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I have a 98 Jimmy with the 3 buttons on the dash. Everything started last winter when I tried the 4x4. I was at the mall (in 4x4), backed up from the stall, put it in drive and did not have any wheels engagement. The engine was reving, but was not going anywhere. Played with the transmission shifter and got it going again. After that time I tried to use the 4HI and It would not go to 4HI, the light would blink and the 2HI light would come on. No switch appened. I was able to go to 4LO. I replaced the Motor/Encoder and everything seemed to be working without the engine running. Took it for a spin and the 4HI engaged once. I stopped, put it in neutral tried to switch it back to 2HI and nothing happened. Again the engine was reving without any engagement. I switch it to 4LO in emergency mode. Then I was able to switch it back to 2HI. I checked the vaccuum hoses and they seemed good. Checked the vaccuum switch, and the ball inside was stuck. I replaced it, and the 4HI worked again (without driving the truck). Took it for a spin. I was driving in 4x4, stopped at a red light, while waiting I switch it back to 2HI and nothing happened. The red light turned green, tried to go but the truck was not going anywhere. I had to switch it to 4LO the emergency way. Then I was able to switch it to 2HI. Never able to switch in 4HI. The light would blink, and would go back to 2HI. After playing with all 3 switches trying to get the 4HI going, I loss the 4LO too. Now nothing happened in 4HI and 4LO. I can hear the TCCM relays switching, but cannot hear the motor/encoder moving anymore (used to). Is it another motor/encoder that I have to replace? If yes, why did it stopped working after a few hours? Did it burned out? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Check this thread: 98jmypells, "Chevy Blazer GMC Jimmy Maintenance and Repair" #1668, 25 Oct 2005 11:10 am!keywords=allin%3Amsgtext%20limit%3A.f0a0462%204x4%20button%20blink

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    I am sorry, but I don't really see a relation between my question and the thread you sent me to.
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    my truck needs lower ball joint and 1 upper. my question is do i have to remove the spindle, tire rod and upper ball joint to gain acces to it. and in the repair manuel it says to release the snap ring and press it out. but there is no snap ring on it,and it has a metal cap where the grease plug is so it will not go down through. i tried my pickle fork but no luck. and i was going to take the upper and tire rod off but i still would not be able to gain full access to the botom ball joint. i think it is the original one to the truck.
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    Hi - looks like a great community here - I just joined.

    I just bought a 1994 Chevy Blazer ... it has the Vortec engine which I heard is less common than the standard engine on that year and model. The engine is 4.3L and more powerful, and more gas guzzling I'm assuming.

    I have no experience with trucks (this is really like a jeep), and not that much experience with automatic transmissions (I've been driving a 1988 Nissan Sentra, stick shift, for 15 years). So if anything I say or ask makes me sound totally clueless, it's because I am.

    There's is just a switch that looks like it just has an up and a down position, perhaps a middle position as well. Up says "4HI" and down says "4LO". This vehicle is obviously 4x4, and I think maybe 4x4 all the time. My mechanic looked into it a bit - he thinks it's in 4-wheel-drive all the time, and when you turn off the vehicle then turn it on again, that resets it.

    So I started it up to drive it home tonight ... which supposedly resets all that ... did NOT press the 4HI or 4LO on the switch ... then I noticed that the green light for 4HI was on. When I push 4LO I don't see the red or orange light or whatever color it is turn on.

    Also, how do I hear or know if 4WD is engaged or not?
    Is it 4WD all the time?
    Which gets better gas mileage, 4HI or 4LO?
    Which is "more" 4WD, 4HI or 4LO?
    Can I not go above a certain speed in 4HI or 4LO, or risk blowing out the transmission?
    How do I turn 4WD off, if it's even possible on this particular vehicle?
    If I can't fix whatever computer issues or whatever (probably can't on my own), how much might this all cost me to get it fixed?

    Thanks! If you want feel free to e-mail me a response too, [email protected]
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    I have a 2002 Blazer ZR2. I hooked up a programer and changed the top speed from 98 to 120 but now i am afraid that i am going to brake the needle when i am going over 100 mph. I have looked everywhere i can think of for a new gauge face but cant find anything. Everything i find is only to replace stock and i really dont want to mount a stan alone speedo. Any ideas????
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    i am going to [break] the needle when i am going over 100 mph...

    Where is it legal to be driving that fast?

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    i am not sure about that truck , but i have done the same thing to other vehicles. i never had a prob with the needle breaking when it hit the stop pin
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