Pontiac Torrent Warning Lights and Gauges

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The "Service Stabilitrak" light came on after only 200 miles. The dealer said they know about this problem with the Torrent and I just need a software upgrade to the computer which they applied.

So I thought I was all set but it started again at 7000 miles. But the problem is the light shuts off by the time I get to the dealer. So they cannot see any codes in the computer and therefore they say there is nothing they can do. I notice the last two times it came on it was after a sharp turn and a hard stop.

I think I will take another shot at the dealer and this time insist they inspect the stabilitrak system despite no code warning by the time I arrive.

This is very frustrating. Anyone else have this problem with the Torrent and a resolution?

btw - they said the other Torrent they sold had the same problem but the customer did not report any problems since the software upgrade.


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    I have a 2006 Torrent AWD but I don't think it has Stabilitrak, however, I had a situation where the traction control light and the ABS light both came on simultaneously. I called into OnStar so they would do a computer check and they were able to confirm that the computer was giving an error message. They said take it to the dealer. I did and, of course, the lights weren't on for them. I did tell them that I made a call to OnStar and that both lights came on at the same time. Somehow they were able to figure out that the problem was one of the wheel speed sensors was bad and was giving a signal to the computer sometimes and not others. When it wasn't giving a signal, the computer would shutoff those two systems because it needs to know the wheel speed in order to work. Hope this helps..
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    :confuse: I purchased a 2007 Pontiac Torrent on September 9th, 2007, 8 days later all the lights came on saying it needed service(stabilization/traction control/anti-lock brakes/all-wheel drive(suppose to be on-demand), i took it to the dealer and they ran a test and said the speed sensor was bad, they had to order the part, so I had to make another trip, for repairs.

    After the repairs i went for a quick shopping trip to a store next door and then got 5 minutes away and the lights came on again. Since I had just left the dealership not long before that, I turned around and went right back and they ran the test again and then produced a bulletin that said GM knew about the problem and that it was lights only. I had also contacted Pontiac 2 times, one time they told me it was a lights issue and that the all-wheel drive on demand was still on-demand, the first one gave me free oil changed, like that was going to make me feel safer, it paid more to get the added safety features.

    Well, it continued to make funny sounds and the lights never went off, so I contacted Pontiac again and got another Rep, who said she wanted to change me from an unhappy Pontiac customer to a happy one. She also wanted me to get it in and have them retest it, and guess what, the bad part they supposed replaced with a good part, the good part was bad also, or else the dealership lied, and never replaced it to begin with, so i asked them if the repairs this time would help my gas mileage, since there was an electrical issue, and at first he told me no, then upon checking he said it should help, because the wheel axle was turning, so I said, that means the all wheel drive is working all the time, and he said YES, I said know wonder the gas mileage sucked, you know, if the roads were bad and the all wheel drive was active, I wouldn't mind the gas mileage going down, but not on good roads.

    So anyway I had to take it back in again for the repairs and he said this should help your gas mileage too, and I said I hope so, but was told that before, and you know what, my gas mileage still sucks.

    I will hold off giving the name of the dealership's name, other than to say they are in Hermitage Pennsylvania and recently bought the dealership. You know, I have always been taught that you should always give someone the item they bought, but you know, this dealership did not give me what I bought, I bought a 2007 Pontiac Torrent, with Stability control, Traction Control, Anti-lock brakes, so that I would feel safer when driving, but did not get all of the features, I bought an expensive LEMON, and you know what, I will never ever buy another vehicle from this dealership(or any of the car lots within this companies operations and will never buy another Pontiac.

    Hey if they don't care about me, then I don't care to buy from them. You would think in this highly competitive field, they would care more about their customers. But I guess that is what I get for thinking. This is a dealership and a manufacture problem, and they need to get their acts together.

    I then told the representative, after she wanted me to take it to another dealer and get a second opinion, that it was actually the third opinion, but that it would also be the third time(3 strikes and your out - it is considered a lemon, especially whe it pertains to safety issues) for the same issue and that after I took it, I would be filing a case pertaining to the "lemon law" and that it was going to cost them a lot more, she did not seem to care. I think if enough people would stand up against these companies and start doing like we are doing, by posting and letting everyone know how they treat you, that they would soon get their act together. They may think they are getting the last laught, but word of mouth can make or break a company. Negative comments will not look good for them. :mad:
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    I feel your pain since the dealer was not helpful I ended up buying a computer reader so I can get the code when the light is actually on. (since by the time I end up at the dealer it is off). A new car and I had to do this. But unfortunately the reader did not show a code.

    I then received a general notice in the mail from Pontiac that I have one year to fix a problem with the Stabilitrak light not coming on when it should. This is the opposite of my problem. I took it in for service and so far the light did not come back on but since it was an intermittant problem I do not know for sure if it is resolved.

    I hate the fact of not knowing for sure if the problem was resolved or if there actually is something wrong with the Stabilitrak. This since the notice from Pontiac did not describe it as a fix for my particular problem and the dealer being totally clueless about my problem.

    I also did not consider the relationship to the gas mileage. Your post makes me wonder about this since the mileage does suck being 16-19mpg.
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    I had the same problem...went back to dealer several times until it was fixed...they said nothing about a software problem....I had the entire cluster replaced when I first purchased vehicle...thought it was related to that...
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    It sounds like your Torrent is not fixed. Take it back to the people who did the repairs and have them check the wiring, sensors and transmission. You paid them to fix it and they didn't.

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    I, too, have had similar issues with the "service stabilitrak" "traction control" "reduce engine power" and check engine light. At first they would come on maybe once a week, but have become progressively worse. I took it to the dealer when the lights weren't on, and also said "sorry, come back when they're on." So I did. The mechanics said that there were several codes that showed up, and GM wasn't giving them any answers or solutions.

    Now, I've tried everything. I tried a different dealer, with no luck. The last time I took it in they basically told me that there are 5 different things they could try, but my extended warranty wouldn't cover it, and it could cost up to $5000. I cannot afford that gamble...it still may not work.

    The worst part is the "reduce engine power." I cannot drive at the speed limit when in "limping mode." This is now happening everyday.

    What do I try? Is it the throttle body? Or is it the speed sensor? I can't try everything, I'm on a limited budget here.

    I have to fix this car. I can't afford this lemon anymore!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
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    I have an 06' Pontiac Torrent and it seems every time I wash it either by hand or through the car wash the T/C, Check Engine and Emissions lights come on. The T/C light will go off first approximately 2-4 hours later and full power is restored. The other two go off usually 4-6 hours later. Where is the T/C sensor located? Can this be avoided in the future or do I have to live with it the way it is?
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    I'm very interested in finding out what the out come was. I'm having the same problem. My truck is at the dealership right now. They say its the throttle body and want 804.00 parts and labor. It took them all day to read or find the codes for the diagnostic. And doesn't know if anything else will be wrong after fixing this. I barely got it to the dealership today, because of the reduced engine power.

    Thank you
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    I've had the same 3 lights come on after car washes TWICE now- was anything ever resolved? Last time this happened, I (in my absolute ignorance) paid a shop to fix it without really investigating...) Whatever happened?
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    The problem is still ongoing. I had a diagnostic done at a local GM dealership who in turn gave me the error code C0040 which indicated the Right Front Hub Assembly was defective. I had it repaired and within 4 days time the same lights are back. I took it back to the dealership and had it diagnosed again with the same code. I am having it replaced once again as the part may be defective. I am pretty sure that this wont correct the underlying problem, what ever it is.

    Stayed tuned.
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    I am having a problem with the security system/starting. This has happened several times but not every time. When I unlock the doors and try to start the car the lock security light is flashing. The steering wheel is not in the locked position when this happens. If I crank the steering wheel very far to the right to get it to lock, then the key won't go in, I then have to crank the wheel again to get the key in the ignition. It would appear that when I last shut off the ignition the steering wheel does not lock like it should be. Dealership could not duplicate the problem, nor did any thing show up on diagnostic machine. This is very frustrating and I am afraid I am going to be stranded somewhere. Any one else ever had this happen, am I doing something wrong when I shut off the car???
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    My "service air bag" warning light came on and the passenger seat air bag will not come on no matter how much wieght is in the seat... what is the deal with this and how do you fix it....
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