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Land Rover Complimentary Service?

kdabombkdabomb Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Land Rover
I am interested in an 08 Land Rover (of some type) and am currently coming off of a BMW lease. Can someone explain to me what exactly Land Rover services free of charge, and what they don't? I know BMW basically covers everything for 4yr/50K except for wheels and tires and I am just curious how this changes with LR.

Thank you very much.


  • star8star8 Posts: 8
    I think everything is covered. If you lease, the guy told me that everything is covered. Oil changes and such are free. And he even said that they would pick up the car if it needed maintanence. Just give a Land Rover dealer a call and they should be able to tell you everything!
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,457
    No wear items on the Land Rovers are covered so brakes, tires, wiper blades are not covered.
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    and its only covered in the US. If you have a US spec, ohhhh say, in Germany its not covered. :cry:

    Just a little FYI.
  • Any idea what the maintenance costs will be once the vehicle is out of warranty? In other words, how much is an oil change?
  • Some dealers have their service prices posted on the wall in the customer reception area. I was just at my dealer this morning, and they had CAD$39.95 listed as an oil change cost.

    Generally, not out of line with GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc,.

    Where you get killed is in replacement parts for wear items (water pumps, alternators, fan belts, windshield wiper blades, brakes, etc)

    Although, I specifically asked about a complete brake job, and the service guy said roughly 1400 for parts and labor.

    In 2003, I paid 1200 for a complete brake job on my 1997 Dodge Avenger (AKA a Dodge-branded Mitsubishi Eclipse sedan) using original Japanese-imported parts - so to my mind - not too bad!

    In response to the original thread, to compare new warrantees against the LR one - my Dodge (with Mitsu parts) had everythign covered for the initial 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

    The dealer said "If you drove it off the lot, it's covered" meaning brakes, windshield wipers, bulbs, etc. I tested it many times, and never had an issue with requesting they replace an original wiper blade under warranty.

    The caveat was that they had a bad quality reputation at the time, so their warranty was a way of trying to win customers with their ridiculous coverage. I wouldn't expect a normal brand to have to do the same level of coverage.

  • I was just looking at the Land Rover website and it said that for 09 Land Rover only cover the first oil service. Is this true?
  • It all depends on what the dealer agrees to at the final sale.
  • scogsscogs Posts: 2
    I own an '08 LR2 purchased in November. Wouldn't Land Rover have to honor the first 6 complimentary services even though they seem to have changed for '09?

    I'm going to call to make sure.
  • scogsscogs Posts: 2
    I just called Land Rover USA and they said the 6 complimentary services will still be honored for 2008 LR2s. Starting with the 2009 models though, they'll only get the one service. That's too bad, but I'm glad we'll still get what we paid for when buying the '08 LR2.

    I would have been pretty bent if they rolled back that offering.
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