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I recently installed a valley hitch on my 2005 quest s. The problem is that the darn thing is too low. I'm tired of scraping the hitch on inclines/declines. I saw a quest at the dealer the other day and it's hitch pops out under the bumper in a cutout of the rear valence. I like it and that should eliminate the dragging but nissan doesn't sell the stock hitch. They say it is a "factory only" part. That's nice. If you have a hitch on your quest post a pic if you don't mind. I'd be interested to see how it compares to mine. I'll post a pic as tomorrow of my valley hitch. The only thing I can think of it to take the hitch down and modify it. There is room for my valley to fit up behing the black valence. I'd need to cut almost 2" off each side of the hitch and weld it back together. Then I'd just have to make a cutout for the receiver to come out.


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    I just bought a new 2008 Quest base model mini van. I wanted a hitch so the dealer sent me to Uhaul and they installed one. The problem I have is I have turn signals that only work occassionally when hooked up to the trailer. Uhaul sent me to the dealer to have a heavy duty flasher installed. According to the dealer "now" is, if you don't buy a Quest with a hitch installed from the factory it won't work and can void my warranty. Nissan USA Corp. won't let you talk to their technical experts and take no ownership for the problem. My owners manual says I can install one and I should see my dealer and the dealer points the finger to Nissan USA corp. and says it's their problem. The dealer says to get an attorney and sue Nissan USA and of course they say it's a sales issue and for me to sue the dealer. What a mess.! I now have a new van that I can't use for one of the purpose's I had intended to use it for. If anyone has any suggestions please respond. Nissan customer service is such a joke. I would be a shamed to take a pay check for the service they don't provide.
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    You are getting the run around. Not sure how installing a trailer hitch would void your warranty???

    It seems to me that U-Haul is the one you need to talk to. They installed the hitch and it is not working properly. If they need a heavy duty flasher to complete installation (never heard of this), they should get the part and install it. I've read of many people installing aftermarket hitches and not having problems. U-Haul installs tons of hitches, I don't understand the issue here.

    Found this information on another forum: ok-up.html

    good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply. I went back to Uhaul and they insist it's the van's wiring system from the factory. I'm going to go to another Uhaul dealer and have someone else take a look at it. The link you sent me was for a 2007 Nissan. I don't know how much of a diffence that would make. I have been told from the dealer that they had problems with the 2008 quest wiring systems but he didn't know the details. If I figure this out I'll let anyone interested know what happens and how to fix it. If not I'm getting rid of the problem all together.
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    I would give DrawTite a call or e-mail and ask about the 2008 Quest. My guess is they may have a wiring harness for 2008.

    Good luck.
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    I have been trying to find an answer to how low the Nissan Quest 2011 tow package rides but local car salesman can't answer it since they haven't seen a tow package and are unwilling to call corporate.

    I have an old Honda Odyssey with an after market tow package and I am wondering if the Nissan will be higher. We scrape sometimes with a bike rack attached and this would be a nice point in the Nissan's favor as we are looking at replacing the Honda.

    Does anyone have the factory tow package? If so, could you please measure the bottom of the hitch off the ground?

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    Did you ever get an answer to this question. i'm trying to find the exact same information and so far I haven't found anything. thanks!
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    Here's the best picture I could find:

    it looks like it cuts into the bottom of the bumper. I do know the aftermarket hitch sits lower, just under the bumper. Another owner on a another Quest forum mentioned the aftermarket hitch does scrape the ground when going into driveways and the like.
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    I'm afraid I don't know about the dealer hitch as I couldn't find a Quest with one on it! Talk about low availability!

    So I'm now trying to add a (non-dealer) trailer hitch to my Quest, and can't find anyone local who knows them. :confuse:

    If anyone has added a trailer hitch (dealer or not) to your 2011 Quest, please chime-in and tell us the specifics and how well it worked. Thanks!
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    Hitch installed at Dealership requires bumper removal and cutout. I believe it took 2 techs at least 2 hours. They also had not installed one before. Had it included in van purchase price. It has 9 inches of ground clearance with no loads. I use a 5 to 6" offset receiver to get trailer tongue up off ground. Hope this helps.
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    We have a dealer installed Nissan trailer hitch on our 2012 LE (same as 2011). The bottom of the hitch is flush with the bottom of the rear bumper. Clearance on a dealer installed Nissan hitch should not be a problem.
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    My 01 Quest came with the factory tow package and has some different looking square plug that is really different then the flat 4 that most trailers use. Does anyone know where i can get the adapter for it and or a part number? I do not want to cut this up as i want to keep it clean the way it was built. Please let me know. Thank You
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