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I have problem with my VW Passat GPS. I am from Lithuania, and I can't see any maps from this country when I drive. Can You help me, what DVD I have to buy, that suits on VW GPS?


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  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    Oops I accidentally hit the enter button.

    Coming out for 2009 MY. Has touch screen and a hard drive. Stores music and navigation on it. Plays DVD's while in park. Bluetooth is also supported. Works with HD and sirius radio. Stay tuned for more info.
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    This new Navigation is out now.

    3C0 036 684

    Now avaliable at the VW dealer for a cool 3499. There is going to be an RCD-510 which has a 6 cd changer, touch screen, phone integration, and sd card. Just no nav on that unit. The RNS-510 is the one to get.

    Gallery of this new navigation system. That is the Euro version but the USA is identical. Bluetooth from a Skoda works with this thing. Touch screen dialing. For those with Cingular and T-Mobile a premium bluetooth is also avaliable. However a USA bluetooth module with BT audio is going to come out as well. That unit will have full integration with RCD and RNS-510 units. The bluetooth unit will have to be programmed with the VAG com tool. Also it will have to be plugged in to the Insturment panel in order to have full integration. 2009 is when factory installed BT might be avaliable but can be retrofitted.

    Sirius is built right in. So is HD radio. Will require an antenna for Sirius. Also some antenna adaptors will also be needed. Works with Dynaudio but will have to be programmed at the dealer or use VCDS aka VAG-COM. VAG-COM v7.11 beta will code it and so will 8.03 beta. The DSP sound system might have to be coded as well.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi rv65,

    I dont understand the price of 3,499.00 I dont know who would be willing to pay this amount of money.

    My question is, if I purchase a passat with nav see option below
    MSRP Dealer price
    PIP DVD Navigation w/iPod Adapter info $1,800 $1,589

    are they the same unit? if yes why so much money.
    I recently bought a passat without Nav thinking I would add it myself. if you are correct on the pricing, then I made a mistake in not getting the nav.

    The RNS-510 must be a different unit then the option given.

    any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    No the Passat with Nav is different. The 08's use a MFD2. That unit is the pushbutton unit. The RNS-510 is touch screen. You won't regret making a mistake :). Supposedly a retrofit kit will be available thats much cheaper. It requires an extension cable for Sirius since it has it's own tuner. Spare part navigation units tend to cost more than the factory option. The RNS-510 does work with the iPod adaptor but that one is terrible anyways. If you have Dynaudio then you will need VCDS aka VAG-com to reprogram the unit. Dynaudio has to be programmed in order for the RNS-510 to work with it.

    The MDI is an addon you can install to the RNS-510. Replaces the aux and iPod/Cd Changer. Requires a special MDI iPod cable but gives you full integration.
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    Thanks for info.
    I hope the price go down in a near future.

    Jus curious, Does the kit comes with information on how to install it? What tools will I need, etc.

    are there any resources that would help me install it myself?

    thanks in advance,
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    Just google vwnavi and there is tons of info. If you register there are a few RNS-510 us owners. The kit will be about 2 grand. Supposedly maps are included. The unit stores about 20 GB of music. More like 18.62 but close enough. Sirius extension cable is needed. VCDS aka VAG-com is needed if you want to change the interface. VCDS can program it to work with Dynaudio. Just have to remove the radio panel and unscrew 4 screws and it's just a bolt in. Just have to mount the Sirius cable and GPS antenna. The GPS antenna is a standard FAKRA gps antenna. is a great resource for this system.
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    Thanks much for the info.

    I will wait until it comes down to $1,200.00

    Although it seems like a great system, I dont want to pay 2K for a GPS
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    Well in europe some sellers have sold it for 1,400 USD. Don't count on it being 1200 USD. Unless a shady seller gets stolen ones and sell it for that price.
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    re: "The RNS-510 does work with the iPod adaptor but that one is terrible anyways", and
    "The MDI is an addon you can install to the RNS-510. Replaces the aux and iPod/Cd Changer. Requires a special MDI iPod cable but gives you full integration"

    1)Are you saying the iPod adapter that comes factory installed with the RNS-510 is terrible? Why is that?

    2)By 'full integration' do you mean the track/song titles are displayed on the RNS-510 nav screen?
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    I guess you have misunderstood me.

    1. I was referring to the current iPod adaptor that can work with the RNS-510. The MDI is the new iPod capable device. The current one is just a CD changer since it uses CD changer derived hardware to play iPod.

    2. Yes it does show track and song info. It does require a cable that is currently on back order. 000 051 446 C is the part number for it. The MDI also relies on the CAN-bus to display song titles. Only the RNS-510 works with it at least in USA. The RCD-510 is very similar but with no nav and the hard drive. The RCD-510 has the hardware to work with the RNS-510.
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    Thanks for the clarifications.

    I have a 2008 Passat with the DVD nav unit=MFD2 I guess?

    If I wanted to upgrade to the RNS510, I would have to pay $3500 at the dealer?
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    No you can get it for less. I have seen one guy sell them for around 2400 USD. 1stvwparts has them for 3293 USD. I have seen them for 2800 USD. You will need some antenna adaptors. The antenna adaptors will just plugin to the antenna connectors. The satellite radio will need a cable if you want to keep your factory antenna. The Factory Sirius doesn't work on the RNS-510 and the RNS-510's tuner has additional features. The RNS-510 doesn't have dynaudio enabled but it can be enabled through VCDS.
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    A new manual is also available but maps may be available.
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    A useless OEM bluetooth is available starting in September but more inventory is in October. This kit has your features but has no MFI/MFD integration :cry:. Has one good feature and that it has A2DP for RNS-510 and Premium 8 owners. Another more integrated kit is from Skoda and it's really nice. This kit's part number is 1K0 051 437. 1Z0 035 729 is the part number for the Skoda kit. Skoda kit has RNS-510 integration as well. Skoda kit has no A2DP aka bluetooth audio but who needs bluetooth audio. That kit costs 525 USD while the OEM USA kit costs around 340 USD. Though some sellers are selling it for around 300.

    Hope this helps.
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    3C0 035 684 X is the part number for the remanufactured RNS-510 or refurbished. It can be had for under 2k but there is supposedly a 500 USD core charge. They are limited in availibility but they are cheaper than paying over 3k for one of them. One guy supposedly has new ones for under 2,500 USD.
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    RNS-510's are now here. You can get a discounted unit for 2300 USD at your dealer if you order 3C0 035 684. The maps are finally here. Map part for RNS-510 is 7L6 919 859 though you could call navteq and mention the RNS-510 and that you are retrofitting it.

    It will require VCDS programming if you have dynaudio. If your stereo has an amp then programming is also needed.

    The MDI iPod cable is now in stock. 000 051 446 C is the part on that and it's slowly getting into dealers. Dealer can probably order it. It's just a cable but you cant use your own iPod cable due to the MDI's design. It's pricey but has full integration on compatible iPod's. VW isn't advertising this as an iPod adapter but it does play iPod's. It doesn't work on the non nav radios since they didn't upgrade those yet. The MDI and RNS-510 have full iPod integration with that cable. It uses it's own interpretation of the iPod interface. It works like an iPod not a cd changer.

    Hope this helps.
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    The Tom Tom GPS allows you to see a moving Map as you drive does the Garmin
    GPS do the same thing?

    I don't understand the benefit of having a 2,000.00 GPS in the car radio. The Tom Tom can be taken out of one car and put in another like when you rent one.

    The Tom Tom allows you to download other countries maps on their Web Site very
    cool when I drove Ireland.

    If anyone wants to share an opinion I would welcome it. :)
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