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Pathinfinder: Aftermarket Alternatives

fnaticfnatic Posts: 7
edited April 2014 in Nissan
Any visual, mechanical or performance upgrades available out there, I have yet to found a helpful place to discuss quality and tasteful ones considering the pathfinder's heritage and geared towards off road/ snow performance.



  • fnaticfnatic Posts: 7
    There is the rocky road suspension setup, however I was also interested in more visual enhancements to enhance or compliment the sqaure design. Malik has a bull guard of some sort- but no pics.

    Folks I want the PICS!!!!;)
  • sphisssphiss Posts: 7
    I have been research performance enhancements for my '07 Pathfinder and am leaning towards a K&N Air Charger Performance Kit. Allegedly adds 14HP and improves gas mileage without voiding the Nissan warranty. Only down side is the $270 price.
  • Newbie here. Have a 91 PF and it beeps nine times when I turn the ign on. I have a Haynes "do it yourself" manual but currently it's m.i.a.. Could some one please save me the twenty-five to thirty bucks and tell me what this incessant sound is? Thanks in advance with fingers crossed.
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