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Service not at the dealership?

microbemicrobe Member Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Lexus
Hi, I have an RX350. I just had my first non-free level-A service at Lexus/Stevens Creak (Bay Area). It just did oil change, tire rotation and a car wash I believe. It's for the 10000 mile. I was charged $200.

I am just wondering where you guys have your Lexus serviced. Is there a better alternative with the same quality but better price? Thanks.


  • sheikh1sheikh1 Member Posts: 8
    I bought a 2007 rx350 from len stoler in baltimore in March, but live in Va so decided to get it serviced from Lexus of Alexandria in Alexandria, VA. I brought it in for the first service and wasn't blown away by the service b/c they didn't do everything that they were supposed to do. Then i brought it in for the 2nd service and the same thing---except that they charged me a little over $250 for basically a glorified oil change, AND didn't do all my service requests. I previously had a toyota and the service guy there had told me that a lot of lexus owners get their oil/filter changes done at the toyota dealerships b/c it's cheaper---ie the same engine in the highlander and the rx350---and service techs can service both easily. It's just that lexus refuses to recognize the two cars as being the same even though they are made in the same factory I believe. Anyhow---what I'm going to do for now on is get all my 5k services done at my local toyota dealer (20k, 25k)--and just get the major services done at the lexus dealer . . . until the warranty runs out--and then just go to a toyota dealer thereafter.
  • sssstevessssteve Member Posts: 49
    I get my oil changed where I can bring my own filter and oil. I buy Toyota filters on-line for $4.50 and use Mobil 1 full syn oil. Also buy Toyota air filter for $14.00. The oil change runs roughly $12 for the change and I'm using OEM parts with my choice of oil. Works great for me! Feel confident that the parts are exactly what the Lexus Dr. ordered - and I just saved a bunch of cash! Where ever I can, I try to shop around for the parts on-line cheaper and then just find a good mechanic to do the work. If it is something more involved than just a simple oil change and really needs a Toyota mechanic, I call the Toyota dealers that are close to me and get a price for service work. They are almost always less $ than Lexus service - even though the cars have all the same parts and service procedure (more or less).
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