Chevrolet Avalanche Climate Control

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I own a 2004 Avalanche which I really like. However, the other day, I turned on the A/C. I heard a "POP". Now the A?C only blows on the floor and on the defrost mode. It will not blow out the dash vents. Any ideas how to fix it or what the problem is? Obviously it is out of warranty. Is this a problem I can fix or do I have to take it somewhere?


  • pactankerpactanker Member Posts: 1
    hey paulli, u have 2 take it in to the dealer. i've just had the exact same problem w/my 03 AV. it was the a/c mode actuator that was the problem. it is buried deep in the dashboard and it cost $401. sorry, good luck.
  • paulli36paulli36 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Pactanker, Thanks for the info. Is it the motor that opens and closes the door for the A/C? I know where that is. I wonder if it is something I can fix.

    thanks again.
  • maynor007maynor007 Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had problems with their air conditioning/Climate control. I have a 2007 avalanche LTZ. My passenger side blows hot air when system is on AC. At the same time my drivers side blows cold air. Dealer said the computer gave an error code, but nothing specific. Said they would need to take apart the dash to find out the true problem? Any answers would help. Thanks in Advance
  • robyrrobyr Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 chev avalanche. Ichanged the battery and now the climate control blows hot air on the drivers and cold air on the passenger side. I have tried auto and manual no change. help.... robyr :confuse:
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    I have a 2004 Chevy Avalanche, the problem is i can only get my a/c to blow cold air out the windshield defroster vents only, no air from front or floor. And if while the control switch/knob is in the front/face vent position, and my truck is running, then i turn off my engine then start engine again, then i can get airflow out my front vents, but only for 3 to 5 seconds, then all the airflow transfers to my windshield defroster vents and stays there... can you help me out Thanks, Jerry
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    I own three Chevy trucks and all three of them have had the same problem with hot air coming out of one side of the dash while cold is coming out of the other side. My 2006 Silverado does it while driving. At first I was able to turn the key off and then back on and it would reset it's self. Now you have to shut the engine completely off and re start with the key to get it to reset. I've asked the dealership and several other people about this problem. They all tell me it has to do with the vent actuators. Well one day I got to playing in the fuse box under the hood and pulled out a couple of the little silver relays that were marked for the a/c. I swapped them around and the next time it happened the air was reversed from what it was before. Now instead of the drivers side going to heat, it's the passenger side that goes to heat. Still re sets it's self when re starting the engine. My Avalanche does the exact same thing just not as often. The problem could be the relay but I think it has more to do with the signal from the on board computer causing the relay to react. I have noticed that all three vehicles have several grounding problems which could be the cause of a lot of the computers miss info to the different components.
  • kelzkelz Member Posts: 1
    have you found a resolution for this problem? My 2004 avalanche just started doing the same thing. cold air drivers side, hot air passenger side.
  • stolls1992stolls1992 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 04 Alvanche and the air only works on high and not on the lower speeds, is there a lower gears that can be replace and if so how are is it to fix
  • voodoouduvoodooudu Member Posts: 1
    Hey stolls,
    I just got a letter from GM regarding this very problem with my 04 Avy. The problem is described as a faulty connector which allows moisture over time to enter the blower resitor assembly inside the AC/Heater assembly that will cause the blower to stop working or only work on certain speeds - Scary part there is also a faint burning smell sometimes associated. Check to see if you got the recall notice as GM is offering to repair this for free.
  • tabogajoetabogajoe Member Posts: 1
    I have a 04 avalanche the AC works perfectly but will not switch to heat. When I put it to the heat mode all I get is AC. Other then the AC/heater control itself, any other suggestions of where the problem could be.
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    My problem is the heat only works when digital setting is at 90 degrees. When the temperature is set any lower the air blows cold as if the a/c is on. Air blows out of all vents and settings correctly as selected. I changed the climate control module and still have the same problem. Anyone out there have an idea on how to fix this problem?
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    Heater fan is working but only blows through defrost no matter where you have the dial set. Anyone know how to fix? :cry:
  • ladywolf8076ladywolf8076 Member Posts: 1
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    my problem is this: I have 2004 Avalanche and this just started happening about 6 months ago happens off and on but my a/c starts blowing hot air. Sometimes if I stop my truck like at a red light and then take off it will start blowing cold again but if it starts blowing hot, it normally doesn't go back cold till I either come to a stop or turn it off. Now just stopping it won't work anymore, still blows hot doesn't happen all the time but of course with our weather in the 100's is wanting to blow hot a lot more. Any suggestions???
  • archer23archer23 Member Posts: 1
    How do you stop the hot air blowing out one side the other is cold.2004 avalanche 66 model
  • charlie96charlie96 Member Posts: 1
    My 08 Avalanche A/C Blower wont shut off after key is remove, I have to remove the Blower Fuse 40Amp that,s under the hood, What is the fix for this problem.
  • applejimapplejim Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Avalanche with a heater control that blows hot air regardless of the temp setting. Even when the control is set to off, it blows cold air. The A/C button will not will not turn the A/C on. Any suggestions on what to replace or check out?
  • guillenusaguillenusa Member Posts: 1
    My 2010 Avalanche LTZ started blowing warm air on the drivers side while the passengers side is very cold.
    both sides set at 60 degrees. Are there any recalls from GM on this issue? Anybody knows how to fix it?
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