2007 Denali can't read dark gauges

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In my 2007 Denali the face of the gauges are black..cant read them during the day. can someone tell me how I can make the gauge lights stay on all the time? I was at the plug behind the cluster but couldnt figure it out. Are they activated thru the computer or something?


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    I'm sorry that I can't help you, but I'll be watching your post to see if anyone has a solution for this. I'm surprised that GM has seen fit to make the gauges so difficult to see during the daytime. I just traded an 05 H2 on a new Denali and I also have an 06 Vette. Both of them have gauges that are easy to see regardless of the steering wheel position and in daytime or nighttime conditions. Not only are they hard to see, they also appear to be at an odd angle which only makes it that much more difficult.
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    Well one way to light them up during the day is by covering the headlight sensor on the dash but then the radio and ac lights are dim. There has to be a way to give power to those cluster lights manually.
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    Try turning on the fog lamps. I do it every time I get in the car. :)
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