Infiniti G35 Repair Costs

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Interesting article in Today's (august 2, 2007) Wall Street Journal. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety tested various cars to see the damage when they were hit at 6 mph in front, in back and on on the corners. The Infiniti G35 distinguished itself by being among the most expensive to repair (they only mentioned a few cars)

Rear End- Audi $976 Infiniti $4035
Front corner- Volvo S60 $543 Infiniti $3544

The total cost of repair after all the tests ranged from the low, the Saab 9-3 cost $5243 to the high, the Infinit G35 at $13,983

Don't be surprised if you buy a G35 and you have high insurance bills.

The tested cars included the G35, Audi A4, BMW 3 series, Lexus IS and ES, Acura TSX and TL, Volvo S60, Lincoln MKZ and Mercedes C class.


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    Don't be surprised if you buy a G35 and you have high insurance bills.

    That's interesting - I pay $$25.68 more per 6 months on my 07 G35X than I do on my 07 ES350. When my insurance company quoted me the price, the agent was very surprised. Credit score, insurance score and driving record are also factors taken into consideration arriving at premium cost in my state. Guess I'm an ok risk.... :)
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    I wonder if they repaired one that has the backup camera and that got destroyed.

    My insurance went up $60.00 for 6-months for a brand new 2007 G35X over my 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Come October when my next 6-month insurance renewal is due, the rates are going down and there will be about a $25.00 rate difference from the Jeep.

    I keep asking myself whether I was paying too much for the Jeep insurance. I can live with this small increase for a brand-new Infiniti.
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    The G35 also has the intelligent cruise control which has the laser guidance mounted under the front bumper. And a rearview camera.

    This article didn't consider the safety rating of the vehicle, just the repair cost.
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    you mentioned that you have ES350 also, how do you compare G35 with ES350 as you'll be right person to ask for as you own both of them.
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    Two completely different cars:
    - One is a 4 dr sports car (mine AWD), the other a 4 dr sedan without AWD
    - Lexus has much softer ride, G is stiffer
    - G is MUCH faster, Lexus is quick but not THAT quick
    - G has better sound system, CF card, Music Box, Lexus does not
    - G does not have nice touches Lexus has:
    Rain sensing wipers
    Rear auto sunshade
    At-the-touch auto door unlocks
    Auto locking doors when you put it in gear
    Ventilated seats
    Parking assist
    Unique interior reading lamps
    Much better nav system - clearer, more precise, however, it's not user friendly (G has the edge here)
    - Lexus seems to be having poor fit/finish, especially for a car built in Japan; rattles, door alignment. However, it is MUCH quieter than the G.
    - G has poor gas mileage (it's a sports car, remember) - best I get on Lexus on hiway is 33 mpg on long trips. I use regular in both - last week I got consistently 25 mpg @ 75mph on 450 mile trip in the G.
    - Lexus is a much bigger car; it also costs less than the G.
    - Lexus has classier customer service than Infiniti, at least at my location - you also pay a bit more.
    - Lots of new 350 owners whine alot about the slipping transmission problem and wind noise(???) - I've had neither, but then there are some unique problem vehicles (and owners ;)).

    I started out to buy a 350Z but with only RWD, saw the G with AWD and got it instead since it has the same engine + bigger. Still want the 350Z but first need to get the wife to change the expression on her face when I talk about it - maybe some day.

    Guess I could go on, but those are pretty much the high points.
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    Thank you Z. Good luck for Z or Z NISMO(same engine as G35).
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    Hi people

    Does anyone know 2003 G35 have any potential problems? I saw a post from a dealer selling this car for 18K. It seems great with 30K miles only and for this price. Of course, i will have mechanic to inspect before i buy. However, i want to know if there is any big issue for old G35? How is overall quality? How is everyone's experience with 2003 G35 if you are owning one? And for a 4 year car ,how much maintainese cost i should expect every year from now on if i drive 12K-15K a year. Does it cost the same as Honda Accord?
    how much the dealer charges for
    1. Oil Change
    2. Inspection
    3. Transmission Fluid
    4. Brake pad
    5. Tire (does it use special tire?) and tire rotation
    6. Brake

    Thanks for the help
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    i had a 4 door G35 2003 model. I had a major problem with the brake pads and rotors. I had 3 sets with less than 34k miles. I believe the coupes of that year had trouble with the alignments and owners complained about having to get new tires after 20K miles. If you do buy this car make sure you extend the warranty because it was the first year it came out. Buy a newer model if you have your heart set on this model. Hopefully they got their act together with this car. I have some posts about my problems with the brakes back in 2006. I ended up getting rid of the car and bought a lexus ES 350. Good Luck with your decision.
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    My '07 has been rock solid so far.
    The very well known brake issues were with the early models and were corrected by 06.
    The brakes in the 07 are a complete redesign and are much larger and more capable as well.
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