Azera rear sunshade

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Anyone besides me have a horrible problem with their rear sunshade? It got stuck between up and down. Now, when I put the car in R, it buzzes terribly as the car automatically tries to lower the sunshade for visibility safety reasons, then I put the car in D, and ~100 ft down the road it tries to raise itself and the distracting (dangerously so) noise is even louder. Dealer said there is a TSB but didn't even have the needed part on hand (a gear). Dealer left in in this condition while they ordered the part as if it is safe for me to drive it like this.

This is my second needed warranty repair for my 2007 Ltd. in under 9000 miles. I am NOT happy or impressed. Otherwise it is a nice car but my overall ownership experience is not up to my standards/expectations after owning a 2004 Toyota RAV 4 and 2003 Mazda Protege5 (155k between them and NO warranty repairs needed).


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    I have owned Audi's for 20 years.All had many warranty issues during the warranty time.

    I would never use the sun shade, so it will not be an issue. My advice:Turn it off.You don't need it.
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    When in doubt, "SEARCH" it out. There are lengthy discussions in two threads:

    "Hyundai Azera 2006" beginning around post #3319

    ... and "New Hyundai Azera Owners Experiences" beginning around post #255
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    Sorry to hear about your sunshade problem, but one of my concerns was the ability to turn it off - which you can. Anything with a motor that operates as much as this does may eventually have problems. I leave mine on 75% of the time and no problems so far. However, I also tend to park so that I do not have to put it in reverse. On my Camry, I had to get out of the car to raise or lower it, which made it almost useless.
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    Thanks for the message. I wish I could turn it off...that's the biggest problem right now. The dealer did not leave it in a safe mode while waiting for the part to come in. Using the button next to the shifter does not result in the sunshade being turned off! I just have to wait until the dealer finally does get around to repairing the system :( :sick:
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    I appreciate your perspective. Mine is this: if a manufacturer installs a system in my car, it will very likely be used so it should be reliable. And, because I live in the desert, and because I do not like tinting, the sunshade...when it very useful. Thanks again.
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    Thank you. Good links.
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    Re # 5 "The dealer did not leave it in a safe mode while waiting for the part to come in"

    A potential safety concern. The Klowns in Korea and their dealers better pay attention to this issue.
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    RE: 5
    When my sunshade was malfunctioning, I was able to lower it by manually assisting it down while someone activated the button near the shifter.
    It than stayed in the down position unless the button was depressed again.
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    My rear shade whent out ater 300 miles. It took 3 hours to replace, let's hope this is the last time it will need to be replaced.
  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    Oh what the hell, it's only perceived as "near luxury".
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    It's become enough of a problem where a TSB has been issued:

    Technical Service Bulletin
    MAY, 2007

    Some Azera vehicles equipped with the rear power sunshade may experience
    abnormal noise or binding during sunshade operation. This condition may
    be a damaged gear in the motor gear box. This bulletin will provide the
    inspecting and if necessary, replacing the gear with an improved part.
  • dborthdborth Member Posts: 474
    and if necessary, replacing the gear with an improved part.

    "improved part"? DUH!
  • SilverBullet00SilverBullet00 Member Posts: 102
    Has anyone who has a rear sun shade had the rear window tinted? If yes, does the sun shade work properly going up and down while rubbing on the window tint? Appreciate any replies.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Member Posts: 160
    I have an 07 with the sunshade. I haven't tinted my windows. The sunshade is very very VERY close to the window. I would be EXTREMELY careful in tinting it. Infact, it is so close, I think my sunshade might be leaving a very tiny groove on my window.
  • revramonsmithrevramonsmith Member Posts: 1
    My rear sunshade on my 2007 hyundai azera is buzzing loudly and appears to be stuck. I was wonder how much it cost to have yours fixed. What did they do to fix your problem.

  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    Big $$$$$ They have to remove rear decking and rear seat.......
  • jamazerajamazera Member Posts: 149
    Does anyone know what the recommended position for the sunshade would be??? Should it be left in the up position or down (considering circumstances)???
  • gamlegedgamleged Member Posts: 442
    There is no such recommendation. Even in Florida I seldom use it, the OEM glass does such a good job of keeping the worst of the sunlight out of the car. The only times I use it is if I am driving directly away from the setting sun (very seldom as most of my Florida West Coast driving is north and south) or if I am directly ahead of a way too expensive Lexus or Mercedes and decide to put the screen up for a little while (heh-heh-heh)...
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    I had the same problem with my rear shade in my 2007 Hyundai Azera, a loud buzzing sounds when it tried to go up or down. The dealership said they either need to replace a gear which costs just under $300+labor or replace the whole shade itself, costing just under $700+labor.

    I loved the shade but it't not worth the money for me right now so... a simple solution is to take out the fuse in the panel to the left of the steering wheel. See page 6-35 in you're owners manual and look for the description 'RR Curtain' and just take it out. Then go back to the shade and push it all the way in. Now the button wont work, but at least you wont hear that annoying sound everytime you go into reverse.
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