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I am wondering if the tow hitch can be added later. I notice only some FJs on the lots have the tow hitch in the rear. I do see the hitch bracket offered on the Toyota website for aftermarket items. I am mot looking to tow much, but the hitch is nice for different adapters like the bike rack and maybe to tow a jetski trailer at some point. Just wondering if it would be an easy add-on later.



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    I did get my new FJ recently. It came with a tow package ( hitch and electric). THe dealer siad it would be easy to install after. He said it would be expensive at Toyota and my best bet would be to go to U-haul. Apparently they do the same job for much less.
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    yes toyota is way to much money. I will go get the price at u haul. the wife say,s no dead deer in the new fj. so we need the hitch for the out side rack.
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    towing package from factory also includes larger radiator and altenater
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    Hmm, I think that's a negative on the radiator and alternator upgrades. The tow "package" is a harness and receiver which bolt to existing mounting points on the chassis. There are no "factory" tow components. In fact, there is a good chance that hitch was made by an outside vendor, likely US sourced MAYBE from Toyota Japan. Selected by, tested, and probably had refinements at the direction of TMC Engineering in Torrance, CA. Of course, $350 is steep for such parts as these, but if you go with parts from U-Haul, don't be surprised to see undesirable conditions such as the look of rusty junk bolted to your car in just a few years. U-Haul will NOT EVEN have a quality review/testing criteria like Toyota. Also, if U-haul wants to splice that harness in...just run. I don't even have to look at it to know the dealer part will be a plug-in installation. You get what you pay for, but U-haul might save you 50% up front is my guess.
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    I purchased a 2008 FJTrail Teams addition and am wanting to install a trailer brake controller, but I'm having trouble locating the brake wire off the brake pedal switch. There are four wires running to this switch. Can anyone provide some insight. Looking for the the one that is live (12 VDC) when the pedal is pressed, and only when pressed. Ran my meter across them all and wasnt albe to locate it. Not sure if it is a measuring (meter use) problem or what the heck.

    A little dissapointed Toyota would not install a brake controller harness, for it does have a 5,000 lbs tow capacity and in Saskatchewan any load over 3,000 lbs requires working trailer brakes.

    I had the hitch and 4 wire harness installed by Toyota at time of purchase. People looking for best price on these items beware. Your towing equipment needs to be able to handle the load you vehicle is rated for, and not all hitches, and accessories, are equal. One "generally" gets what they pay for and you need understand the ratings of all components. As one person stated inferred earlier, quality is an importent factor as well.
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