Ford Mustang Warning Lights & Problem Codes

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I have a 2006 Mustang GT Premium. The 'Service Engine Soon' Light comes on due to bad gas (too much sulphur?). I took the car in to the dealer and he said they will fix it again (This is the 2nd time in 16 months for this problem). He recommends adding Techroline (sp?) every 6 months (a few drops). Does this sound right? He said Ford is re-designing their fuel pumps but that since this is "not their problem", I would be stuck for future "repairs" once my warrantee runs out. They also cannot estimate how much it will cost to "fix" it again in the future.

Any suggestions? -Ed


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    I am looking for anyone that owns a 2006 mustang premium with the pony package, and is having sever issues with the check engine light and Ford can't fix it. I heard there are 4 cars in the state of Florida that are having these problem. Ford engineers are trying to fix my car and can't and are giving me problems I have talked to the Ford company and they say they are aware of the problem and are taking care of it but they are not, and now they are not taking my calls. I'm just wondering if there is anyone else out there that is having these problem and what are you doing to solve it.
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    i myself own a 2006 mustang premium pony package (screaming yellow) and have had nothing but problems with my check engine light i have taken it back to ford over 20 times and they have always failed to fix my car. i live in cincinnati ohio and the ford dealer i bought it from here connected the computer to my car seen a mis fire on my 5th piston kept my car a week turned out it was a rocker arm off on my 5th piston and so they supposedly fixed it but the very next day the light was back on i took it right back and the found another mis fire this time it was the 6th piston and im guessing its going to be the rocker arm on the sixth piston. i drove my car today and it just went crazy. its jumpy making crazy noises engine light is blinking now constantly and im having it towed to ford once again tomorrow. i think there is and has been factory problems with this car and they are trying to cover it up we are not alone there is hundreds and hundreds of people out here with this same exact year make and model car having the Exact same problems. i believe if we can get enough people to sign a butition against it ford corp. will HAVE to either 1. refund us for our money or 2. completely remove the motors and have new ones installed. all we have to do is get the people to start the butition against them and have every one thats owns this same exact car and is or has had the same problems sign it. ill be the 1st on the list because i am fed up with pouring money into a car that is barely pushing 3 years old . if this is you and your having the same problems as me and have the same car and are tired of it and want to file the butition with me. email me [email protected]
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    will I know that if you get bad gas it will mess-up your spark plugs. Ive got a 1999 gt , and a1995 Chevy 1500 truck , I put gas in both of them @ the same time from the same gas station that had bad gas and it messed the spark plugs up in both vehicles @ the same time . it was chevron gas that did it
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