Consumer Reports Sept 07 - Tundra is #2

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I just received my issue of CR about full-sized pickups...

#1 - Chevrolet Avalanche LT 5.3
#2 - Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD 5.7
#3 - Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT2 5.3
#4 - Nissian Titan SE 5.6
#5 - Ford 150 XLT 5.4
#6 - Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 5.7

I did not know this about the Tundra...

"But the four-wheel-drive system is part-time only, and when it's engaged, the stability-control system cuts out. In our judgement [sic], those were bad choices on Toyota's part."



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    Why would you want stability control engaged when you are four wheeling? VSC is used for understeer and oversteer conditions, neither of which is encountered off-road.
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    Part-time 4WD is only bad to CR, who is testing these trucks with a "car" mentality. They think PT-4WD is some cheap/inferior alternative to AWD, when in reality, they are different systems for different purposes. I've had full-size pickups exclusively for the last 17 years... all of them were/are part-time 4WD, never had a problem.

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    Be sure read the comparison report completely and all of the numbers from the test results. The Tundra is the superior truck in the vast majority of categories that matter to me. The towing numbers are absolutely awesome. If all of you guys will spot me a hundred bucks, I will have a new Tundra tomorrow!Seriously, people just need to accept the fact that Toyota has built a very good full size truck. Thanks.
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    I have NEVER heard of anyone not wanting VSC disengaged when in 4wd. This comment amazes me. However, I can see the lack of automatic 4wd being a knock.
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    The Chevrolet Avalanche strikes me as more of a DANDYS $50,000.WHEELS compared to the working common mans trucks. The Chevy Silverado would have been a more comparable choice. Also dont fail to miss the fact that only the Tundra and the Dodge Hemi were check rated recommended in that report. That makes the Tundra tops and I know that for sure by owning one !
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    No doubt, but having the ability to use the full-time 4WD mode will expand the vehicle's capability.

    More to the point is I've heard from many owners of FWD cars saying that with proper snow tires it can do just as well in the snow as an AWD car. My brother-in-law, who lives in NH was one of those. He used to say his Saabs were great in the snow—until he bought an AWD Subie Outback. Now both of his Saabs have been replaced with two Outbacks.

    Bottom line is, yeah part-time 4WD will get the job done, but having full-time 4WD just might make life a bit more pleasent.

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    consumer reports said the score would of been even lower if they would of used the higher geared silverado and also the 6.0 option because of gas mileage.. They also compared towing #s with 3/4 ton diesel trucks towing the same amount of weight and the outcome wasnt pretty... The tundra 5.7 towed 7400 lbs a few seconds quicker then the hemi dodge, chevy 5.3 and titan.. The Tundra had a huge gap between all of them. Then they did 3/4 ton diesel towing acceleration test towing the same amount weight and towed 7400 pounds faster then all the stock diesel 3/4 ton trucks from the big 3 :surprise: . And averaged better mpg then some of the diesels :confuse: I would of liked to see the outcome if they had the 4.10 geared chevy with the 6.0 I think it would of been a better match but i bet mpgs would be 4-5 less then then the tundra since they average 12-14 mpg with mixed driving.

    I wouldnt jump and call Consumer Reports car ish since they actually did the first truck shootout lol. Unlike Car and driver, motor trend and edmunds which didnt test any truck capabilities like braking while towing 5-7k trailer with no brakes/brake controller, towing acceleration times, ride quality while doing these tasks... None have posted anything yet not even trailer boats posted something concrete. Edmunds should do the next 1\2 ton shootout with 8% grd towing comparisons and braking and ride confort while towing or hauling.. ;)

    Car & driver is to car ish :(

    This is how C&D tests trucks...

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    I read at wikipedia that Toyota Tundra is the best selling truck in the month August '07 selling a massive 45,900 units. I was baffled they didn't even reach 30K in July and in August they sold nearly 46K. IS THIS TRUE OR WHAT SOMEBODY REPLY BACK
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    I've been posting the official sales figures for full-size pickups in the F-150 best selling truck, but for how much longer?? discussion. The August numbers will be out Tuesday, so check there.

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