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Nissan Murano Questions

ebh5348ebh5348 Posts: 2
I am interested in a Murano, I am currently driving a 2006 Grand Cherokee. I see most of my questions are answered by the brochure and other information found online. I am wondering thought about a few things.

Where is the door status information shown, e.g. when a door is ajar where does that show up and does it show which door or the hatch is open?

Are all of the controls on the steering wheel as well as the door window/lock controls illuminated?

How easy it it to use the control stick to move through the different screens on the LCD?

On my Grand Cherokee I have a system called ESP that basically is a roll stability control system to make sure that the vehicle doesn't roll over, does the Murano have a system like this?

Any information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    The door ajar shows up on the monitor and it's just says door open and it shows which side the door is open on.If it's the hatch it says hatch.

    You know I've had this thing for months and have'nt noticed if they controls on the stearing wheel are lit.I don't think they are now that I think about it.

    The joy stick is easy for me to use but some people say it's to touchy.

    The Murano has stablity control but thats an option not standard as far as I know.

    I bought a 07 SL AWD in late Feb for 34,700 OTD and have been happy with it so far.MPG using 93 octane (just what I like) is around 20.5 with 80 to 85% city.The best I've got was 21.6 the worse was 15.2 with the dealer tank.8,000 trouble free miles so far.
  • ebh5348ebh5348 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information, that helps me out a lot. Is 93 Octane the only type of gas that it will run on, or will regular unleaded suffice?
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    I think the steering controls ARE lit. I remember they weren't on my Dodge and was happy these are.

    I don't know why everybody says about 93 Octane, the manual clearly says you can use Regular.... I use regular.

    Mine is an SL. I think it is SL, I know it isn't the plain S and it's not the SE, so that leaves SL, correct?

    I went from a Grand Caravan to this last year, and I really enjoy driving my Murano. I felt like I drove a bus with the van and this feels sporty to me. :)
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    No you can use 87 gas.It recommends premium BUT it also says you can use the cheaper stuff.On the gas lid it says for best proformence use premium.I'll have to look tonight and see if my controls are lit.For some reason I have never noticed?
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    YES the steering wheel controls are lit.I can't believe I never noticed.
  • bpd196bpd196 Posts: 9
    Carman, I have a 2004 murano sl and the lease expires 5/2008, so I have 10 months to go. My payment is 349. It is leased through NMAC. I have spoken to one dealer about getting out of the lease and leasing a new 2007. He told me that he has to add $3490.00 onto the the 2007 so I can get out of the lease, is this true. Just some more info I have 35,800 miles it is AWD.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to post that in Nissan Murano: Lease Questions.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • emc17emc17 Posts: 26
    I have a 07 Murano. I have noticed that the outside temperature readings are usually a few degrees higher than they supposed to, even when the car is parked in the shade for several hours. I want to know if anyone has experienced the same problem. It usually shows the temperature a few degrees warmer. Can it be calibrated? Is it normal in this vehicle? :shades:
  • When I first get in the car it is always high. I've seen it as high as 105 I think. It was about 97 out that day. It takes a min to adjust to the real temp. I like when the radio says the Temp and the gauge in the car is dead on. I've noticed that alot in mine. I noticed one day I went through the car wash and the temp reading was in the mid 70s but it was close to 90 out. Once I get driving for a few it evens out to the right temp
  • tom866tom866 Posts: 1
    We just took delivery of our 2007 FWD with the touring package. Love it! My wife is short and has trouble closing the hatch. Does anyone know of some assistance device for this? I envision the handhold being replaced with a short, maybe 8 to 10 inch, retractable strap. Grabbing the easy to pull down strap would provide more leverage to be able to get the hatch down where it can be handled. And, of course, the strap would retract where it would not interfere with the closing.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 226
    I have been told that since the transmission is a CVT your do not need to have a gear selection for 1 to 4,5,6 speeds just D for forward. Apparently some drivers need to use the shift; although each shift makes to difference. Correct me if I am wrong.
  • mmrenommreno Posts: 9

    2006 Nissan Murano S; Has anyone gone any distance on dirt, and / or poor roads, not horse trails, but roads qualified as 4 wheel drive vehicles only. If so, what was your experience?

    If such roads were navigated, were there any vehicle failures or breakdowns? And if so, were the problems related to the vehicle, or inflicted issues, (ie; rocks, logs etc.)_?

    The reason I ask these questions is simple. We are considering moving from an urban area of Nevada to an area considered...... well... rural. Real rural. The nearest town, Eureka, is 17 miles west, and everything is graded dirt, and right now, is covered in 6-12" of snow and ice. The snow and ice is of no real consequence, as the cable chains provide absolute grip.

    My concern is the navigation during the non" snow months, with mud, creek crossings and sand / silt pots. I have seen multiple posts on a very wide spectrum of Murano issues and have commented on several, but right now, I do not consider 34 miles of off road use as experience, and any further information would be greatly appreciated.
  • Once the vehicle is in DRIVE, that's all you have to do! The Murano makes driving an absolute pleasure. CVT is sensational and is one of the reason the Murano gets about as good fuel economy as a $50,000 Lexus RX 350 Hybrid!
  • I always suggest people to CALL YOUR DEALER and ask these questions, as opposed to the general public. A reputable Nissan dealer can usually advise you in these regards. First off, the Murano is one of the most reliable vehicles on earth, and will not just break down - Nissans usually do not do that. Here' s an article from the Australian which may shed some light on your musing. ">link title
  • Thanks for your expertise, but your linked article is inapplicable to mmreno as the vehicles discussed in the Australian :shades: have right-hand drive and mmreno's truck has left-hand drive. :D
  • i was in central Queensland (Mackay) visiting daughter and Grand daughter Sept. and
    Oct. 07. The local Nissan dealer had an "S" model on the floor listed (window price altho no sticker)
    for $ 53,000 AU. Exact same as the U S version except rt. hand drive.
  • fitcfitc Posts: 11
    An Australian "S?" Do you mean the ST? I thought they went ST, Ti, and Ti-L.

    But it comes with Xe headlighs and Bose stereo, Standard! which I didn't think the US 07 "S" came with. I think the Australian 07 base model is a little nicer the the US one... :)

  • Does anyone have details of the Nissan part number for the loom.
    My local Dealer asks $800 to fit hitch and loom!
  • The MO in the showroom had cloth uphostery, no roof rack or sunroof and a"S" or what ever on the rear. My point was to show the much higher price in Aust. It cost me $1950.00 US to rent the Aust. version of a Toyoya compact hatch back for 47 days, with a 7000 KM limit where the same car at the Norfolk VA. airport rents for $1150.00 unlimited milage. Both all taxes included.
  • mmrenommreno Posts: 9
    It has been an "average" winter here in Northern Nevada, and after purchasing some very rural property, we have had to make some alterations to our '06 Murano. But first, our local Nissan dealer is so high class, they do not even stock the OEM driver side wiper blades, and as for knowledge, I am a service manager and master mechanic, their ability to know the product they sell is influnced by cash, not experience. The local Nissan dealer cannot find a single Murano owner that would DARE go off road. The Aussies, well, I have been on some of their roads, and I take their experiences as accurate. Now for the upgrades;

    We have gone to Hakaplitta studded snow tires, $1300.00, which provide a far better control situation on poorly maintained roads, and a great improvement on the stock Goodyears. New Silverstar headlamp bulbs went in a month ago, some benefits, not great.

    All fluids, except CVT are now 100% synthetic. CVT fluid is a Nissan special and I do not know the makeup. CVT at this time is still holding at 40K. Shocks/struts went to aftermarket, and offroad tossing has resulted in sticking seatbelts, fractured plastic bits, and howling brakes.

    Other than that, possibly the most comfortable dirt road travel I have ever had. Just to compare, our E46 BMW M3 made the paved road trip faster, but until you have traveled 34 miles on a donkey, you just do not EVER want to take an M3 off road, for any reason. The Murano STILL rules.
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    Have any of you MO owners suspected that the engine thermostat was sticking open a little. My normal driving is 45 mph for 3 to 5 miles at a time. At 53K miles and for some months I have noticed water dripping from the right end of the rear muffler and some rust forming. I wire brushed the rust to prepare the surface for a coat of restoration paint. About a quart of water dripped out.
    I think a proper engine temp would boil out this water.

    I feel the thermostat is not fully closed when cold causing a longer engine warm up. The Nissan service mngr. says the therms last forever? In south east Virginia the winters are mild, heat in 1 1/2 miles. With the rear muffler a long way from the engine there is apx. 12 feet of pipe tom cool the exhaust. An slightly open thermo. would make things worse to rust out the muffler.
  • chuckb4chuckb4 Posts: 12
    Please save me from my own stupidity/overeagerness. About a year ago I started looking at crossovers with the Murano my clear favorite. After looking at a lot of other vehicles, I'd decided on the Murano in January when deals were being made. I have multiple sclerosis which affects my ability to lift my legs. Unfortunately, they have gotten much worse in the past year, and I didn't recheck the step in height on the Murano in January in my eagerness to buy the car. So I have a beautiful black SL AWD that I have great difficulty getting into and out of. I've now checked it against other vehicles that I can access and I think I'll be all right if I can lower the driver's seat by 2.5 inches. I've looked on the Internet for way to lower the suspension but really haven't found a viable solution. Does anyone have a solution? I'm in southeastern Wisconsin, so can get to Chicago or Milwaukee pretty easily. Thanks for your help.
  • nybeelknybeelk Posts: 1
    Hi - I just leased a 2009 Nissan Murano S - AWD and stopped on a Stop sign while on a steep hill. As the light turned green and i started moved from the brake to the accelerator, the Car started to roll back the hill. I was suprised as i thought that the cars come with the Hill hold type of feature ? Does any one know if Murano dosnt / has it ?
  • kjsmittykjsmitty Posts: 25
    You can get a perfectly equivalent hitch online for less than $150 and the loom/wiring harness is only $55. I installed my hitch in the driveway in 45 min. I have the harness as well yet have not taken the time to install. Looks easy however - plug and play for the most part.
  • Do you have an 09 Murano? The 2009 is completely different from previous years and requires removing the interior panels at the rear to get to the wiring harness. It took the dealer over 4 hours to install!
  • Is there a way to get around with playing movie on DVD screen while the car is in motion?

    It's my boy who need to watch wiggles while in the car.
    I have heard it can be done, but dont think Nissan will do that. Will any outside repair able to do this?

    Will it require alot of dismentelling of the car's audio control?
    Thanks for any feedback.
  • Take charge and tell the kid he needs to wait until he's home to watch it. It's a SAFETY ISSUE! If you screw with the nav you'll probably void the warranty at the expense of a happykid (and maybe even get you a ticket from an alert cop).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    By the time you mess with trying to get around the lock-out stuff, it'd probably be cheaper and less hassle just to go buy a portable DVD player from Best Buy or Amazon for $100.
  • I wouldnt recomend a murano, i have a 2004 sl. I had and still have nothing but problems with this car. under warranty a whole slew of things were done, now i need about 5k, after 4.5 years and 78k, to fix it. After going through this i regret spending money and buying this peice garbage. I had eningine mount replace around 35K and still i need to replace it now. other things i have to do. hub assembly/bearing, engine mount, lower control arms, tie roads, axle seals are bad and so many things. buying this car the worse decision i have ever made. I should have known better after what my sister went through with her altima. I wouldnt recomend this.
  • I just bought a 2011 Murano without the Nav. Can a built in Nav be installed since it already has a 7 inch screen in it? I didn't want to pay $1700 extra and not get the $1000 rebate.
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