2007 Honda CR-V vs Subaru Outback

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I am trying to choose between EXL CRV and Outback Limited both great cars and i am torn between them.
i Figured i ask for help here, see what do you guys thing pros and cons?? Please respond thank you in advance


  • 123scott123scott Member Posts: 3
    Misha: CRV would be my choice. 1 reason only-the Outback takes premium gas. I love the outback,but will never purchase a vehicle that requires premium gasoline. For me,it just feels wrong. To each his own. Good Luck :cry:
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    1 reason only-the Outback takes premium gas

    Not true. The 2.5 H-4 engine in the Outback Limited does NOT require premium gas.

    Only the Outback XT with the turbo H-4 "requires" premium. The Outback LL Bean 3.0 (H-6) will run better using premium gas, but it's not required; for this model premium is "recommended," not "required."

  • misha1641misha1641 Member Posts: 9
    So Bob which one would you choose? they both are good cars its a tough call
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    Tough call indeed. I prefer the Outback because it has a full-time AWD, which I like better than the on-demand 4WD the CRV uses. Also, the Outback can tow 2700 pounds (H-6 model can tow 3000), whereas the CRV can only tow 1500 pounds. I do tow a Class II 5x8 utility trailer, so that aspect is important to me.

    Having said that the new CRV is very impressive. It's very roomy, and very well thought out. My daughter has an '04 CRV, and she loves it (so does my wife—and she has a Forester!). I doubt you would go wrong selecting either one.

  • hugh5hugh5 Member Posts: 5
    We currently lease a 2004/5 Outback Limited 2.5 auto. It's nicely finished car but I can barely wait to replace it when the lease is up and the likely candidate it the CRV.

    Reasons; transmission replaced at 38K (km's), drivers power windows quit working, rear lift struts had to be replaced, gas mileage is attrocious, weak engine (we live in BC = mountains), very expensive maintenance bills, 4 speed auto which I understand continues in the new 08 compaired to 5 and 6 speed autos.

    CRV, never owned one but we've had 5 Accords, 1 RDX and currently the Acura CSX (a Honda Civic with the RDX drive train and Acura upgrades)

    Just on maintenance costs alone, solid Honda build, better performance, great transmission and good fit and finish no contest
  • misha1641misha1641 Member Posts: 9
    Hugh5, thank you for the respond, 4 Speed was a concern to me as well, since there is no Overdrive
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    and currently the Acura CSX (a Honda Civic with the RDX drive train and Acura upgrades)

    I just had to check it out, since I have never heard of CSX, or RDX platform being used in any other vehicle.

    Looks like CSX is just a Civic with 155 HP engine, no turbo, no AWD...

  • jcorelitzjcorelitz Member Posts: 8
    i've narrowed down my selction process to both of these, drove them and they're both great. i think the main differences are that the cr-v is a little more refined, whereas the outback is a little more rugged, although i do understand that the outback may have a smoother ride.

    i prefer the outback's awd to the cr-v's on-demand 4wd.

    in terms of interior features, and where they differ (comparing the comparably priced EX and 2.5i here), i also favor the more 'utilitarian' features of the outback: heated seats & mirrors as opposed to a 6-disc and moonroof on the cr-v.

    so, i think it's the outback for me, but i really don't think you could go wrong either way. they're both awesome for the price.
  • hughesaustinhughesaustin Member Posts: 1
    i own an 05 CRV EX and bought it to replace an 01 Outback i bought used. due to the 4-year age discrepancy, it's not fair for me to compare them directly, and neither is the same as the 07 models you are looking at, but they are progressive changes not total redesigns. overall the honda seems better designed- better fit and finish, better use of interior space, etc. i did like the lower center of gravity on the subie but the CRV is more fun to drive- shifts smoother (manual), more responsive engine. I moved to honda b/c the subie had a design defect that caused a leaky head gasket at around 60K- i had brought it in a year before to have "coolant conditioner" (i.e., stopleak) added by the dealer and didn't know i had a problem until i noticed a slow coolant leak a year later. they offered an extended engine warranty (to 100K) on the head gasket but i was annoyed that subaru was slow to acknowledge the problem and offered no permanent solution. i do a lot of long-distance driving in the summer and didn't want to deal with a blown head gasket in the middle of nowhere, so i replaced it with the CRV and am generally happy with the choice. Mind you, the CRV has a few design flaws of its own (rear diff fluid needs changing about every 25K miles, not every 90K as the manual says; second gear feathers against reverse gear when turning left in second gear) but overall i've been happy with the CRV.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    second gear feathers against reverse gear when turning left in second gear)

    There is actually a spacer in the CR-V Manual for the 6th gear. All you wil need are the parts ($300) from Civic Si or Acura TSX to add 6th gear. The "R" position becomes "6" and the "R" is "floating" next to the current "5".
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    heated seats & mirrors as opposed to a 6-disc and moonroof on the cr-v.

    I have an 05 EX and I added heated mirrors myself. The parts are readily available from the SE, and I used the switch from the Pilot, as opposed to wiring the heated mirrors with the rear defroster, as Honda does on the SE.
  • dtstofdtstof Member Posts: 61
    For me the rear seat room was the thing I liked about the CRV(among other things). The leg room and general comfort was great. I have 3 grand kids and they can fit well. My son, who is over 6'5" can sit comfortably in the rear seat. I checked out the Ford Edge, and the rear seat had no thigh support. It would be uncomfortable on a long trip. I also plan to tent camp and carry bikes on a hitch rack. Also, the fact that I have owned two Accords swayed me. The mileage is 25MPG all around driving. I got over 27 on a freeway trip. I also like the slightly higher driving position. I think the CRV fit my needs best, but the Outback was right up there on my list. The only thing I don't like is that front grill on the CRV. I'm getting used to it.
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