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Infiniti M35/M45 Audio System



  • nicmonicmo Posts: 5
    Had an 03 G35 with premium system, now have an 07 M35. The G35 premium system was significantly better than the base M35 system. For an old guy (49) I wasn't looking for lots of volume or bass but there is very little in the base M35.

    Looking to moderately upgrade the system without affecting the radio unit's controls or the warranty. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • HEY I JUST BOUGHT THE M35x AND THE IPOD INTERFACE IS THE LEAST OF YOUR PROBLEMS. PAY EXTRA AND THE WILL GIVE U A CONNECTION FOR THE IPOD I DID. now the navigation cant b programmed when moving . LAWSUITS I HEAR R THE REASON FOR THIS NOW. THE BOSE SYSTEM AND MIND U I GOT THE TOP OF THE LINE ONE WITH THE TECHNOLOGY PKG (5.1 AND 14 SPEAKERS) AND BROTHER IT SUCKS. FIRST place its a bose no high no lows it must b a bose, the mids r so high its annoying and im not a guy who has to hear thumping base but there's hardly any to speak of and it just not a great acoustic sounding system at all, Please dont let this stop u from buying it except for the sound and the gas( 12 mpg in the city) its a awesome looking and riding car.
    i just bought this puppy in march and already i'm thinking about ripping out the speakers and putting in some Polk Audio SR series speakers like i had in my old camry . Sweet. PS if u can go listen to the Mark Levinson system in the Lexus . TOTALLY AWESOME SOME OF THE SWEETEST ACOUSTIC I EVER HEARD IN A CAR. so clean its amazing . GOOD LUCK.
  • nicmonicmo Posts: 5
    Just had installed JL Audio coax in the front doors. This alone with the stock amp provided the highs that were missing. These even provided some bass. What came out was the cheapest speakers I have ever seen. Must weigh a total of 6 ozs. each. Then a hole was cut where the factory sub would go and covered with the Bose grill. A JL Audio 75x4 amp was added with 75 watts going to each front speaker and 75x2 bridged to a JL Audio flat wedge. Sounds 100% better, for the most part can't be seen and does not take up hardly any room.
  • I know some people have been asking, but I haven't seen any replies to the question of whether it is possible to add an iPod connector to the factory Bose premium system in the '06 M35x. I have the Nav system but no rear seat DVD, but there are AUX inputs and a power/cig outlet at the rear of the console. I use that now to hear my iPod through the stereo, but of course it's not a true "connector". It would be great to be able to actually control the iPod via the steering wheel controls and see the display on the nav screen. Has anyone been able to do this? Is there an aftermarket or OEM solution out there? Thanks.
  • How is the sound quality when you plug your ipod into the AUX inputs behind the console? I really want to buy a used M35 but I wasn't sure that the inputs they put back there actually sound decent.
  • Actually it's excellent. I experimented with a few different cable and power cord configurations until I found one that has both RCA (sound) and a power adapter with an iPod connector on the other end. Before I found this one, there was a fair bit of engine interference noise but that has been dramatically reduced with this new cable. This way I am not using the headphone jack of the iPod, only the power/synch connection point on the bottom. Less cord mess and also better sound since the Bose system is controlling all volume (no volume used on the iPod itself). Found it on eBay - here's the item link: 3AMEWN%3AIT&viewitem=&item=220217750394&rd=1

  • ltcadviserltcadviser Posts: 38
    Am I understanding correctly that to take full advantage of the 14 speaker system, I was supposed to be playing my cd's in the dvd drive in the armrest, not in the 6 disc changer for the last 2 years?! :sick:
  • I did not know you could play cd's in a dvd player! Any body actually try this?
  • I was told to buy digital audio cd's but I never could find any so I don't know.
  • I played video DVD of music performances and I bought a DVD audio on Ebay that I enjoyed.

    The sound system is great with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio encoded media. But I think the speakers are only fair. CDs are PCM encoded 2 channel as are the audio tracks of some DVD/CD mixed media. I doubt which CD drive would matter since the media limit the number of channels.

    Bose is overhyped junk.
  • I am very disappointed with the Bose Stereo. I have the standard system with the M35AWD. Sounds muddled at times. My wifes Ford Focus has a better sounding system. Never again. If I didn't have a leased vechicle, I would have swapped the speakers out the first week I owned it.
  • walt18walt18 Posts: 54
    Does the subwoofer work without having to play a digital audio cd? Someone told me that the only speakers that will play with a regular cd or ipod is the 4 door speakers and that the other ones only work when watching a movie. If so I will not get the 14 speaker system cause it will be a waste of money.
  • All 14 speakers including the subwoofer work all the time. You can take a regular CD with you and play it while test driving. You can hear the sound coming from the seat speakers. Having 14 speakers (especially the seat speakers) does add lot of depth to the sound.
  • Hi everyone. I just bought a 2008 M35x and I would like to upgrade the sound system if possible. I have no experience so any and all advice is welcome.

    I mostly listen to Jazz and Classical so am not interested in big base sound. I am mainly interested in clarity, presence etc. (My former cheap honda accord system sounded better..perhaps due to in-dash tweeters). I also would like to do as little as possible to mess up the electronics to improve things.

    Another main goal would be to be able to hear the bluetooth phone calls I get more clearly (with hindsight I probably should have gone for the advanced tech package with speakers near my ears in the seat). I think tweeters would help here.

    So, what should I try first. Would simple door speaker upgrades help me accomplish this?

    Are there replacement upgrades for the dashboard speakers (I did not see any on crutchfield site).?

    Can I get tweeters installed relatively easily given available holes?

    How important is a new amplifier? And for that, it would mean a digital processor etc I assume? this would all take up extra real estate which is pretty limited in the M35.

    Thank you Thank you.
  • nicmonicmo Posts: 5
    I listen mostly to contemporary jazz. Just changing the front door speakers was an improvement but going a little further the least expensive way for me was to change out the front door speakers (JL-Audio 6.5"), used a JL Audio slim box subwoofer (mounted in the trunk up against the back seat), and a JL Audio 4x75 watt amplifier (bridged two sides for the sub and 75 watts to each door). Determined the stock tweeters were good enough and that changing the back door speakers, since passive only, did not upgrade the sound enough to warrant the money. I tried a slim line sub in the back deck but there was to much rattling no matter how much sound dampner we installed. I bought the stock cover for the hole and this ended up creating enough pass through for the bass box. Sounds 100% better. Not huge amounts of bass but much more than stock and the box does not take up hardly any room. The installer was great and we experimented with various set ups until I was satisfied.
  • My new M35x (2008) has a reasonable iTunes interface and it seems to recognize and interface well to my 60GB IPOD (5G). Since it also charges it I plan to simply leave it hooked up in the car.
    MY Problem (and question) relates to the fact that I have ALOT of music... something like 950 Albums appear on my Navigation Screen when I select ALBUMS in the iTunes interface!! This is not a problem on the iPod which allows a super fast scroll through the selections or even (with newer iPods, a selection of the 1st letter of the Album for fast retrieval).

    However, the Infiniti iTunes interface always displays in alphabetical order, and even with the fast scroll through the albums, it takes several minutes to select an album that begins with the letter M (such as Marley, or Mendelson).... let alone getting to play something by Sting (S). !!!

    There needs to be a much faster scroll for this to be used with larger music collections!!!!

    Are there any hints or workarounds for this problem? I have not thought of any yet and would appreciate the help.

    (Do engineers at Infiniti listen to any of this feedback for future updates?)

  • I'm starting down the same path, and have all but decided to go the Inifinty CS in the front doors and standard 2 way Infinity in the rear doors. They are the only 2 ohm available from multiple sources at discount prices. They come with high reviews. From what I understand, if you want to do more than this, then you have to get into the DSP from JL Audio or something similar. Too much for what I am trying to accomplish.

    Let us know how it comes out for you !
  • What do you think the sound improvement will be like?

    Also, with regard to phone calls, I keep the volume on Max and with the road noise i still sometimes have trouble. Do you think these will help? Have you thought about adding tweeters?
  • I am extremely unhappy with the audio sound of my 2008 M35x. I recently traded my 2005 FX35 for the M. The FX Bose system really had great sound. I am totally unhappy with the sounds like a clock radio. I am looking to upgrade the sound. Nothing loud, just a more rich and defined sound. Does any one have any suggestions?
  • i had same problem.
    just swapped out front door speakers for Infinity speakers. This made a huge improvement. Especially the tweeters.
  • Thanks, I will look into changing out the speakers. Did this also improve the sound of the bass as well?
  • nicmonicmo Posts: 5
    Bass was improved quite a bit. I wasn't looking for booming bass but something I could feel and this accomplished that. That along with losing very little trunk space was by goal and both were accomplished.
  • What is the model number of the speakers that you used?
  • Hi, could you give me the model # of the speaker you used? Did you install yourself? How do you get into the door panel? Does the speaker grill pop off? Do you have the Bose system or the standard 6-speaker system? Thanks.
  • nicmonicmo Posts: 5
    Door speakers are 6.5 inch JL Audio VR650CSI. I have the standard 6 speaker system. Entire door panel must be removed. There are several plugs to undo before you can take the panel off. I read that the stock wiring for the speakers was difficult to reuse and that the mounting of non factory speakers wasn't straight forward so I had the job done by a shop.
  • mark201mark201 Posts: 1
    Two questions regarding the audio system on the 2009 M35x:
    1. Is there a faster way to load CD's into the Music Box feature faster than real time?
    2. Is there a way to view FM song title/Artist in a two line static display like that of XM rather that the slow scroll. My Cadillac STS & SRX both were able to view FM Title/Artist information on two static lines?
  • I just relocated to Orange County, CA and need to take my M35 Sport in for servicing. I used to live in Carlsbad, CA and was pleased with Hoehn Infiniti but don't want to drive the 100 mile round trip for service. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy dealer service center near Orange County?
  • I recently purchased a 2007 M35x and wish to activate the satellite radio. Where can I find the ID/ESN number?
  • finadvfinadv Posts: 59
    I'm pretty sure that you tune to XM and then go to channel 1.
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