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Nav system questions for 2002 Discovery

dpc1994dpc1994 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Land Rover
Bought a nice 02 Discovery, but it did not come with instructions on how to use the Nav System. I was lucky in that the car was under extended warranty and I have had a new system installed, but the dealer didn't have an instruction booklet for the new system (weird, huh?)

Any idea if I can get my hands on an instruction booklet for the navigation system for the 2002 model? NavTeq's website is little or no help.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    I didn't register to check - sometimes they include the nav instructions with the owner's manual stuff online.

    Where To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online
  • dpc1994dpc1994 Posts: 2
    We'll see what happens.
  • kes196kes196 Posts: 1
    Just bought an 02 Discovery, 50,000 miles, no manual... about 30 miles from the dealer, a red thermostat light on the dashboard illuminated intermittently and has continued to do so. My assumption is this has something to do with overheating, however my dashboard thermostat has not shown any issues?? Can someone tell me what the red thermometer indicator is and/or if it could be an indication of something different if the thermostat does not show any overheating? Thanks!
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