Video Monitors for Active Headrest S-Class

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I recently had a customer with a Mercedes-Benz S-Class come into my shop to have a rear-seat entertainment system installed. Unfortunately, the vehicle was equipped with the Active Head Restraint System (A release latch that launches the headrest forward in the event of impact). The mobile monitor systems built into the headrest are not compatible with this, however Vizualogic has a solution that clamps on to the headrest poles, and supports an external box with the monitor built in. It's actually a beautiful fit, however it does not support the S-Class.

However, with a little work, Vizualogic's solution for the GL, ML, and R-Class can be made to work with the S-Class as well. Once you have the seatback cover removed, you trim the hardened horsehair around the headrest posts, then you can pull the cover back on and there is enough room to compress the material around the post to accommodate the screw-on clamps and send the cables down the shaft. That's it!


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