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Has Chrysler Reliability Improved?

mustachemustache Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in Chrysler
I don't think Chrysler reliabilty has improved at
all. The dealers in general do not service what
they sell. I have a 94 New Yorker and it has been
nothing but problems from day one!

All the flashy commercials in the world can't
change the fact that Chryslers have poor build
quality and a poor reliability record.


  • lkenlken Posts: 2
    Probably not thats why they have the cheapest minivan on the market it is built very cheaply. Transmissions of those vans are to small, they tried to get the most out of little,they simply scamed people out of there money at the purchase and at 40 -55K miles. Has it improved NO!
  • I bought a new Jeep Wrangler in 1994, I had two major engine problems in the first few months. They had my vehicle for a total of 4 weeks in the shop for these two major problems. I wanted them to replace the vehicle because I felt the vehicle was a lemon. It was only two months old, and I wanted them to replace it. They told me no, and I will never buy another Chrysler ever again. I had other minor problems before I sold it in 1997, and bought a used Camry with 76,000 miles, which I have had no problems with other than maintenance. The bad thing for Chrysler is that I'm only 28, and i love vehicles. I'm buying a new maxima next year.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    izenbart : better think twice about a Nissan product. Unless they get their act together and fast there may not be any Nissans (at least as we know it)to buy. Do you really want to buy ANYTHING that RENAULT has a hand in?

  • this topic is NOOOOOO!

    Pretty cars. Still junk.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I mentioned this in another topic, but it fits here as well. Under Texas law, if a vehicle has the same major problem at least three times within 2 years of purchase or while still under factory warranty, the vehicle can be declared a lemon and the company has to buy it back. The five vehicles with the most lemon-law complaints to the state were all Chryslers and GM's. The official response of both companies was "Duh?" (Not an exact quote, but they sounded about that intelligent.) The five fewest complaints, except for one Honda, were all Toyota or Ford. Go figure.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    They have these nice radiator grilles on the front.
    At least they appear to until you get close, then you see it's solid plastic with the grille painted on in flat black. Now, if they're going to cut corners on something as obvious as the radiator grille, what does that tell you about the tender loving care they put into the parts you don't see? But then, what do you expect from a company that lets Mitsubishi build their cars for them? Hopefully, once the current designs cycle out, their new bosses at Damlier Benz will make them something worthwhile again.
  • We owned a 1995 Dodge Ram 1/2 ton extended cab truck that had to have the automatic transmission rebuilt at 67,000 miles. We only tow an aluminum boat my 1984 Mazda truck can tow well, and we take very good care of our vehicles. In fact, we had the transmission serviced by the dealer at 60,000 miles. (As an aside, I wonder if the service had anything to do with the subsequent failure of the transmission!)

    I bought the truck from the dealer that serviced the transmission and this dealership is one of Chryslers "five star" dealerships. They took twice as long as they promised to do the repair, they would not give us a loaner car, and they never got back to us with what caused the problem in the first place.

    I have sold the truck and determined to never again use this dealership (who also sells BMW's)and to warn all friends and family off Chrysler products. A friend sold his 1996 Dodge Ram based on our experiences since he puts quite a few miles on his vehicles.

    In my opinion, this is really unfortunate because I loved the style and comfort of the truck and would have kept it for a very long time. Also, I really like the style of some of Chryslers newer vehicles, but would not consider buying them until they prove they can be relied on for dependable transportation.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Styling updates are minor, so they're not replacing them for looking dated. This is going to be Mercedes Benz's trial by fire, to see how they handle Chrysler. If these new minivans prove that they're worth their salt, I feel it won't be long until we can once again pronounce Chrysler fit for human consumption.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I bought a '97 Jeep Wrangler and it was the worst vehicle I ever owned. I will never own another Chrysler product. My Jeep was in the shop over 15 times for various problems. As an example, my radiator only lasted 30,000 miles. Sad....very sad....
  • These are individual cases and stuff happens to cars no matter what brand, so it makes more sense to look at the market statistics on repairs and such; however, in Chryslers case the stats make the situation look even worse. I give the co. credit for some of their rather daring vehicle designs but they really need to do something about the poor way their vehicles are "screwed together".
  • Agree with #10. Of course, individual cases vary. But the overall market statistics show ALL current Chrysler models (through 99') overall reliablity record very, very low. The vehicles that come closest to Chrylser in the area of poor reliability are GM and Ford. Not to say that Nissan, Toyota, VW, BMW, etc. are infallible, but the statistics are considerably better... considerably.

    What's really 'funny' is when an auto-maker with such a horrible long-term quality record (ie--Chrysler) launches a marketing campaign promoting the great quality and reliablity of their vehicles. I guess it's true what they say, there's a sucker born...
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    No problems on my 99 300M.

    If you want a "funny" ad campaign, try Ford's "Quality is job 1". This from a "proud" owner of a 93 T-bird and 95 Windstar equipped with the "commited to job 1" 3.8 liter V6 engine. They both blew their headgaskets within 2 weeks of one another.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    It is a fact that Chrysler's reliability(oxymoron) is worse than the other domestic manufacturers. Back in '93, Chrysler was putting out some really bad cars. probably worse than Ford. Today, all car manufacturers are making better cars. Some better than others.
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    good point - that's exactly what plagued GM in the '80s. They were trying to improve quality to equal Toyota et. al. *at the time*; they didn't realize that Toyota was improving quality as well. So GM, Ford, and Chrysler have improved greatly - but so have their competitors.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Those head gaskets are a chronic flaw in that engine. My T-Bird has the 4.6l engine, and is a great car, even at 150,000 miles, gas mileage is still 27 highway. Just gave it a tune up today (new plugs & wires). I'm hoping to get another 150,000 out of it with no major trouble. As for GM, except for their finicky alternators, they're great cars. Engines and transmissions for passenger cars are among the best in the Business. GM's problem comes from el-cheapo body and interior materials, and being slapped together with no attention to detail. Chrysler...I still say what and see what the Germans do to them.
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    that was a perfect description of GM. they make some of the best 6 and 8 cyl. engines and automatic transmissions, but can't seem to get anything else right - and they make up for it with things like 50 pounds of ugly plastic crap bolted onto every Pontiac.
  • apparently no one here is impressed with chrysler's reliability. this is also my impression. however, i have no basis for this impression except what i have heard other people say. in a few responses above, "stats" were mentioned. my question is this: where can i view these "stats" for myself? what is the best resourses for comparing reliability between manufacturers? Thanks
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    This topic was started on September 29, 1999. That means it was out there for 5 months, and a grand total of 17 people (other than yourself) has posted to it.

    People will slam Chrysler because a "friend of mine" had a Jeep that sucked. Or I had a Dodge that was in the shop all the time. Here's a good one for you - My brother has owned 3 Jeeps over the past 10 years - no problems at all. His neighbor had a Blazer that needed the transmission and engine replaced within 1 year. They were looking at a Yukon after than. When he told him that he should look into a Jeep, they said (straight faced) "Oh, I'd never own a Chyrsler, everbody says they just aren't reliable". Whatever.
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    ...a very astute observation...the stats were right in front of us.

    Your host, Bruce
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    In all fairness to the Chrysler "lovers", I don't ever remember being "bashed" by them in any Chrysler group that I have ever posted to. I HAVE posted! Even if I was bashed, it would NOT deter me in the least! I KNOW what I went through with my 300M, they don't! As a matter of fact, I JUST received my first NEGATIVE comment in my guestbook on my website. It was from a "certified" L/M mechanic of 37 years in FL who has/had Chryslers with tons of miles on them with no problems. He labeled me a "nit picker" and feels sorry for the dealers that had to put up with me!! LOL..... What I find interesting is that he doesn't drive the products that he services!

    You're right- the secret to owning a Chrysler is to keep it only as long as the warranty so that NO real money comes out of your pocket. They have traditionally been known to have poor resale value.

    I do see your point and I do remember everyone attacking you- not me! ;-)) Glad your new cars are working out okay. Don't know what my next car will be. I KNOW what it won't be! That's due MORE to the dealers/reps that I've had to deal with and not the car itself!

    Continued good luck. I only found this topic by mistake when I went into the whole list of topics to uncheck one that I didn't want anymore. People looking for Chrysler info should search all the topics lists to find the really active topics re these cars.

  • intrigue2intrigue2 Posts: 46
    i was in your web site yesterday, the 300m is a beautiful automobile, sorry to hear about your problems with it, and the dealer.isn't it unfortunate that owners can't listen to each other without going on the offensive against those they disagree's totally different in the subaru and intrigue sites, where tolerance is readily apparent.

    good luck with your next purchase.
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    the employees of "Daimler Chrysler" pronounce their employer's name as "Daimler". Having ordered a Dodge Quad, I am betting on improved reliability, or at minimum, improved customer sevice and after purchase attention. I have never owned a "Daimler" before.
    The quality of information provided in the dakota posts within the Pickup conferences is quite high and more than civil. I became a much more informed buyer and find Edmund's Town Hall a great site.
  • intrigue2intrigue2 Posts: 46

    at the present time, and for the foreseeable future you're getting a dodge,not a daimler aka mercedes.i would hope that the german emphasis on excellence,quality and reliability filters into the chrysler organization. the shakeup of chrysler management seems to be a pre-cursor to daimlers overall control of chrysler , so one day, perhaps, all dc products may very well be labeled simply daimler.

    as for the civility of the pickups topic, i can't make a comment on it,as i browse the sedans and vans topics. i can assure you, the civility you speak of,and i'm sure you extend to others,does not carry over into these two topic areas.
  • theliztheliz Posts: 26
    I work at a hospital and we are given lots of classes in patient/customer-care--I was told by a public relations manager about the 3/10 rule: If a patient has a "good" stay in the hospital (quick, attentive, ect) that patient MIGHT tell 3 others about the great service he got. But if he had a "bad" stay (long, painful, wrong leg removed, ect) then that patient would tell a MINIMUM of 10 others about the nightmare. I think you see the same rule with cars.
  • intrigue2intrigue2 Posts: 46
    i see your point. i guess owning a chrysler could be equated to having the wrong leg cut off. as far as your ratio, i believe you have it in reverse, where a bad experience is only allowed to be discussed a minimal number of times, but you can discuss the glory of zaino wax,spoilers,
    etc. continously.
    and if YOU had "the wrong leg cut off" how would you react,especially if it was not one but two legs. i wish you luck with the r/t charger when it comes out,i've seen it in car & driver and it's gorgeous. but,so were my two eagle visions,and unfortunately they did not live up to the promise of their appearance. after the first post of my experience with these cars, i was set upon by the pro dc crowd,because ,it seems only "feel good" comments are allowed in dc topics. i now own a 1998 intrigue and a 2000 subaru gt. i browse the intrigue and subaru sites to learn about any problems or gain information about my cars. to date the intrigue and subaru have been flawless, others don't agree about the intrigue, so be it. i have no campaign against chrysler other then i'll never buy another one. i don't post daily in edmunds to tell the world about my two lemons,that privilege seems to be reserved for the "legitimate chrysler owner", who wants to discuss the really important issues like the number of speakers in the doors, forget chryslers infamous history concerning reliability and their transmission problems.
    i wish you and all other current and prospective owners of their products the best of luck,i wouldn't want anyone to go thru the six years of problems i encountered with the dealer and these cars.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    You may be right. Unfortunately, the Chrysler dealers/Chrysler don't SEEM to care WHO you tell including calling Auburn Hills as I had to do early on. What Auburn Hills THINKS is happening in the REAL world with us and the dealers/reps is light years away from reality.

    As far as I'm concerned, if my experiences were good with my 300, I would tell just as many people and post just as many webpages. I think that the only reason you see more people complaining in sites like this is because we have MORE to say. If some people haven't had any problems, what do they write after they say that?

  • intrigue2intrigue2 Posts: 46
    well said.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Thanks. It's true! I'm not partial/loyal to any brand car. I buy what I can afford AND what I like. Unfortunately, I FELL head over heels for the looks of the Candy Apple Red 300 because it wasn't a cookie-cutter car. Next time I'll go for cookie-cutter. IF I had a computer when I had my other cars AND knew HOW to make webpages, I would have done that with my other cars too. Time for work.

  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    I wouldn't jump to conclusions if I were you. What basis do you have to make that statement"friend of mine"? If you look at the "stats" (consumer reports, any car mag), you will see that Chrysler products are notorious for bad quality. Yes, word of mouth is rampant, but that does not deter from the fact Chrysler cars are (for the most part) junk. And Yes, I have owned a Chrsyler product. It was a '97 Jeep. It was the worst car I have ever owned.
  • theliztheliz Posts: 26
    You should not jump to conclusions yourself--there is no FACT that chryslers are "junk", this merely your opinion (everybody has one). I have never read any car-mag or consumer report that called a Chrysler junk--if you have, please post it for all to see. This is a stereo-type: asians are smart in math, all black people can dance, and Chryslers are junk. As for the jeep--well I know a couple of guys who own jeeps and they love them.
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