Honda CR-V Cabin Air Filter

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has anyone changed their cabin air filter yet?? the parts guys are happy to sell me one but clueless to put it in, and they wont let customers see the manuals, i think its different than the early models....thanks


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    You could search this link but I don't see it off-hand. Maybe if you have the part number it'll show up in the search there.
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    thanks that link rocks
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    Can anyone direct me to instructions and vendors of activated charcoal filters? Thanks!
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    have you ever heard of a rodent infestation problem in the hypoallergenic cabin pollen filter. i took my 04 CRV to Paragon Honda in Woodside NY and they said i had this problem and that it happens all of the time. i then called Honda and the girl who answered said that she had heard of this problem occurring on one prior occasion but Honda had done nothing to correct this problem. i was charged 100 for labor and 29.88 for the filter. please advice
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    Those does happen from time to time on all types, makes and models of vehciles. Small ordents like to find warm dark places to hide. It's more common for them to fidn a way into the airbox for the engine. Evne more common on motorcycles in colder climates since they are stored, unused for several months at a time. I can't think of how they'd get into the air filter ocmpartment from outside the car, unless they chewed a hole into the ductwork or climbed in through the floor vents.

    Seems like the problem could be where and how you're storing the vehcile. You can't fault Honda for a rodent that chewed a hole throguh a price fo plastic.

    Sounds like all the dealer did was change the filter... and overcharged for it. A 15-20 minutes job from start ot finish, that they charged a full hour... typical.
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    Check BBB reports on Paragon Honda and their sister company White Plains Honda.

    Did you ask to see the damage?

    If you do indeed have rodent issues, then watch out for a bigger problem. Mice like to chew on wire insulation, and can cause some major damage.

    It has been reported that placing a couple of Bounce dryer sheets in the car will keep the mice away. If you park in the underground garage under your building, place a few of those sheets around your parking spot to keep the mice from getting in the engine compartment.

    I would still question the validity of Paragon's claim.
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    Your local friendly neighborhood dealership just made enough off of changing your cabin air filer [CAF] to buy all the mechanics another couple of dozen of Krispy Kreme's finest!!!

    You can do it yourself for less than $25.00 inc. tax. Go to your local big box store [perhaps WallyMMMM's] & get your CAF for about $15 - $20. Go to this site ter to learn how to do it yourself. See entry #2 for the link to the video showing the procedure. Almost all CRV CAFs are in the same general location. [Just be thankful you don't have to change the CAF on an Accord.] Should take you less than 20 minutes to do the job, including watching the video.
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    Anyone out there know where the incabin air filter is located and the procedure to change it.

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    On the 2007 CRV it is under the glove compartment. Open it, release the catch on the right hand side; then push on the tabs on each side inside until it comes loose. Then see the squarish looking black plastic w/tabs and pull both tabs on each side and it should slide out. The pollen or cabin filter is inside of it. Just replace it with a new one from Walmart or an auto parts store. Make sure you get the correct one for your model and yr car. Then drop it into the plastic holder and put it back the opposite way you took it out. Lift up the glove box until it clicks back in place and replace the plastic catch onto the metal clip on the right hand side that holds it on. And it's done. Very simple.
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