and leg if I take it there.

    I appreciate any suggestions.
  • jhets80jhets80 Member Posts: 6
    I have 2001 S80 and also having similar problem what did you do to fix the problem?

  • jhets80jhets80 Member Posts: 6
    Okay, I finally took the car in the dealer to check the engine light and starting issue but when I got to the dealer the engine light issue had disappear when the service consultant checked it. Then he recommended to do the 90,000 mile service on the car which cost $670. I agreed and also told them to change the sparkplug which my quote total came to $1000. The next day they said that I also need to replace the coil on top the spark plug because they were cracked and possibly causing the starting issue. The coil costed $99 each so now my total cost jumped to $1700 but got 10% discount and dropped to $1550 :( They haven't charged me about diagnozing the starting issue because it always starts when it was there and the engine service light didn't come on but they next day I took the car home the engine service light came back and would disappear in the morning and come back lit in late afternoon...then the car still would hesitate starting in the morning but lucky enough to still getting it started after couple crank. I was able to google how to reset the service engine light but I'm really concern about the cold starting issue, though the car run a lot smoother now....and I'm hesitant and taking it back to the dealer and get this my timing is due they said and it would cost $980????I'm getting poor.
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    Have a mechanic, (not the Volvo dealer) change the electrical cable from the starter going to the connector near the fuse box on the driver's side of the car.These cables go bad and cause interference on the electronics when trying to start the car.Just like standing under a high-tension power line, you can feel and hear the electrical current flowing. The starter draws a lot of current, causing this interference. Several people have had this issue, and changing this cable fixed them all, be careful, Volvo will want the replace your engine next for about $9500.00. Good Luck
  • jhets80jhets80 Member Posts: 6
    I stopped by at the dealer today and told them that I'm still having problem with the hard start and the service engine light, but then I managed to reset the service engine light but the hard start is what I'm concern of. The tech told me to bring the car in but I did not drove the volvo today and so, he suggested that he'll check the RPM sensor again if there are any metal shaving again which he did clean the last time and if there are any...that the fly wheel and the starter may need to be change which cost about $1400 for just the fly wheel alone$@#! Thank you for replying sooner before I get to go back to the dealer. I will try your suggestion first and will let you know if it works.
  • jhets80jhets80 Member Posts: 6
    Okay, I haven't got a chance to replace the cable yet. So far I was able to start the car by moving the gear to Nuetral and put it back to Park and try to start the car again and it seems to work for now. I park in a slight slope and I wonder if that has something to do with the flywheel the dealer had mention? But I was able to stop by at the dealer this week and showed them the service engine required light and said that the MAF sensor and the brake pedal sensor need to be change...I'm don't have the money to do this yet but I may just order the parts and do it myself. I also found a website that fixes the brake pedal sensor. Now what I'm looking for is a good scan tool that really tells you what are the things that needed to fix or replace.
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    I have a 2000 S80 3.2 and after starting the car I will a message in the message center telling me that the alarm has been triggered. The alarm never actually goes on but the message appears about every fourth time the car is started. Recently, after turning the ignition off and locking the car with the remote, the exterior lights start flashing (similar to the alarm being triggered) until the car is unlocked and then locked again. The horn does not sound as it would if the alarm was triggered.
    Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?
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    Any suggestions?
  • jlynn917jlynn917 Member Posts: 2
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    I would love to know what happened next...... We have a 2004 S80 with 47,000 miles and your story sounds strangely familiar. We just had major engine work for $7,000, after the exact senario you just described. Very disappointed with Volvo. I saw on another post that Volvo customer car told someone else they should have bought the extended warranty. Unbelieveable! They told me the same thing.
  • jhets80jhets80 Member Posts: 6
    Sorry, it's just now again that I'm starting to concentrate on this issue. Apparently after over a year now that I've been putting up with this volvo issues. I refuses to spent alot of money for this vehicle so I've been trying to fix little things myself but the starting problem still remains; though as long as I'm using the car daily then it has no problem. Once I don't start/use the car for over a day then I have hard time starting it and it's gets harder as it goes on. I bought me a diagnostic tool for $76 in ebay and I was able to fix the engine light problem by changing the MAF sensor myself buying parts online which cost half cheaper. The next thing that it's telling me is to change the CAMSHAFT sensor which I didn't do it yet at the moment. I did reroute the starter cable as mention above with no luck...current issues that I have is service engine soon/urgent they said to change pedal sensor to fix this but I choose to ignore it and works just fine. Hard start in the morning especially after a day, I followed things on forums but no luck I'm about to change the starter itself but it might be just a waste of money so I just chose to use the car daily until I get my moneys worth and give up this car. This is the first and last that I will own a volvo...
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    I have. The alarm is triggered, and I get in and start it and it's fine. No sounds just the flashing lights. So, I took it in to have the inner tie rod replaced. The mechanic says the lights were flashing when he brought it down and now it won't start. I think the alarm was going off and they didn't know what to do. So now they say the car won't start. They keep saying that it was an issue with the antenna not reading the key. I don't have the key-less remote, all I have is the key. Any suggestions? It was working just fine when I took it in there. It's a 2000 s80 t6
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    On Fords it is common that powersteering is stiff and makes noise on cold starts. Probably PS fluid is inadequate. Try using Honda or BMW fluid. Check before replacing fluid that they mix well (stay clear). Did Volvo problems showed after Ford bought Volvo?
  • minicarminicar Member Posts: 3
    Long cranking to start after long parking may be sign of fuel pressure regulator and/or fuel pump problems. Checking fuel pressure before starting engine after long parking and building up pressure after start may give diagnosis. Check in manual what are norms for fuel pressure and how to hook up tester (buy testing gauge at Autozone etc.).
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    Can anyone help please?
    I own Volvo 2001s80.  My car cranks a few times before starting.  Once it starts, it runs perfectly well.  Different mechanics provided different answers to the problem.  I changed the fuel pump,Mass airflow sensor, spark plugs, one coil,
    One fuel injector, crankshaft positioning sensor.
    I am still experiencing the late start.  One mechanic said the code he's getting is the throttle body.   Can anyone help please?
  • 0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    Stop replacing things.
    Check fuel pressure, hook up a scanner to it and see what it is telling you.
    You cannot diagnose it the way you are going and all that will do is cost you money.
    Without knowing the fuel pressure and seeing what the symptoms are doing, you have no idea.

    As for the throttle body code, what EXACTLY is the code.
    Did he mean throttle position sensor or MAP/MAF sensor?
    Codes don't mean replace things. They mean check that system and see what the problem is.
    Many things, besides the sensor can be a problem.
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