Hyundai Veracruz vs Hyundai Azera

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How's does the VC compare to the Azera in ride are they built on the same base unit?


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    Well, one's a car and one's a truck. Although, the VC has an excellent ride and is very quiet, the Azera is still a luxury sedan with all the trappings. It's like comparing apples and screwdrivers.
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    I want to make sure you have actually driven a Veracruz. It is anything but a "TRUCK". A truck is an F-150. A Veracruz is smooth, quiet and refined, anything but truck-like. I own a Honda Ridgeline which I always thought was a very refined vehicle for a small truck. The Veracruz's road habits make my Ridgeline feel almost crude.
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    I own a Veracruz. The title says "TRUK". I agree that the ride is very refined. However, it doesn't have the float ride that a luxury sedan does. Don't get me wrong. I love my vehicle and wouldn't trade it for an Azera, which doesn't meet my needs. But I think they are vastly different vehicles. But you're right, it's not an F-150.
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    Actually within the last couple weeks I've driven both the Azera & Veracruz. With the exception of the VCs higher stance and higher weight they provide a similar driving experience. Obviously the VC has more body roll from the higher stance and is a bit slower from the added bulk, but both vehicles are extremely quiet at highway speeds and in full trim are very upscale & refined. They do have very different intentions but both should be considered if you're wanting the most luxury & refinement for the lowest cost, throw in the best warranty just to seal the deal! IMO the VS is the best SUV/Crossover under $34k and the Azera the best Entry Lux Sedan under 32K and both equal their more expensive competitors w/ most important features.
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    Agreed. I just had it out on a highway trip and it is extremely comfortable as a highway cruiser. At least as good as my old Chrysler T&C. All in all, I've got an AWD vehicle that gets about the same gas mileage with better features. Smart move, I'd say.
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